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Chapter 3260: Whatre the Origins of Huang Datous Uncle

After watching the spiritual trees and spiritual herbs grow as per his expectations, Huang Xiaolong turned his attention to something else.

The force from his hand pulled a big chunk of ore from underground a far distance away.

Huang Xiaolong had a quick look earlier, and nearby underground, there were rich reserves of iron and ore.

Although the reserves were a little scattered and difficult to mine, it posed no problem to Huang Xiaolong.

Coincidentally, Huang Xiaolong could use this iron ore to refine a residence.

The spiritual trees and spiritual herbs seeds he had planted merely took up three hundred acres or so, and he had decided to build the residence right in the center of the land.

The residence wouldnt be too big, and it would be about a hundred acres.

After all, the residence would be left to Huang Familys future descendants as Huang Xiaolong didnt plan to spend much time on Earth.

As Huang Xiaolong grabbed pieces of colorful irons and ores from underground, soon there were tens of thousands of big and small chunks of materials suspended in midair.


With a wave of his hand, he released the Sun Moon Furnace.

The Sun Moon Furnace rose into the air and swallowed all the irons and ores into its belly.

The grand array within came to life, and fire essence burned brightly, melting the iron and ore inside.

At the same time, all the impurities were burned away.

Soon, all the irons and ore were melted into a liquid.

The Sun Moon Furnace tilted to one side, pouring these liquids down the center of the barren land.

Huang Xiaolong waved his right hand, and every time he did so, the burning liquid that was poured to the ground, shaped itself as per Huang Xiaolongs thoughts.

After a dozen times, the melted iron and ore had turned into a dozen majestic buildings!

Huang Xiaolong then tapped his finger in the air, condensing runes that he placed within each buildings main pillar.

When all runes were in place, the entire palace emitted dazzling rays of light, as if the place was a blessed land.

The runes Huang Xiaolong planted inside each buildings main pillar were links that connected all the runes and the overall buildings as one entity, as well as forming a simplified version of Complete Heaven Formation.

With the formation activated, it would continuously absorb the power of stars from space, and those who cultivate inside this palace could temper their physical bodies with the power of stars.

The power of stars was no longer useful to him, but it was extremely beneficial for the Huang Family members.

This place was merely several hundred miles outside of Huazhou City, it takes less than twenty minutes for Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, and the others to drive over, they can over to cultivate anytime.

Pity the iron ores around here arent enough, or I could build three hundred sixty-five palace buildings, forming a Grand Complete Heaven Formation, Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

The result of cultivating inside the Grand Complete Heaven Formation was naturally more effective; unfortunately, Huang Xiaolong had exhausted the iron and ore reserves in the vicinity.

Thus Huang Xiaolong planned to check out the surrounding mountains to see if he could find more iron ore to build a Grand Complete Heaven Formation.

Then again, the amount of energy inside the runes Huang Xiaolong had branded into each of the palace buildings main pillars could easily defend against and kill even a Void Immortal.

The dozen of buildings Huang Xiaolong had forged merely took up ten acres or so, therefore, the one hundred acres of land he allocated was enough for him to build more buildings to form a Grand Complete Heaven Formation.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at the spiritual fruit trees and spiritual herbs seedlings, the spiritual fruits trees had reached the height of an adult.

He looked around again, then stomped his foot on the ground.

Following the stomp of his foot, loess soil emerged from the ground.

The loess soil compacted into rock-like bricks along the perimeter of the land like the Great Wall, fencing up the land Huang Xiaolong bought.

The walls were well over ten meters high and half a meter thick.

Of course Huang Xiaolong did not forget to leave a ten-meter wide gap as the main entrance.

With a casual wave of his hand, several towering trees in the distance were uprooted, and flew towards Huang Xiaolong.

His palm was akin to a sharp blade, with a few slashes across the air, he had cut off the excess branches from the tree trunks which were then split into uniform planks.

Huang Xiaolong inscribed a rune on these wooden planks, fixing them together to become two halves of a wooden gate.

The two sides of the wooden gates fitted nicely in the gap.

When all these were done, Huang Xiaolong pressed his palm on the wooden gates across the air.

The wooden gates flashed brightly, then golden light flowed to the sides, along the walls Huang Xiaolong had erected.

As the golden light flowed passed, the walls became stronger, and consolidated into one entity.

Before long, the wooden gates and walls were fully connected as one entity.

With that golden light Huang Xiaolong embedded into the wooden gates, no one could come close to this piece of land, except for Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong pushed open the doors, and walked into the newly built palace at the center.

The ground under Huang Xiaolongs feet turned into stone as he walked past, forming a ten-meter wide walkway.

By the time Huang Xiaolong reached the main palace building, there was a meters-wide stone walkway from the wooden gates leading to the main palace.

The stone walkway was naturally flat, even if a car drove over the stone walkway, it wont feel bumpy at all.

Looking around the residence, the spiritual fruit trees and spiritual herbs growing outside, Huang Xiaolong nodded with satisfaction at the result of his hard work for the night.

Nine days later, he and his parents would be paying the Lin Family in Ha Province a visit, to see his younger sister, Huang Wen.

He could seize these nine days time to further transform this land.

Huang Xiaolong put his car into the Sun Moon Furnace, and in one step, he had left the land.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not return to the Huang Familys villa in the Golden River Residence, but went to Datong City.

The Huang Familys main residence was not located in Huazhou City, but in Datong City.

The two cities were separated by a thousand miles and more.

Huang Bo and other direct descendents of Huang Family resided in Datong City.

“Huang Bo!” Huang Xiaolongs pupils needled.

Huang Xiaolong had originally planned to wait for Huang Houde to come back from the capital a month later before taking action so he could deal with Huang Houde and his entire line of descendent, but Huang Bo, this flea, had been jumping too much, so he was going to squash this flea to death first!

At this time, inside a luxurious villa in Datong City, Huang Bo was flatteringly pouring spiritual tea for a middle-aged man, and he offered it to him with both hands.

“Third Uncle, this is Fangde Tea Traders Dragon Well Spiritual Tea.

Have a taste.”

The Fangde Tea Trader was a famous tea supplier on Earth, and the Dragon Well Spiritual Tea was one of its top-notch products with a small pack costing approximately ten low-grade spirit stones.

Ten low-grade spirit stones, that was the annual salary of the average person.

This middle-aged man, Huang Baogui, was the same person who had deliberately sent Huang Chenfei to do a dangerous task, resulting in Huang Chenfeis crippling injuries.

Huang Baogui accepted the tea and took a leisurely sip.

The teas light and refreshing fragrance filled his mouth.

He glanced at Huang Bo and said, “Speak, what matter you have to come looking for me”

He knew this nephew of his very well.

Flattering him meant that there was something he needed help with, and it wouldnt be anything good.

Huang Bo smiled sheepishly as he said, “Third Uncle, I want to inquire about something from you.”

“What is it” Huang Baogui asked casually.

Although he had paid Honorary Elder Chen Yu to deal with Huang Xiaolong, he still didnt feel at ease, hence he came to Huang Baogui, to see if he could get some information.

Huang Bo recounted how he wasbullied by Huang Xiaolong, and then he added, “Later on, I sent people to follow Huang Datou, and only then did I learn that person is Huang Datous eldest uncle.

Third Uncle, do you know whats the origin of Huang Datous uncle”

“Huang Datous eldest uncle!” Huang Baogui was a little baffled in the beginning, but as he thought of someone, his body trembled.

Could it be! That persons back!

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