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Chapter 3252: All of Them Are High-Level Golden Cores!

The Zou Family disciples face was extremely smug when he heard Huang Datou recognize his identity, and he said, “Let me tell you, this off-road BMW is the latest model, high-powered, and has a top speed of three thousand kilometers an hour! The price tag is sixty-three thousand and five hundred low-grade spirit stones!”

“Listen carefully, its sixty-three thousand and five hundred low-grade spirit stones! Not six thousand low-grade spirit stones!”

“Country bumpkins like you two wont be able to save up so many spirit stones in your entire life.

Not to mention a BMW off-road vehicle like this, you cant even afford one of the tires!”

Huang Datou was angry at being shamed.

The Zou Familys disciple stopped in front of Huang Datou and Huang Xiaolong with the glamorous woman in his embrace.

“Stand further away from me, and dont dirty my car!” He then opened the car door with a proud face.

However, the glamorous woman was bedazzled by Huang Xiaolongs good looks.

Soon, the vehicle roared to life and sped off, and the Zou Familys disciple probably deliberately caused a burst of energy that swept toward Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou.

Infuriated, Huang Datou flipped his middle finger at the car.

But the car had already driven out of sight, and its speed was indeed great.

“Lets go to the bank,” Huang Xiaolong reminded, completely unaffected.

Huang Datou led Huang Xiaolong towards the Swiss Bank branch.

When they reached the Swiss Banks branch a while later, they saw a yellow off-road BMW parked in front of the branch, and the car plate was the same as the one they had seen not long ago.

“Its that same car.

What a coincidence” Huang Xioaolong commented as the corners of his lips slightly curved upward.

As expected, when Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou stepped into the Swiss Bank branchs expensive and tastefully decorated lobby that was five to six hundred square meters wide, they spotted the owner of the yellow off-road BMW amongst a group of youngsters.

The Zou Family disciple had his arm around the same glamorous womans shoulders as he stood in front of the banks VIP Counter.

He seemed to be withdrawing money, and judging from the smug look on his face, the amount should be quite substantial.

The Swiss Bank was the biggest banking institution on Earth, and there was a list of strict conditions to be met to qualify as a VIP of the bank.

At the very least, one had to have deposited one million low-grade spirit stones.

According to Earths old monetary system, that would be approximately one billion.

In conclusion, this Zou Familys disciple could be considered as a rich man.

Huang Xiaolong merely glanced at the Zou Familys disciple, then walked towards the lobbys reception counter.

“Mister, how can I help you today” Although Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou were dressed in plain clothes, the receptionist greeted them courteously.

She had pale blond hair, sky blue eyes, and she was over five foot five.

She had a bright friendly smile, and her eyes seemed to sparkle as they fell on Huang Xiaolong as if this was her first time seeing such a good-looking Asian man.

“I want to exchange something, and would like to see your branch manager!” Huang Xiaolong stated.

Generally speaking, transactions worth one million low-grade spirit stones were enough to alert the branch manager.

Not to mention, Huang Xiaolongs transaction was definitely worth much more than that.

The receptionist was stunned that Huang Xiaolong requested to see the branch manager the moment he spoke, but her reaction was quick.

She smiled and answered, “May I know what items is Mister planning to exchange You can go through the procedure at our exchange counter.”

It wasnt that the receptionist looked down on Huang Xiaolong, but most of Huaxia Alliance cultivation families core disciples couldnt take out any items that were worth a million low-grade spirit stones.

Therefore, in her opinion, it was unnecessary to alert the branch manager at all.

“Are you certain the counter can process what I want to exchange” Huang Xiaolong looked at the receptionist with a meaningful smile.

The receptionist smiled and nodded, “Yes, however, our bank only accepts Golden Core Realm beast cores, pills that benefit Golden Core Realm cultivators, and spiritual herbs above one thousand years and above!”

“Hey, arent these the two country bumpkins” A harsh voice rang in the lobby.

The Zou Familys disciple walked over with an arm over the glamorous woman, and seemingly he had finished withdrawing his money.

There was a bag that resembled an ancient embroidered pouch in his hand, that was a spatial storage bag that was popular nowadays.

A bigger spatial storage with large capacity had about a hundred cubic meters space and a small one had about ten meters cubic space of storage.

The Zou Family threw the spatial bag up and down repeatedly and there was a low but clear bumping noise of spirit stones as if he was afraid no one knew he had a lot of spirit stones inside.

Judging from the noise, there were at least several hundred pieces of spirit stones inside, probably freshly taken out from the banks vault.

The Zou Family disciple stopped in front of Huang Xiaolong and Huang Datou with undisguised mockery.

“People at your level also come to the Swiss Bank for transactions Are you even aware of the minimum requirement to perform any transactions here The minimum is an item worth at least one hundred low-grade spirit stones.

Only then would the Swiss Bank be willing to proceed with a transaction.

Can you take out anything worth one hundred low-grade spirit stones”

Huang Datou couldnt stop himself and said, “Judging others from a dogs view!”


The Zou Family disciples face sank as he caught sight of the guards out of the corner of his eye.

An idea came to him, and he called the guard over, “Im a platinum cardholder of Swiss Bank.

I dont know where these troublemaker country bumpkins came from, so get them out of my face!”

The two guards hesitated.

“Im a disciple of Zou Family, a friend of manager Xu Kaiqiang!” The Zou Family disciple threw out his identity.

Hearing that, one of the guards stepped forward and made a polite gesture at Huang Xiaolong.

“Mister, if youre not performing any transactions, please…”

Before the guard could finish his sentence, Huang Xiaolong walked towards the counter and said to the staff in charge of the item exchange counter, “I want to exchange one batch of beasts golden cores.

Change all of them into low-grade spirit stones for me.”

He then took out the palm-sized Sun Moon Furnace and tilted it as if he was pouring water out.

One shiny golden core fell out one after another—one, two, three, four, five, six…!

The Zou Family disciple was astounded.

The two guards that were inviting Huang Xiaolong out of the branch were watching with agape expressions, rooted on the spot.

The receptionist, who had informed Huang Xiaolong that he could perform any transactions at the counter, stared dazedly at the goldenpebbles on the counter.

“High-level golden cores! All of them are high-level golden cores!” A customer in the lobby exclaimed out loud.

There were quite a number of customers at the lobby, some were withdrawing money, some exchanging items, some waiting, but all of them were not staring at the golden cores being poured out from the mini Sun Moon Furnace!

There were twelve on the counter now!

When a golden core fell onto the counter, the clear crisp sound echoed through the lobby.

“Six-sixteen!” Someone could be heard gulping audibly.

“Six-sixteen high-level golden cores, how-how many low-grade spirits stones is that!” A familys elder present at the lobby asked no one in particular.

Huang Xiaolong continued to pour out from high-level golden cores as if the furnace in his hand contained endless golden cores within.

Inside the Swiss Bank branch managers office, the branch manager was talking to a Tan Familys grand elder when a manager suddenly abruptly ran into his office in a fluster.

“What is it!” the branch manager questioned with a dignified expression.

He had told the people outside that hes entertaining the Tan Familys grand elder, no one should disturb him.

Judging others (human) from a dogs view lit.

i.e, belittling, acting like a snob.

(used lit meaning to match the line continuation)

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