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Chapter 3278: Entering the Blue Dragon Orchard to Spectate

Tan Wei smiled sweetly at Huang Datou in response.


She then looked at Huang Xiaolong with curiosity.

In the last two days, the hottest topic in Donglin Province was the Huang Familys revolt.

Huang Xiaolong and Huang Shengan were the two names most mentioned.

She had heard many similar conversations during this time.

Tan Jian secretly observed Huang Datou for a moment whilst he asked Tan Wei smilingly, “Weier, you know each other”

Before Tan Wei could answer, Huang Datou became nervous and answered in a hurry, “Y-yes, yes, Senior Tan Jian.”

Huang Xiaolong took a quick glance at Tan Wei, and the other party had a very clean appearance.

The look in her eyes was clear and bright.

He had a good impression of her.

“My nephew has been friends with your great-grandniece for ten years now.” Seeing Huang Datous anxious expression, he said to Tan Jian, “Your great-grandniece rescued him once, and he has always remembered it.”

Although Huang Xiaolong did not elaborate on the specifics, it was clear in everyones ears that Huang Xiaolong indicated that Huang Datou had good feelings about Tan Wei in his words.

Tan Weis face reddened slightly.

Tan Jian laughed generously.

“There is still such a story.

This is a good thing ah.

Haha, Brother Huang Xiaolong, our families should gather more often.

In the end, Tan Jian sat next to Huang Xiaolong in the auction hall, conversing enthusiastically as if they had been good friends forever.

Huang Xiaolong was neither cold nor overly friendly.

He understood the reason behind Tan Jians enthusiasm.

It was not only because of his reputation as ahigh-level Nascent Soul expert, but it was because he had an Enlightenment Realm expert like Huang Shengan backing him!

Who wouldnt want to form some kind of connection with an Enlightenment Realm expert

The Huang Familys old ancestor Huang Ming would reach Donglin Province by next day.

If Huang Shengan was defeated, then Tan Jian wouldnt be as enthusiastic as he was now, and he would see another side of Tan Jian.

Zou Familys Zou Yu had already contacted the Huazhou Citys special units chief.

Upon learning about Huang Xiaolongs identity, he hesitated and finally ordered the Huazhou Citys special unit to remain on standby instead.

Generally speaking, all departments had to handle matters related to high-level Nascent Soul Realm experts with extra caution, especially when Huang Xiaolong was the Huang Familys supreme grand elder and backing Huang Xiaolong was an Enlightenment Realm expert.

“Uncle Yu, are we going to let Huang Xiaolong go just like that” seeing Zou Yu retract his order, Zou Youyi asked.

“Well talk later about Huang Xiaolong.” Zou Yu shook his head.

A while later, the Longxing Commerces auction smoothly commenced, unaffected by Sun Youweis incident at all.

In the end, the Sun Moon Spiritual Fruit seeds, Dralephant Spiritual Fruit seeds, and Bodhi Blessing Fruit seeds were all monopolized by Huang Xiaolong at three times the price.

Originally, these seeds merely cost around two hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones, but at three times the price, Huang Xiaolong paid over six hundred thousand to buy them all.

After the auction ended, Tan Jian invited Huang Xiaolong to their Tan Familys main residence whenever Huang Xiaolong was free.

Huang Xiaolong smiled meaningfully and promised, “I will definitely go over tomorrow!”

The Sun Family and Tan Family had swallowed the Huang Familys industries in their respective cities.

Therefore, after dealing with Huang Ming, he would personally pay a visit to the Tan Familys main residence and talk about the matter.

Tan Jian was very happy to hear that.

“Thats great, then Ill roll out the red carpet and look forward to Brother Huangs arrival!” He bid farewell and left with the Tan Familys experts.

Huang Datous eyes were glued to Tan Weis figure, and he was unable to look away.

“Come back, she has already left.” Huang Xiaolong snorted, giving the back of Huang Datous head a knuckle.

Huang Datou clutched the back of his head, turning beet-red and not daring to look at Huang Xiaolong or Huang Chenfei.

Shortly after, the car sped away.

“Brother, I think that Miss Tan Wei is not bad,” Huang Chenfei said to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Datous ears perked up as he listened.

“The little lady is quite good, generous, composed, and quite innocent and pure.”

Huang Xiaolong smilingly nodded his head in agreement.

“More importantly, she has a favorable impression of Datou.”

Huang Datous blood quickened at that sentence.

“But the Tan Family hasnt been behaving recently,” Huang Xiaolongs tone suddenly changed.

Both Huang Datou and Huang Chenfei were startled as neither of them knew about the Sun Family and Tan Family swallowing up the Huang Familys industries.

Huang Xiaolong briefly mentioned the matter to his nephew and younger brother.

Huang Datou panicked upon hearing that and was quick to defend, “Uncle, she definitely does not know about this.

This matter is not related to Tan Wei.”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled at his response.

“What are you panicking for I didnt say Im going to do anything to your wife.

Dont worry, your uncle knows what he should do.”

Back at the Blue Dragon Orchard, Huang Xiaolong went to plant the seeds he had bought from the auction on the empty land.

Deep down, Huang Chenfei and Huang Datou still had some doubts if the spiritual fruit trees and spiritual herbs would really grew and ripened overnight.

But the result was, the Sun Moon Spiritual Fruits seeds sprouted as they stood there, and grew into healthy seedlings in a few breaths!

The ground that was empty a few minutes prior was now covered by trees with lush green leaves.

The Sun Moon Spiritual Fruit Trees seedlings had grown to half a meter tall!

The pair of father and son were dumbfounded on the spot.

Looking at the rows of spiritual Sun Moon Spiritual Fruit Trees, Huang Xiaolong smiled as he said, “At this time tomorrow, we will be able to enjoy Sun Moon Spiritual Fruits.”

The two nodded dazedly.

Huang Xiaolongs heart was filled with a content feeling of happiness looking at the abundant harvest of spiritual fruits.

Two hours later, Wang Meilan finally woke up after successfully condensing her immortal-rank golden core.

Huang Xioalong gathered Huang Shengan, Huang Xin, and other grand elders and discussed the sales channel for the Blue Dragon Orchards produce.

Huang Xiaolong had Huang Shengan open a selling point in every city within Donglin Province.

Half a month later, the Blue Dragon Orchard would start supplying spiritual fruits for sale in large amounts and gradually expand the market throughout the entire Huaxia Alliances territories.

“These spiritual fruits will be packaged under the Blue Dragon Orchards brand like this,” Huang Xiaolong stated, and showed Huang Shengan the blue dragon mark that he wanted on the boxes of the spiritual fruits.

Huang Shengan and the others complied with each of the tasks given by Huang Xiaolong.

As for how to market and open the sales channels, Huang Xiaolong left it to Huang Shengan discretion.

“The other matter is, when Huang Ming returns tomorrow, there will be a lot of people who want to spectate the battle.

So, being the generous people that we are, you can make an announcement that all Nascent Soul Realm experts and above can enter the Blue Dragon Orchard to spectate tomorrows battle,” Huang Xiaolong stated in a tepid tone.

Werent the Tan Family and Sun Family busy grabbing our Huang Familys industries Then, we will invite them over to spectate the battle.

“Yes, Your Highness!” Huang Shengan had not expected that but promptly complied.

“Alright, go make the preparations for distributing and marketing the Blue Dragon Orchards spiritual fruits, I want to see the results in two days!” Huang Xiaolong gave Huang Shengan a deadline.

This might have been an impossible task for others on a two-day deadline, but for the number one cultivation family in Donglin Province, there was no difficulty in the task.

In truth, Huang Xiaolong was also marketing the Blue Dragon Orchards spiritual fruits by allowing Nascent Soul Realm experts and above to spectate next days battle inside the Blue Dragon Orchard.

A while later, after Huang Shengan and the others left, Huang Xiaolong looked out the window in the direction of the East Sea.

Originally, Huang Xiaolong was going to visit the Sun Family on this day, but he had changed his mind.

When the news spread, the Sun Familys old ancestors would definitely come to watch the battle.

Then, he would resolve the Sun Family and Tan Family in one go.

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