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Chapter 3248: I Guarantee It

Watching Huang Xiaolong skillfully turning the roast wild boar back and forth, both Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilan were surprised.

“Brother, in the hundred years that youve been missing, did you go become someones royal chef” Huang Chenfei couldnt help asking.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “Of course一not!” He paused, then stated, “You get better when you do it often enough.

For a few years, when I was out training, I often roasted meat in the wild!”

It wasnt for some years, it was for many, many years!

In the foreign mortal world, it was Asura Gates Fei Hou and a bunch of others, then it was the little cow in the divine world, up until he had ascended to the foreign holy world!

Huang Xiaolong did not use his essence fire while roasting the wild boar like he usually did, and used this bonfire like a mortal.

Soon, the smoky aroma of roast meat wafted out from the wild boar as the bonfire sizzled due to the oil dripping from it.

Huang Datou, Huang Chenfei, and Huang Jiyuan were salivating on the side.

Huang Jiyuan clearly swallowed several times.

“Xiaolong, is it ready” Huang Jiyuan rushed his son.

Huang Xiaolong smirked at their voracious faces.


Just a few minutes more!”

Inhaling the unique scent of roasted wild boar, Huang Xiaolong was a little intoxicated.

It was the familiar aroma that he had missed.

Wang Meilan quickly stirred fry a few dishes in the kitchen while Huang Xiaolong took care of the wild boar.

When Huang Xiaolongs roast wild boar was done, Wang Meilan was also done with her side dishes.

There were more than a dozen dishes, almost overloading the table.

Right in the middle of the table was the wild boar Huang Xiaolong had roasted.

It looked golden and crisp, with a tantalizing aroma curling out of it.

“So fragrant!” Huang Datou smacked his lips.

“It would be great if we could eat like this every day!”

In his memories, he had never eaten such a luxurious meal before, not even during the lunar new year or other festive occasions.

Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, and Huang Chenfei looked a little awkward.

But Huang Xiaolong teased him, “Look at your unpromising appearance.

Uncle guarantees you that youll get to eat a big meal like this every day in the future!”

Huang Datous eyes sparkled.

“For real, Uncle!”

Huang Jiyuan immediately became spirited as well, laughing heartily, “Did you forget your uncle is a Nascent Soul expert According to family rules, Nascent Soul Realm will be promoted to grand elder, and they are given one thousand low-grade spirit stones every month!”

Every month!

One thousand low-grade spirit stones.

This indeed was an amazing sum to them.

If calculated based on Earths salary before the cultivation revival era, it would be a monthly salary of one million.

There was happiness in Wang Meilans eyes as she watched all these, “Xiaolong, tomorrow, well go to the familys ancestral hall so we can add you back into the family.

After they verify that you have advanced to Nascent Soul Realm by the familys grand elders, youll be promoted to grand elder!”

“Familys ancestral hall” Huang Xiaolong shook his head and stated firmly, “I wont go!”

Being recognized by the family, or becoming a grand elder were superfluous things for him.

Wang Meilan was immediately anxious, “Xiaolong, dont let your anger get the better of you, only by becoming the familys grand elder you can get more benefits.

Its not only the one thousand low-grade spirit stones every month, you can manage some of Huang Familys industries!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled reassuringly facing his mothers anxiousness.

“Mom, its merely the position of Huang Familys grand elder, I dont care about it.

In fact, I dont even put the position of Huang Familys patriarch in my eyes.

Even if Huang Ming offers the Huang Familys patriarch position to me on both hands, it will still depend on if Im in the mood to take it.”

Huang Xiaolong was merely stating the truth, but his words turned Huang Jiyuans, Wang Meilans, and Huang Chenfeis worlds upside down.

The position of Huang Familys patriarch!

It had never occurred to them that Huang Xiaolong was qualified to take over the position of Huang Familys patriarch.

The Huang Family had more than ten Nascent Soul Realm experts, and it took more than Nascent Soul Realm cultivation to become the Huang Familys patriarch.

After advancing to Nascent Soul Realm, one needed to defeat the current Huang Familys patriarch first, and that was Huang Houde.

Moreover, after defeating Huang Houde, one also needed to obtain Old Ancestor Huang Mings approval before one could climb up to the position of patriarch.

That was too difficult.

Huang Houde himself was a Sixth Level Nascent Soul expert, and to defeat him was easier said than done.

Moreover, Old Ancestor Huang Ming doted on Huang Houde.

Then how would Huang Ming abolish Huang Houdes patriarch position and appoint someone else as patriarch

Among the family, there were Seventh Level Nascent Soul experts, even Eighth Level Nascent Soul Realm, but these people were only given the positions of grand elder, and had to execute Huang Houdes orders because behind Huang Houde was Huang Ming, an Enlightenment Realm expert.

After the shock from Huang Xiaolongs words receded, Huang Jiyuan quickly hushed Huang Xiaolong, “Xiaolong, old ancestors name cannot be spoken by us.

Remember this when youre in front of others! If this reaches the ears of the Enforcement Hall, its a big offense!”

Huang Xiaolong merely smiled and did not debate with his father on the matter, “We wont speak of this as the roast wild boar has cooled, and its perfect to eat it now!”

“Brothers right.

Dad, Mom, sit down, my stomachs already screaming from hunger,” Huang Chenfei said, lightening the atmosphere.

Everyone took their seats.

Huang Jiyuan was grinning from ear to ear as he tore off an entire boars leg and brought it in front of Huang Xiaolong While saying, “I remember you like to eat boar leg the most, and it must be the front leg!”

Huang Xiaolong didnt feign politeness as he took the boar leg and bit off a large chunk of meat.

His mouth was full of fragrant meat.


Huang Xiaolong praised.

Even the elixirs from foreign worlds couldnt compare to the taste of roast boar from his hometown.

“Eat more,” Wang Meilan smiled, looking at her eldest son with motherly love and started piling other dishes onto Huang Xiaolongs plate.

“These stir fries and other dishes are all your favorites.

You must finish all of them today!”

Huang Xiaolong made a dramatic reaction as he stared at the dozen dishes on the table.

“Ah, a great expert like me is going to die from overeating Beasts cant kill me, but I will die from heartburn.

Wont others laugh at me if they come to know”

Huang Jiyuan, Huang Chenfei, and Huang Datou snickered.

Wang Meilan tapped her finger at Huang Xiaolongs forehead and chided, “You speak too much.

Eat quickly.

If you dont finish these today, you wont be allowed to leave your seat!”

Huang Xiaolong flattened his mouth as if he had been bullied.

The five chatted as they ate, and Huang Xiaolong took the opportunity to ask about the old residence being sold off as that was the place he used to live in.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong ask about the old main residence, Huang Chenfeis expression turned bitter.

“Its my fault, if it wasnt for me, father wouldnt have sold the main residence, and it wouldnt have fallen into somebody elses hands!”

Huang Datou sounded indignant when he chimed in, “Uncle, you know, originally, our main residence was worth at least one hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones.

But Huang Baogui told everyone that no one is allowed to buy it except for his friend.

He forced us to sell it to his friend for a mere fifty thousand low-grade spirit stones, and his friend is the Yutong Flying Ship Companys Chen Mi!”

“Oh, Yutong Flying Ship Company” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Huang Jiyuan nodded.

“The Yutong Flying Ship Company is an international company, and one of the top ten flying ship manufacturers on Earth.

It is also one of the Earths top five hundred companies.

Chen Mi is the general manager for the Yutong Flying Ship Company in the Huaxia Alliance.

Therefore, he also has other identities, and he has a brother in the top levels within the Huaxia Alliance!”

“En.” Huang Xiaolong listened calmly, then asked, “Huang Houde, is he at the Huang Familys main residence now”

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