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Chapter 3267: Have You All Gone Crazy!

Watching Huang Bingquang reduced to blood mists, the remaining three grand elders were rendered stupefied, and even more so were Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, Huang Chenfei, and Huang Datou.

That was the Huang Familys grand elder! One of Huang Familys top five experts!

To cultivators like Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, and others, an existence like Huang Bingquan stood at the top of the cultivation pyramid.

Had this been three days ago, they probably wouldnt have had a chance to catch a glimpse of existences like Huang Bingquan, and they wouldnt even be qualified to stand in front of Huang Bingquan to give their greetings.

Even if they were given the chance and allowed to do so, it would only be kowtowing in greeting from a far distance!

Yet such an existence exploded to his death, directly killed by Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Jiyuan and the others minds went completely blank as this was something they had never thought possible before.

“You, you!” One of the three remaining three Huang Familys grand elders pointed at Huang Xiaolong with a trembling finger, and only he knew if he was shaking from anger or fear.

“Knee!” Huang Xiaolong harrumphed coldly, and a majestic might rushed out from his body, enveloping the entire Huazhou City in an instant.

In this moment, every living being in the whole Huazhou City felt an irresistible might, and an uncontrollable fear as if death was breathing down their necks.

Under the might, the remaining three Huang Familys grand elders fell hard on their knees in a prostrating posture.

Yes, they were forced to prostrate, unable to move, breathing heavily as they tried to break free, as if they were gasping for air.

“Raise your heads.” Huang Xiaolong snapped, “Look at me!”

The three grand elders trembled as they obediently raised their heads.

Their eyes met Huang Xiaolongs in midair, and in that moment, from Huang Xiaolongs eyes, the three of them saw an astounding scene that sent tumultuous waves in their hearts.

Bones and corpses were piled high as mountains towards the horizon.

One after another gods were slashed to their deaths by a person holding twin blades.

One after another True Saints, and Dao Venerables were slashed and they exploded to their deaths, and existences that represented the grand dao, were kneeling in front of that person! And this person was none other than—!

Huang, Huang Xiaolong!

The three grand elders were quivering from head to toe!


Several minutes later, Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, Huang Chenfei, and Huang Datou stared dazedly at the three Huang Familys grand elders prostrating and respectfully calling Huang Xiaolong His Highness.

They knew that the majority of Huang Familys grand eldes were extremely loyal to Huang Houde, and anyone rarely had different thoughts, but in a few minutes, these three grand elders had submitted to Huang Xiaolong.

Not only that, but they were as respectful as slaves of ancient times.

“Xiaolong, they” Huang Jiyuan couldnt help but ask.

Huang Xiaolong said to the three Huang Familys grand elders, “Go greet my parents.”

Before Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilans shock-widened eyes, the three grand elders respectfully approached the couple and got down on their knees.

“Huang Shengan, Huang Qi, Huang Feiwu, greet the Lord, and Madam!”

Huang Shengan, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwu, these three Huang Familys grand elders salute sent Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilan into a flustered panic, and they claimed that they did not dare to accept their greeting.

This change shattered their recognition, and neither of them had the time to digest what had happened so far.

“Xiaolong, quickly have the three grand elders stand up,” Wang Meilan called out in a hurry.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong allowed them to stand up, as he was aware that it would take a few days for his parents to digest this matter.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently had Huang Shengan order all the direct descendants of Huang Houdes line to be captured and thrown into the Huang Familys dungeon, waiting to be judged and punished later.

Huang Shengan wasnt merely a Huang Familys grand elder, but he was also the Enforcement Hall Master.

The Enforcement Halls disciples wouldnt dare to defy his orders.

Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, and the others were startled that Huang Xiaolong wanted to capture Huang Houdes line of descendants and throw them into a dungeon.

“Xiaolong, thats not necessary, right” Wang Meiland attempted to dissuade Huang Xiaolong from doing so.

“Were a family.

Why fight each other like this We keep going in circles.

When will this vengeance and revenge end”

“Yes ah, Xiaolong,” Huang Jiyuan also persuaded, “Why dont we forget it Were fine now anyways!”

Huang Xiaolongs tone was slightly heavy.

“One family When I wasnt around, did Huang Houde and the others treat you as family”

Wang Meilan and Huang Jiyuan had no words to retort.

“If they had not continuously excluded and suppressed you all, deducting your cultivation resources, you all would have broken through to Golden Core Realm by now, instead of being bedridden like you were! If Huang Houde had not expressed his connivance, would Huang Baogui have dared to arrange dangerous tasks to the third brother, making him end up confined to the bed If it wasnt for Huang Baogui, our old residence wouldnt have been sold for pennies!”

“Sold for half the market price to the Yutong Flying Ship Companys Chen Mi!”

Wang Meilan and Huang Jiyuan kept silent.

“If I had not come back, in less than a year, you all would have been…!” Huang Xiaolongs words trailed off.

Wang Meilan sighed heavily in her heart.

Huang Xiaolong ordered Huang Shengan, “Go see to the matter personally, and if anyone resists, there is no need to show mercy!”

Huang Houdes line was used to being proud and arrogant.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong foresaw that many would resist in anger after being captured suddenly.

“Rest assured, Your Highness!” Huang Shengan understood Huang Xiaolongs meaning, and retreated with that.

“You two go as well, not a person from Hunag Houdes direct line of disciples can be allowed to escape!” Huang Xiaolong said to Huang Qi and Huang Feiwu.

Both complied and left with Huang Shengan.

Huang Jiyuan still wasnt comfortable with the idea.

“Xiaolong, the Old Ancestor…” There was worry in his voice.

Huang Ming was no average First Level Enlightenment Realm expert as he had already reached late-First Level Enlightenment Realm!

“Dad, Mom, dont worry.

Even if Huang Ming returns, Im here.” Huang Xiaolong gave his parents a reassuring look.

At this time, inside a certain luxurious villa in Datong City, Huang Ruxing looked at his paralyzed son, Huang Baogui, as well as his grandson whose arms and legs were broken, and his eyes dug out.

The fury in his heart intensified, “Huang Xiaolong, that low-born b*stard.

Ill make you pay for this!”

Right at this time, a group of people broke the villas main gates and barged in.

The Huang Familys Enforcement Hall experts rushed inside the villa and had the villa surrounded.

Huang Ruxing was caught off guard for a second as he didnt understand what was happening.

“Capture all of them!”

“Throw them into the dungeon!”

An elder of the Enforcement Hall waved his hand and shouted.

Huang Ruxing blanked for a moment, and then rage turned his eyes bloodshot.

“Insolent, are you guys crazy! Who gave you the guts to break into my villa and capture people indiscriminately!”

“Me!” Huang Shengan announced as he stepped into the hall.

Huang Ruxing was surprised by Huang Shengan appearance.

“Grand Elder Huang Shengan!”

Never did he imagine that it was Huang Shengan who gave the order.

“Grand Elder Huang Shengan, you, what do you mean by this Have you gone mad” Huang Ruxing pulled his face straight and demanded.

Huang Shengan let out a sarcastic snicker, “Whether Ive gone mad or not, you will know soon,” he said and ordered the Enforcement Halls disciples, “Do it!”

The Enforcement Hall disciples lunged towards their targets.

Huang Ruxing attacked in anger, but he was struck and sent flying by Huang Shengan.

Although Huang Ruxing was Huang Houdes younger brother, his talent in cultivation wasnt very good.

At this age, he was merely a Seventh Level Golden Core, so how could he withstand a palm strike from the Nascent Soul expert Huang Shengan Huang Ruxing was violently coughing up blood on the floor.

Before long, Huang Ruxings sons and daughters, his wife and concubines in the villa were all captured.

Suppressed and escorted by Enforcement Halls disciples, Huang Ruxing shouted at Huang Shengan as he was passing by, “Huang Shengan, youre so dead when my second brother comes back!”

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