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Chapter 3242: There’s Finally Hope!


Huang Daotou stared at this sight and Huang Xiaolong stupidly while thinking, ‘This young-looking man is actually my eldest uncle who died long ago!’

He had heard stories about this eldest uncle of his when his grandfather, Huang Jiyuan, was willing to speak occasionally.

This eldest uncle was one of the two most talented of Huang Family’s younger generation.

Together with the current Huang Family’s patriarch, Huang Houde, they were hailed as the Huang Family’s Twin Dragons!

But one day, this eldest uncle had inexplicably disappeared!

For a period in time, his grandfather Huang Jiyuan had spent a lot of time and effort, using various connections and resources to search for this eldest uncle, and even after a hundred years, his grandfather had never truly given up.

Despite his grandfather’s efforts, they had never been found.

It went without saying that his grandfather had high hopes for this eldest uncle, and the eldest uncle’s disappearance had pained the entire line of descendants.

There was despair and angst. 

“Yes, father, it’s me, Xiaolong.

I’m back!” Huang Xiaolong held his father’s bony hands tight.

Feeling his father’s bony hands, cut Huang Xiaolong’s heart like a knife.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong affirming a second time, Huang Jiyuan’s tears fell faster.

In truth, from the moment he saw Huang Xiaolong, he already knew that Huang Xiaolong was his son who had been missing for a hundred years, and the feeling of blood connection couldn’t be wrong.

“Very good!” Huang Jiyuan’s deeply wrinkled face revealed a comforted smile, “Heavens pity me, allowing me to see my son before I leave this world.

Even if I die at this moment, I can close my eyes in peace!”

He originally still had a year or two of lifespan left, but being able to see his son who had been missing for a hundred years before he took his last breath, left him with no regrets.

Huang Xiaolong tightened his grip over his father’s hand a little bit more and reassured him, “Father, don’t worry, you won’t die!”

Huang Jiyuan blanked for a second, but then he thought that Huang Xiaolong was trying to comfort him, so he smiled weakly and said, “It’s fine, don’t feel sad, dying is only a part of life.

I know my own body.

It is already exhausted, but I am content that I was able to see you before my body gave out!” But his voice trailed off thinking about his second son and choked with sorrow, “But your younger brother, he…!” 

His second son was born twenty years after Huang Xiaolong had gone missing.

Because of Huang Xiaolong’s disappearance, Huang Jiyuan doted on his younger son, and he had poured all his love on Huang Chenfei.

Originally, everything was going well, but ten years ago, after his younger son had advanced to Foundation Building Realm, everything had changed.

Huang Xiaolong smiled hearing that.

‘It looks like father didn’t believe a word I said.

Then again, it’s normal.

According to Father’s understanding, his lifespan is up, and who would be able to change that’ 

Even an Enlightenment Realm expert wouldn’t be able to change this fact.

Even if an Enlightenment Realm expert had a way to extend his life for a few years, there wasn’t any Enlightenment Realm expert who would be willing to consume his own true essence to help an insignificant Foundation Building Realm to extend his life.

“Father, in the hundred years I’ve been missing, I’ve become a super expert,” Huang Xiaolong joked with his father.

“Huang Jiyuan’s eyes lit up, and he asked, “Xiaolong, you, could it be that you’ve broken through Nascent Soul Realm A Nascent Soul Realm expert like Huang Houde!”

Nascent Soul Realm

Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded for a second, then a wry smile crept up his face. Nascent Soul Realm is considered a super expert 

Looking at his father as well as Huang Datou’s expectant looks, Huang Xiaolong could only nod his head, and he said, “About there.”

Hearing Huang Xiaolong’s admission, Huang Jiyuan immediately became spirited, and his clouded eyes once again teared up as he plopped to his knees and cried out, “Heavens is watching.

My Huang Jiyuan’s line of descendant has finally seen hope!” 

Nascent Soul Realm ah, whether to the Huang Family or the entire Huaxia Country, that was a transcendent existence!

Huang Jiangyuan had searched high and low for a hundred years and waited bitterly , but finally, his son had returned!

“Even if I, Huang Jiyuan, die now, it’s worth it!” Huang Jiyuan laughed and cried at the same time.

It was enough to have a Nascent Soul Realm son, it was worth his life!

This was the most glorious feat of his life.

Huang Datou was beside himself in excitement, absolutely thrilled.

After seeing his grandfather kneeling on the ground, he also knelt on the ground and hugged his grandfather, “Grandfather, Eldest Uncle is a Nascent Soul Realm expert.

We won’t have to fight Huang Baogui, Huang Bo, and those people anymore!”

All these years, he has been greatly traumatized from being bullied by Huang Bo.

His eldest uncle being the Nascent Soul Realm expert meant that he had the backing of a Nascent Soul Realm expert.

Therefore, he didn’t need to fear Huang Bo, Huang Baogui, and those bullies anymore.

Although Huang Baogui was an elder in the family, he was merely a Golden Core Realm expert, and according to Huang Family’s rules, any Huang Family’s disciple would be promoted to an elder when he broke through to Golden Core Realm.

Whereas, a Nascent Soul Realm disciple would be a grand elder! At the thought that his eldest uncle would be Huang Family’s grand elder in the future, Huang Datou trembled with excitement from head to toe. 

Huang Xiaolong’s heart ached and was struck by immense guilt watching his father cry and laugh, kneeling on the floor.

“Father, come up and sit first.

I’ll help you extend your lifespace!” Huang Xiaolong persuaded.

Huang Jiyuan was startled, and he quickly shook his head in refusal.

“Xiaolong, no.

Don’t damage your true essence to extend my life.

This will harm your future cultivation.

I’m someone with one foot in the coffin, and even if you use your true essence to extend my life, I can only live three or four years at most.” 

A warm feeling filled Huang Xiaolong’s heart that his father was more concerned about him even though his life was fading away.

He felt like the luckiest person in the universe because in all his three lifetimes his fathers were very good to him.

“Father, don’t worry, even if I help you to extend your lifespan, it won’t damage my true essence,” Huang Xiaolong reassured his father.

Huang Jiyuan asked doubtfully, scrutinizing Huang Xiaolong’s face as if he could see if Huang Xiaolong was telling the truth or not, “Really!”

“Really!” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head confidently. 

After Huang Xiaolong’s patient persuasion, Huang Jiyuan reluctantly agreed in the end. 

Huang Xiaolong had Huang Jiyuan sit down properly.

“Just sitting like this is okay” Huang Jiyuan asked.

Generally speaking, when an expert was going to help another person to extend his life, various preparations had to be made beforehand.

“Just like this is okay.” Huang Xiaolong nodded with a big grin.

After Huang Jiyuan was seated down properly, Huang Xiaolong lightly tapped on Huang Jiyuan’s meridian points.

Huang Jiyuan’s meridian points had withered and shrunken to a narrow point.

So, Huang Xiaolong had to widen Huang Jiyuan’s meridians and veins.

After Huang Xiaolong was done tapping Huang Jiyuan’s meridians, he reached and tapped the crown of his father’s head’s meridian point.

Huang Xiaolong sent a steady stream of energy into his father’s body through the head’s meridian point, letting it circulate through Huang Jiyuan’s entire body.

With every portion of Huang Xiaolong’s energy, Huang Jiyuan’s shrunken and withered body began to fill up, and regain a healthy ruddiness.

In less than ten breaths, Huang Jiyuan’s wrinkled skin had been restored to the appearance of a fifty to sixty-year-old middle-aged man!

Huang Jiyuan’s gray hair had actually turned black again!

His clouded eyes were once again bright and clear, and muscles began to fill up his bone-thin frame.

Huang Datou watched without blinking his eyes, astonished by the changes in Huang Jiyuan as if he was watching a once in a lifetime miracle.

Mommy, this, is this still as simple as extending one’s lifespan My grandfather is being reborn, isn’t he!


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