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Chapter 3262: Lord Patriarch Has Given the Order


Huang Xiaolong’s left hand reached out, and he raised Huang Bo off the floor by his neck, “What will happen to me, uh”

Huang Bo felt his neck was going to break under Huang Xiaolong’s palm, and he had great difficulty breathing.

He struggled to speak, growling hoarsely, “Huang, Huang Xiaolong, if, if you dare to do anything to, to me, and my uncle, the patriarch will surely issue a kill-order on your head.

At that time, not only Huaxia, but there won’t be any safe place left for you on the entire Earth!”

The Huang Family was one of Huaxia Alliance’s top ten cultivation families.

The family’s strength was scattered throughout the Huaxia Alliance’s territories and with one order from the patriarch, any average Nascent Soul Realm expert would have a hard time surviving.

Though it was an exaggeration to say the entire Earth as the Huang Family’s power had not reached the point of being able to influence all the forces on Earth.

Unless it was a powerful sect like the Purple Flame Sect, or Six Swords Gate, these existences might be able to influence the entire Earth’s forces.

“Listening to you, I feel I really shouldn’t kill you.” Huang Xiaolong’s face split into a big grin.

Just as Huang Bo was inwardly rejoicing his luck, thinking Huang Xiaolong was frightened off by him, Huang Xiaolong suddenly reached out with his other hand and crushed the bones on his left arm!

Huang Bo let out a sharp scream.

Then, Huang Xiaolong changed his target, and exerted force, crushing Huang Bo’s other arm! 

Subsequently, it was Huang Bo’s legs!

Since Huang Bo wanted Chen Yu to break his arms and legs, and dig out his eyes, Huang Xiaolong did the same to him.

Lastly, Huang Xiaolong’s fist clenched in the air and dug out Huang Bo’s eyes.

Huang Xiaolong looked placid throughout this entire process, as if this was the norm.

Reborn in another world, cultivating from the bottom level, Huang Xiaolong had long lost count of how many enemies he had killed along the way.

Merely the number of True Saints, Primal Ancestors, and even Dao Venerables was already a lot to count.

In Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, crippling Huang Bo was no different than swatting away a fly.

But watching Huang Xiaolong do all of these things to his nephew from the side made Huang Baogui deathly pale.

The sight of his nephew’s bloody limbs, the empty sockets and the eyeballs on the floor was scary.

There was no strength in his legs, and he couldn’t even make a sound.

Huang Xiaolong turned and looked at Huang Baogui.

“You caused my younger brother to lose his mobility, making him bedridden for so many years.

In return, I’ll have you never stand again in your lifetime, and you can be bedridden for the rest of your life!” 

With that said, his palm struck Huang Baogui on the back.

Accompanied by the noises of breaking bones, Huang Baogui was hit by a sharp pain, and he screamed.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved his hand and watched Huang Baoguo fall limply to the floor, unable to move a finger! 

Huang Xiaolong’s strike had pulverized every bone in Huang Baogui’s back into pieces.

Huang Baogui’s bones were so badly broken that not even an Enlightenment Realm expert could heal him.

There was no chance of Huang Baogui ever getting up on his feet again.

In fact, his body wouldn’t be able to turn even an inch.

Huang Xiaolong’s cold gaze swept over the two people before he turned and flew away. 

His original intention for coming here was to kill these two people, but Huang Bo’s words had changed his mind.

Killing the two of them now was a form of release for them, and this way, they would suffer more than death.

The Huang Family’s reaction towards this incident was not within Huang Xiaolong’s consideration.

More accurately, he didn’t care. 

Actually, he was looking forward to seeing Huang Houde’s reaction.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong leave, Huang Baogui screamed at the top of his lungs, “Huang Xiaolong, just wait.

The patriarch will order arrests of your parents, younger brother, and nephew! Be prepared to run for your lives!”

“Run for my life” Huang Xiaolong sneered and his figure disappeared in the horizon.

I’ll be waiting for your Huang Family’s kill order then! 

Huang Bo was screaming and rolling on the ground.

Huang Xiaolong had broke his arms and legs, and even dug out his eyes.

His pain was no less than Huang Baogui. 

“My arms, my legs!”

“My eyes!”

“Huang Xiaolong, you son of a b*tch! Wait till my injuries healed, I’ll personally cut off your head!” 

Huang Bo screamed loudly to vent some of his pain, fury, and hatred.

With Earth’s current advanced technology, even if someone’s limb was severely broken, the injury could be healed.

Even if his eyes were dug out, it was not difficult to regain sight.

But Huang Bo didn’t know that his eyes and legs were not as simple as being broken, as the veins and meridians of his arms and legs were completely shattered and sealed by Huang Xiaolong, and there was no possibility of recovering.

This included his eyes.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong had left, Huang Bo’s and Huang Baogui’s screams finally attracted their subordinates’ attention.

When the subordinates hurried over from various directions and saw the bloody situation, all of them were aghast. 

When the subordinates finally helped the two of them up cautiously, Huang Baogui snarled, “Hurry up and inform the Enforcement Hall to contact my father.

I want Huang Xiaolong, Huang Jiyuan, and the entire family dead!”

Before long, his subordinates managed to get in touch with Huang Family’s Enforcement Hall, and also Huang Baogui’s father, Huang Ruxing, who was also Huang Bo’s grandfather. 

Through advanced technology video call, Huang Ruxing saw his son and grandson’s tragic conditions, and thundered in fury, but he blanked for a second when he heard the culprit was Huang Xiaolong.

But in the next second, the killing intent in his eyes soared to the sky as he spat through gritted teeth, “Huang Xiaolong!” 

Although Huang Ruxing had ordered the matter to be sealed, what had happened to Huang Bo and Huang Baogui still circulated out.

Many Huang Family’s disciples learned of the incident, and among them were Huang Cheng and Huang Susu.

People began inquiring about Huang Xiaolong.

“That young man is actually Huang Datou’s uncle!” Huang Cheng exclaimed with an incredulous expression, “It is said that Huang Xiaolong’s from the same generation as our patriarch, and he is extremely talented.

There’s more than a few grudges between him and our patriarch! No wonder the patriarch has been suppressing Huang Jiyuan’s line all these years!”

Huang Susu was unnerved.

Huang Cheng looked at Huang Susu, stressing, “Many of the family’s disciples are saying that Huang Xiaolong is likely to be a high-level Nascent Soul Realm expert.” 

“Elder Huang Ruxing has reported Huang Bo and Huang Baogui’s matter to Lord Patriarch, who’s in the capital.”

Huang Cheng went on, “Lord Patriarch is furious and planned to leave the capital half a month earlier than planned!”

“Furthermore, the Lord Patriarch has ordered the Huang Family to lock down Donglin Province to prevent Huang Xiaolong from leaving.

Wait till he returns, he would personally capture and judge Huang Xiaolong!”

Huang Cheng snorted, “Huang Xiaolong won’t be able to leave Donglin Province even in his dreams!”

“Not only Huang Xiaolong, even his father, Huang Jiyuan, and the rest of his family have turned into Huang Family’s sinners! Implicated by Huang Xiaolong!”

Hence, by the time Huang Xiaolong was back at the Golden River Residence in Huazhou City, Huang Xiaolong had become Huang Family’s sinner, someone the Huang Family wanted to capture and punish.

Huang Xiaolong sat down and meditated, and before long, the sky on the horizon had brightened.

Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, Huang Chenfeo, and Huang Datou woke up from their sleep. 

At this time, they were still ignorant of the fact that Huang Xiaolong had become the Huang Family’s wanted criminal.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, seeing his family emerging from their rooms, and happily told them that he was taking them to a special place.

When they learned that Huang Xiaolong was taking them to the barren land he had bought, all four were confused. What’s there to see in a barren land

Then again, they were idle people.

Hence, they followed Huang Xiaolong’s plan and drove out of Huazhou City, towards the barren land.


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