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Chapter 3274: Huang Shengan Has Broken Through to Enlightenment Realm

“Oh, high-level Nascent Soul expert.” Sun Yao exclaimed in slight surprise.

Sun Cheng nodded, “Yes, Huang Xiaolong and Huang Houde were recognized as the Huang Familys most talented younger generation at that time, but there were more than a few conflicts between them.

Hence it is not strange since Huang Xiaolong came back and talked Huang Shengan into revolting.”

Sun Yao commented, “No wonder.” He chuckled.

“Originally, Huang Family could add another powerful high-level Nascent Soul expert to their midst, raising their strength to another level, but this Huang Xiaolong turned around and pulled Huang Shengan, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwu to his camp.

He made the Huang Family fall into internal chaos, damaging their strengths instead.

Really, the workings of fate!”

Sun Cheng chortled, “Old Ancestor is right.

This is the Heavens helping our Sun Family to rise!”

While Sun Yao and Sun Cheng discussed the Huang Familys rebellion, the Tan Family was concerned about the same issue.

But the latest news came half a day later!

“Huang Houdes detained by Huang Shengan! Grand Elder Huang Xin and Grand Elder Huang Wendan, the other five grand elders, and all Huang Familys elders have all joined Huang Shengan, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwus camp!”

When the news broke out, eyes dropped to the ground in shock.

When Sun Yao and Sun Cheng heard the news, they were just as flabbergasted.

Shouldnt it be the other way around, Huang Houde captured Huang Shengan, Huang Qi, and Huang Feiwu How come it was Huang Houde who was detained instead On Huang Houdes side were eight great Nascent Soul experts including himself, not to mention the several hundred Huang Familys experts!

“Check, send people to check immediately what happened!” Sun Yao ordered solemnly, “I want to know what happened at that time inside the Blue Dragon Orchard!”

Sun Cheng nodded solemnly as he understood the seriousness of this matter.

Things were really too strange.

Similar to the Sun Family, other Donglin Provinces big and small families forces all ordered the people to quickly find out what was going on.

An astounding piece of news circulated through Donglin Province early the next day that Huang Shengan broke through to the Enlightenment Realm!

Hes now an Enlightenment expert!

The news not only shocked the Donglin Provinces various forces, but also the neighboring provinces forces, and the whole Huaxiao Alliance authority.

The emergence of any new Enlightenment Realm expert was categorized as a major event by the Huaxia Alliance.

“Impossible, Huang Shengan, hes only a late-Seventh Level Nascent Soul Realm.

How could he have advanced to the Enlightenment Realm overnight Absolutely impossible!”

Though the news of Huang Shengan advancing to Enlightenment Realm broke out, astounding many other families patriarchs, these patriarchs also denied this possibility.

But another news soon drowned out these voices of denial as there were witnesses that saw Huang Shengan displaying the strength of an Enlightenment Realm expert! His nascent soul appeared out of his body!

As time passed, more and more experts witnessed it!

While Huaxia Alliance authority and other families were still in doubt, another shocking news spread.

“Huang Shengan abolished Huang Houdes patriarch position, and took over as the new generation patriarch!

“Huang Houdes line of descendents were all cleaned up by Huang Shengan, Huang Xin, Huang Qi, Huang Feiwu, and the remaining grand elders all turned to support Huang Shengan.

Huang Chengyi, Huang Maosheng, and Huang Bingquan are missing, they must have been killed by Huang Shengan!”

These consecutive pieces of news rendered numerous Huaxia Alliances families agape.

Everything seemed to happen too fast for anyone to react.

“How could Huang Shengan advance to Enlightenment Realm!” Sun Familys Old Ancestor Sun Yaos face was slightly distorted.

“D*mn it!”

Originally, Huang Shengans revolt had caused members of Huang Family to kill each other, greatly damaging Huang Familys strength.

But now that Huang Shengan had broken through to Enlightenment Realm, it changed the whole game!

One Enlightenment Realm expert was more than enough to block ten Ninth Level Nascent Soul experts, maybe more than that!

The Huang Familys strength had not been weakened, but it had grown stronger!

Sun Chengs face was just as bad.

“Could it be that Huang Shengan concealed his strength all this time”

Sun Yao nodded his head in agreement.

“It must be so.

Maybe Huang Shengan already broke through a month ago, and because of that he dared to revolt! That he dared to rob the Huang Familys patriarch position!” He sighed, “We paid too little attention to Huang Shengan in the past!”

Sun Cheng spoke solemnly, “Although Huang Shengan has broken through to the Enlightenment Realm, he harmed Huang Houdes line and several hundred of Huang Familys disciples.

When the Huang Familys Old Ancestor Huang Ming learns of this matter, he would be furious, and he might not agree to let Huang Shengan to take over the patriarch position.

When Huang Ming and Huang Shengan battle it out, and both suffer injuries, that would be great news to us!”

Sun Yaos eyes lit up, and he let out a hearty laughter.

“You are right, if Huang Shengan persuades Huang Ming to let him take over the patriarch position after advancing to Enlightenment Realm, that would be fine.

However, Huang Shengan got that position through usurpation, and stepping on the bodies of Huang Houdes line.

Therefore, things are vastly different.

Huang Ming would throw a fit! Who knows, maybe Huang Ming has already heard the news and is rushing back in raging anger from the East Sea!”

“Haha, we just need to wait for a good show!”

While the Sun Family, Tan Family, and various forces were paying attention to the changes in Huang Family, inside the Blue Dragon Orchard, Huang Shengan was kowtowing to Huang Xiaolong in gratitude.

“I will faithfully serve Your Highness in the future, doing my utmost in everything, and I will not retreat in the face of death!”

A day before, Huang Shengan was indeed still a Seventh Level Nascent Soul Realm.

It was Huang Xiaolong who had raised his cultivation realm overnight to Enlightenment Realm!

This feat was impossible for others but not for Huang Xiaolong.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong had used the spiritual vein under the Blue Dragon Orchard to temper Huang Shengans body, expelling the impurities in his body at a deeper level.

This would greatly benefit Huang Shengan in his future cultivation, obtaining twice the result with half the effort.

Originally, Huang Xiaolong had wanted his father, Huang Jiyuan, to take over the Huang Familys patriarch position, but Huang Jiyuan refused.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong chose the next best option and pushed Huang Shengan up to the position.

Needless to say, Huang Shengan was the patriarch on the surface but all the decisions were under Huang Xiaolongs control.

“Rise,” Huang Xiaolong had Huang Shengan stand up, and passed a cultivation to him.

He also improved the current Huang Familys main cultivation technique and handed it to Huang Shengan.

He then had Huang Shengan display the technique and pointed out the places Huang Shengan was inaccurate.

“Your Highness, the old ancestor has learned what happened to Huang Houde and is rushing over from the East Sea in fury.

He will probably reach Donglin Province the day after tomorrow.” Huang Shengan respectfully reported to Huang Xiaolong when they were on a break.

Huang Xiaolong grunted softly in response.

Huang Ming had doted on Huang Houde all along, now that Huang Houde was captured, Huang Xin, Huang Wendan, and the others all chose to stand on Huang Shengans side, so it was granted that Huang Ming was furious.

“Huang Ming.” Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered.

Huang Shengan subsequently reported on the various reactions of forces under the Huaxia Alliance, specifically mentioning the Sun Family swallowing the familys industries in Yan City.

At the moment, their Huang Familys business in Yan City had completely fallen into the Sun Familys hands.

“Your Highness, it is said the Sun Familys old ancestor broke through to the Enlightenment Realm a year ago.” Huang Shengan added, “This is what gave the Sun Family the guts to do this.”

Huang Xiaolong sneered, “I see.

Then I shall make a visit to the Sun Family in Yan City tomorrow.”

He had to help his parents break through to Golden Core Realm.

His initial plan was to wait a few days after his parents cultivation realm had advanced, but the result of cultivating inside the Grand Complete Heaven Formation in the last few days were very good, and They had already stabilized their peak late-Ninth Foundation Building Realm.They could breakthrough to the Golden Core Realm on this day.

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