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Chapter 3259: Are You Human Or God

In truth, the figure watching behind Huang Xiaolong had been tailing him ever since he had driven out from the Golden River Residence.

Huang Xiaolong had long discovered the person but he continued transforming the barren land.

After the flames spewing out from the Sun Moon Furnace cleared up the barren land, it then spewed out rays of golden light!

This flowing golden light was indescribably radiant and resplendent, giving the peeping person an incredible visual impact that was unforgettable in a lifetime.

A moment after the golden rays seeped into the barren land, wisps of black smoke curled out from the ground, then it became gray smoke, and finally golden light!

Golden light circulated within the ground and gradually rose to the surface, condensing into some kind of elf-like golden spirit.

At that moment, the whole land seemed to come alive, brimming with vitality.

In fact, land and humans are similar as both hold impurities in their bodies.

Huang Xiaolong used the Sun Moon Furnaces fire essence to improve the soils properties!

The Sun Moon Furnace was a demi-genesis artifact, and it was the Sun and Moon Creeds ultimate treasure.

Countless batches of medicinal pills had been refined inside the furnace, so one cant even begin to imagine how startling the fire essence contained within it.

Merely a fraction of fire essence could transform this barren land into fertile immortal soil!

In short, after Huang Xiaolong planted seeds in this land, the trees and herbs could bear immortal fruits upon reaching a certain number of years! Immortal herbs!

Immortal fruits and immortal herbs were extremely rare in the Milky Ways mortal world, and even Void Immortals would fight till blood flowed into a river for them.

In a dozen breaths, Huang Xiaolong had fully transformed the barren lands ground into fertile immortal soil.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved the Sun Moon Furnace, and as an afterthought, he took out the lowest grade spiritual vein he had, and cut off a one-ten thousandth of the spiritual vein and sent it deep underground.

Even though it was merely a one-ten thousandth of the lowest-grade spiritual vein from inside the Sun Moon Furnace, it had rich spiritual energy spewing out from the land the moment it was buried underground, like an erupting volcano of spiritual energy.

A hurricane of spiritual energy formed on the barren land.

The person peeking from the dark trembled, and his eyes were filled with disbelief and feverish greed.

Watching the spiritual energy hurricane expand and dissipate towards Huazhou City several hundred miles away, Huang Xiaolong raised his hand and gathered the dissipating spiritual energy once again.

Seemingly, the rich spiritual energy was contained within the space of this barren land, unable to float further out!

Huang Xiaolong simply tapped his finger in the air, and a rune flew out, and fell into the land, locking the spiritual energy in this land.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently laid out a spiritual energy gathering array and a defensive formation, as well as an attack formation.

There were three array formations in one, turning the barren land into an ethereal paradise with a faint golden dome encompassing it.

Then, Huang Xiaolong divided the seeds he had bought during the day and scattered them onto the land systematically.

The spiritual trees seeds germinated and sprouted in just a few breaths! Several breaths later, the tender green sprouts had grown as tall as a finger! The same thing happened with the spiritual herbs seeds!

The originally barren land turned into a luscious green oasis.

Another dozen breaths later, the spiritual trees sprouts had doubled in height, growing as tall as an adults forearm!

The person watching all this from the dark had forgotten to breathe, engrossed in the miracle before his eyes.


This was the only word he could think of to describe this situation.

When all was done, Huang Xiaolong clasped his hands behind him, still with his back towards the person as he said, “Come out.”

The person hesitated but came out a moment later in the end.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong warily, still trying to digest what he had seen.

“You, you, are you a human or God!”

Huang Xiaolong looked at him and asked, “Speak, who sent you”

“I, I!” The person suddenly plopped down on his knees, terrified to the extreme.

“Lord, have mercy.

I have no ill-will towards you!”

He was the Huang Familys Honorary Elder Chen Yu, who had accepted the task from Huang Bo to deal with Huang Xiaolong for two pieces of dragon-roaring jade!

Before coming here, Huang Bos order was to break Huang Xiaolongs hands and feet, and lastly, he had added another condition to dig out Huang Xiaolongs eyes!

In truth, he had been trailing Huang Xiaolong, Huang Jiyuan, and the others early in the day.

He was already shocked after seeing that each person in Huang Jiyuans family had the latest model of BMW off-road vehicle.

Then, he was in for more surprises after seeing Huang Jiyuans family move into the Golden River Residence.

He was delighted when he noticed Huang Xiaolong had driven out from Huazhou City to this barren land, as it was the chance for him to act.

But what had happened later had terrified him half to death.

Slow as he might be, Chen Yu realized that Huang Xiaolong was not someone he could afford to provoke.

So Chen Yu did not hesitate to kneel.

Looking at the Huang Familys Honorary Elder Chen Yu kneeling to him, Huang Xiaolong sneered.

“You bear no ill-will towards me Then, is the killing intent from your body when you followed me here an illusion”

Just as they were out of Huazhou Citys boundary, this persons killing intent had seeped out.

Others would not notice it, but how could it escape Huang Xiaolongs detection

Hearing that, Chen Yu kowtowed in panic, pleading incessantly, “Lord, Lord, I really have no malicious intention!”

Chen Yu wanted to say more, but a force from Huang Xiaolongs hand dragged him up, and then, soul searching began.

Although Huang Xiaolong had suppressed his cultivation realm to peak late-Ninth Void Immortal Realm, it was easy to search the soul of a Golden Core expert.

The soul searching soon ended.

When Huang Xiaolong learned that Huang Bo wanted Chen Yu to break his hands and feet, and dig out his eyes, Huang Xiaolongs expression was extremely frosty, and a small flame slowly burned through the Honorary Elder Chen Yus body, until nothing but ashes were left.

It was a pity that Chen Yu lost his life for mere two pieces of dragon-roaring jade because even his golden core was reduced to ashes.

Huang Xiaolong turned back around, and with a twirl of his finger, the spiritual fruit tree seedlings on the ground grew another half a meter in height.

At this rate, they would grow into proper trees in an hour and bear fruits overnight!

It wont be a problem to ripen these fruits before the break of dawn.

The spiritual herbs planted were swaying in the night, reflecting faint dark green glow as they began to store spiritual energy.

With Huang Xiaolongs effort of transforming the land and burying a fraction of spiritual vein underground, the growth of these spiritual trees and spiritual herbs had gone beyond anyones wildest imagination.

Naturally, the spiritual energy gathering array Huang Xiaolong had laid out played a big role.

That spiritual vein was condensed from millions of years of spiritual energy, and even a fraction of it was enough to support this barren land for several hundred thousand years, thus Huang Xiaolong didnt need to worry about insufficient spiritual energy to support the plants here.

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