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Chapter 3270: Death Penalty for Huang Xiaolong

Huang Xin spoke slowly as he organized his thoughts, “Perhaps, Huang Xiaolong made an offer they couldnt resist, so Huang Shengan group agreed to stand on his side for the time being.”

Huang Houdes eyes remained gloomy as he stated, “Well know whether the three grand elders are on Huang Xiaolongs side or not once we return.

Inform Huang Xinyang and the others to stop their mission and return with us to Donglin Province immediately!”

Huang Xinyang and the two others were the three grand elders on a mission.

“Patriarch, at this time, should we report the matter to the old ancestor” Huang Wendan asked.

Three grand elders revolt was not a minor matter, and by right, they needed to inform the old ancestor.

Huang Houde nodded and spoke with a heavy voice, “I will contact the old ancestor later,” and then added, “Just say that Huang Xiaolong has returned, and he tempted Huang Shengan, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwu to his side in order to usurp the Huang Familys patriarch position.

Mention that he injured and mutilated several hundred of Huang Familys disciples!”

Huang Houdes line of descendants, including Huang Ruxing, and Huang Anquan had been captured by Huang Xiaolong, and more than three hundred disciples had been thrown into the dungeon!

The four grand elders with Huang Houde raised their eyebrows at Huang Houdes explanation, but nodded their heads in agreement.

A while later, Huang Houde got in touch with the Huang Familys Old Ancestor Huang Ming, and reported the matter to Huang Ming who was at the East Sea.

In the beginning, Huang Ming was happy when he heard Huang Xiaolong, who had been missing for a hundred years, had returned.

But the smile on his face gradually diminished, and it was replaced by anger as he listened to Huang Houde claiming that Huang Xiaolong was in cahoots with Huang Shengan, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwu to usurp the patriarch position the moment he returned.

To top it off, he had injured more than several hundred Huang Familys disciples and locked them up.

With sky-soaring fury, he shouted, “That animal! He dares to destroy my Huang Familys foundation, harming his own brethren!”

Even at several million miles away, Huang Houde felt the pressure from Huang Mings fury through the video call.

“Old Ancestor, how should we deal with Huang Xiaolong” Huang Houde asked.

Huang Mings frosty gaze was an answer in itself.

“Follow the family rules.

Those who harm the familys disciples will be judged according to the seriousness of his crime.

A light punishment is to abolish his cultivation, and heavy crime is the death penalty!”

“Huang Xiaolong harmed several hundred family disciples, and that is a heavy crime!”

Heavy crime, death penalty!

Originally, Huang Ming was very happy when he heard that Huang Xiaolong had returned because Huang Xiaolong was extremely talented.

But for the patriarchs position, Huang Xiaolong had actually harmed several hundred of familys disciples and that infuriated Huang Ming.

Huang Xiaolongs crime was too serious and the rest of the family could only be appeased with Huang Xiaolongs death!

Huang Houde was inwardly delighted, and he hurriedly complied, “Rest assured, Old Ancestor, Huang Xiaolong wont be able to escape!”

“What about Huang Shengan and the other two” Huang Houde asked.

Huang Ming frowned, looking extremely displeased, “Detain them first, and put them in the dungeon.

I will decide when I return!”

Huang Houde respectfully complied.

Huang Houde was at the capital under the Huaxia Alliances invitation to discuss how to resolve the East Seas beast rampage.

Hence, Huang Houde mentioned about therevolt within the Huang Family to the Huaxia Alliances authorities before setting off to return to Datong City with Huang Xin and the others on a flying ship.

After Earths environmental changes, the Huaxiao Alliance gathered many countries, forming a new territory.

Rushing back from the alliances capital with the fastest flying ship would still take a full days journey.

When Huang Houdes group was rushing back from the capital, Huang Xiaolong was leisurely strolling around Donglin Province, looking for iron and ores to complete the palace he had in mind.

The average iron ore was not on Huang Xiaolongs list, and all the iron and ores Huang Xiaolong chose came from the depths of the ground.

These iron and ores were nourished by spiritual energy to a certain extent.

Using this kind of iron and ores to build his palace would make it easier for his Grand Complete Heaven Formation to connect with outer space star power.

By nightfall, Huang Xiaolong had gone one round around Donglin Province and finally got everything he needed to complete the rest of the palace.

In truth, there were numerous dao grade materials inside the Sun Moon Furnace, but like those genesis-level herbs, his familys were unable to withstand the energy within these materials, hence, Huang Xiaolong could only used indigenous materials.

Then again, after these iron and ores were purified and forged with the fire essence inside the Sun Moon Furnace, there was no difference between these materials with immortal worlds materials.

Three hundred and sixty-five buildings sat majestically in the center of Blue Dragon Orchard.

When the Grand Complete Heaven Formation was activated, dazzling power of stars flowed into the residence like a waterfall.

Huang Jiyuan, Wang Meilan, Huang Chenfei, and Huang Datou, who were cultivating inside, seemed to be cloaked in glimmering stars.

At this time, Huang Shengan, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwu were standing on the empty ground outside of the palace building.

Because Huang Jiyuan and Huang Chenfei liked to spar, Huang Xiaolong had turned this area into a big training field, measuring several hundred square meters.

refined by Huang Xiaolong with the biggest clump of iron he found.

Even if a Void Immortal expert attacks this place, the training field wont suffer any damage.

The three of them were standing on the spacious training field, sensing the vast power of stars pouring from the void with awe on their faces.

When Huang Xiaolong stepped out from the palace building, they looked at Huang Xiaolong like they were looking at God.

In their hearts, Huang Xiaolong was no different from God.

“Your Highness, weve got news that Huang Houde departed from the capital on a flying ship last night and is rushing back to Datong City.

Other than Huang Houde, there are the four grand elders who went to the capital within him, as well as the three grand elders who went out on a mission!” Huang Houde reported to Huang Xiaolong, “It is estimated they will reach Donglin Province early tomorrow morning!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded nonchalantly.

Huang Houde, youve finally returned!

A hundred years felt like two lifetimes.

Towards thisold associate from his previous life, Huang Xiaolong did have some complicated feelings.

“What about Huang Ming” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Old Ancestor is still at the East Sea.

He doesnt seem to be returning any time soon.”

Huang Shengan lowered his head, hesitating before adding, “Huang Houde returned under the order of the Old Ancestor…” and his words stopped here.

Huang Xiaolong ordered calmly, “Continue.”

Huang Shengans mouth opened and closed several times, and he finally said, “Huang Houde reported to the old ancestor that Your Highness started usurping the moment you returned, harming several hundred of the familys disciples.

The old ancestor is furious after hearing that, and stated that a person that harms several hundred of family disciples is to be charged with a heavy crime!”

“In other words, without any investigation, merely listening to Huang Houdes one-sided explanation, he sent Huang Houde back to kill me” Huang Xiaolong summarized with an icy expression.

Huang Shengan, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwu all lowered their hands, not daring to make a sound.

“Huang Ming, ah, Huang Ming,” Huang Xiaolong snorted, “My parents and younger brothers cultivation resources were deducted by Huang Houde and Huang Baogui.

My younger brother was injured and became bedridden, and to cure him, my parents even sold our old residence, and all these years, youve been closing one eye on everything.

Now that Ive returned, you havent even see me yet youve already sent Huang Houde to execute my death penalty!”

Huang Xiaolong sneered, and temperature plummeted as icefrost appeared around Huang Xiaolong, covering the entire Blue Dragon Orchard in a layer of ice blue ice.

Huang Shengans group of three quivered silently.

“Release news to Huang Houde that Im at the Blue Dragon Orchard,” Huang Xiaolong ordered the three grand elders.

“Also, let all the Huang Familys elders know about this as well!”

He was going to resolve Huang Houde in front of all the Huang Familys elders!

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