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Chapter 3261: I Have to Salute You


Noticing that there was something not right with Huang Baogui’s reaction, Huang Bo ventured cautiously, “Third Uncle, you know Huang Datou’s uncle” 

After Huang Houde had taken over the Huang Family’s patriarch position, Huang Xiaolong had become a taboo subject.

No one had dared to mention Huang Xiaolong anymore, thus juniors in the same generation as Huang Bo had not heard of Huang Xiaolong. 

Huang Baoqui regained his composure and asked Huang Bo, “Are you certain that he’s Huang Datou’s eldest uncle!” 

“Positive!” Huang Bo nodded and seeing Huang Baogui’s serious face, he tried asking, “Third Uncle, what’s the matter Does Huang Datou’s eldest uncle has a powerful background”

Huang Baogui breathed in deeply and literally exhaled his words, “If it is really him, then it’s going to be big trouble!”

Huang Bo had never seen his Third Uncle look so solemn, and it scared him a little, “Third Uncle, that, can’t possibly be, right Huang Datou’s uncle doesn’t look like some big shot to me Moreover, he’s only one person!”

Huang Baogui shook his head, “You don’t understand!”

Don’t understand Huang Bo was visibly baffled.

“He’s called Huang Xiaolong!” It seemed difficult for Huang Baogui to say those words.

“He and our patriarch are of the same generations, and they were once hailed as the Huang Family’s twin dragons.

He is an outstanding talent!”

Huang Bo was shocked.

“Third Uncle, you mean Huang Xiaolong is as talented as our patriarch”

Huang Baogui glanced at Huang Bo out of the corner of his eye as he said, “As talented Although our patriarch and him were hailed as the twin dragons of the younger generation, his talent is much higher than our Lord Patriarch!”

“Even more terrifying is his ability to comprehend! Even the Old Ancestor praises his talent in comprehending any martial arts given to him!” Huang Baogui went on, “Any martial arts, as long as he takes one look at them, he can learn the essence of it!”

Huang Bo was dumbfounded.

Any martial arts, as long as he saw them once, he can learn the essence of it! 

“That, that’s exaggerating!” Huang Bo exclaimed sharply.

Huang Baogui nodded.

“Huang Xiaolong’s talent is indeed terrifying, originally, the Huang Family’s patriarch position should have been his!”

Huang Bo swallowed hard after hearing that. Damn…

Huang Datou’s uncle was actually so amazing!

At the same time, he thought of a problem. Does that mean, Huang Datou’s uncle’s true qi can be released more than one thousand meters outside of his body

“But what happened to Huang Xiaolong later” Huang Bo asked.

He wondered if Huang Xiaolong could have taken over the Huang Family’s patriarch position, then why was it his grandfather Huang Houde who sat in the position in the end

Huang Baogui went on, “For some reason, when Huang Xiaolong was sixteen or seventeen, he suddenly went missing one day.

It was as if he completely vanished from the face of the Earth, and no matter where we searched, we couldn’t find a trace of him, until now! He has been missing for a hundred years!”

A hundred years! Huang Bo was flabbergasted.

“Third Uncle, with Huang Xiaolong’s talent, do you think he’s already…” Huang Bo asked anxiously.

Huang Baogui knew what Huang Bo was asking and answered with certainty, “With Huang Xiaolong’s talent, he definitely has stepped into Nascent Soul Realm, and it’s very likely he’s a high-level Nascent Soul expert!”

“Nas-Nacent, high-level Nascent Soul expert!” Huang Bo repeatedly dazedly, and his face had turned several shades paler.

He had sent Honorary Elder Chen Yu to deal with Huang Xiaolong, and according to his subordinate, Chen Yu had gone to look for Huang Xiaolong on that day.

If Huang Xiaolong discovered Chen Yu, wouldn’t that mean

Noticing Huang Bo’s unnatural expression, Huang Baogui asked, “What happened”

Only then did Huang Bo tell Huang Baogui about hiring Honorary Elder Chen Yu to deal with Huang Xiaolong with two pieces of Roaring Dragon Jade.

“Confused!” Huang Baogui reprimanded Huang Bo, “When can you change your reckless personality You didn’t even check out who your enemy is, and you ran in blindly!”

Huang Bo panicked, “Third Uncle, I’m wrong, but I didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong to have such a background! What do you think we should do now”

Seeing his nephew admit his mistake so swiftly, more than half of Huang Baogui’s anger dissipated.

He said sullenly, “You don’t have to worry for now.

Even if Huang Xiaolong is really a high-level Nascent Soul expert now, he’s only one person.

He won’t be able to stir any big waves.

Our patriarch has been in that position for so long, the family from top to bottom obeys him.

His status and prestige is not something Huang Xiaolong who had been missing for a hundred years can compare to.

Moreover, our patriarch has the old ancestor on his side, and the old ancestor would not allow Huang Xiaolong to jeopardize the patriarch’s position!”

Huang Bo relaxed when he heard those words, and could even laugh.

“Third Uncle is right.

Even though Huang Xiaolong’s back now, he can’t change reality.”

Huang Baogui stood up and started pacing in the hall.

“Huang Xiaolong’s return is a big event, I’ll have people contact your second grandfather now to tell him.”

“Unnecessary,” right at this time, a tepid voice sounded.

The pair of uncle and nephew were stunned, and Huang Baogui spun around, looking all over vigilantly.

“Who’s there!” 

There was a tall and lean figure walking in from the outer hall!

Huang Bo’s eyes widened in fear, and he backed away until he was behind Huang Baogui, “Third Uncle, it’s him.

He’s that Huang Xiaolong!”

Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Baogui’s eyes narrowed, veiling the shock he felt in his eyes.

In truth, he had never seen Huang Xiaolong, but he had heard his father talk about Huang Xiaolong’s feats once or twice. 

He looked at Huang Xiaolong entering at a leisurely pace, Huang Xiaolong was younger than he had expected! 

Earlier when Huang Bo had said that Huang Xiaolong looked like he was in his twenties, Huang Baogui hadn’t really believed it, but now, looking at Huang Xiaolong, he did not look a day older than twenty.

“You’re Huang Datou’s eldest uncle, Huang Xiaolong” Huang Baogui soon regained his composure and questioned Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Huang Baogui, “You’re the one who deliberately sent my younger brother to the Dead Sea to kill a Six-Eyed Fish Monster, crippled my brother and caused my brother to be bedridden.

Then, you forced my father to sell the main residence at a low price to your friend, Huang Baogui”

Listening to a chain of accusations, Huang Baogui’s face turned slightly ugly, and he hardened his voice, “Huang Xiaolong, please pay attention to your identity.

Even if you’re really a Nascent Soul expert now, your status within the Huang Family has not been recognized by the family’s grand elders.

You’re merely an ordinary disciple in the family, whereas I am a Huang Family’s Elder!”

“What gives you the right to question me”

“After seeing an Elder of the family, you have to salute me!” Huang Baogui looked extremely proud when he uttered the latter part.

“What gives me the right to question you” Huang Xiaolong felt like laughing.

“And I have to salute you”

Huang Baogui sneered, “That’s right, Huang Xiaolong.

Otherwise, once I report this matter to the family’s Enforcement Hall, you’ll be charged with a big offense of disrespect!”

But just as he finished speaking, an overwhelming force dragged him, and to his horror, he couldn’t break free nor had any control over his own body.

Huang Xiaolong clenched his palm over Huang Baogui’s neck and his eyes filled with undisguised contempt.

“Big offense of disrespect Huang Family’s Enforcement Hall” 

Huang Bo faked false bravado and shouted, “Huang Xiaolong, what are you doing, release my Third Uncle immediately.

When my second grandfather learns about this, you’re―!”


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