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Chapter 3323: Yuan Hui Was Defeated!


The three of them turned into the center of attention in an instant.

Previously, the three of them were laughing at Huang Xiaolong when he failed to show up.

Now, they realized that they were holding in their breaths in fear of offending the man.

“Senior… We…” Kuna La fell to his knees in an instant as he turned deathly pale.

He forced a smile and he explained, “Senior, I… I was cracking a joke earlier! With your heroic stature, you’re an invincible existence under the heavens! Yuan Hui is nothing but a fart compared to Lord Huang!”

There were many experts who had close relations with the Kuna Family, but that was the first time they realized that the Kuna Family also specialized in the art of flattery.

In fact, it could be another pillar of the family!

Wang Zhou and Wang Feiyu looked at Kuna La and their expressions were ugly to the extreme.

They were unable to speak as freely as Kuna La and they could only kneel in fear.

In the headquarters of the Six Swords Gate, Wang Zheng was trying to contact Wang Feiyu, but to no avail.

He tried contacting the other eminent elder too, but no one accepted the call.

“There’s no need to hurry.” Fu Wu sighed.

“The two of them should be reporting the results of the battle soon.

With Yuan Hui there, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t be able to escape.”

Wang Zheng nodded in satisfaction.

Several minutes later, the two of them saw a group of eminent elders rushing into the hall with a look of terror on their faces.

A frown formed on Fu Wu and Wang Zheng’s face, but the eminent elders cried out before they could ask their question.

“Old ancestor, we… We have trouble.”

“What’s going on” Fu Wu sighed.

The eminent elders of the Six Swords Gate, and the patriarch, Sun Yuyuan, gasped for breath.

“Huang Xiaolong… Huang Xiaolong… He…” Even though Sun Yuyuan was also an expert in the Enlightenment Realm, he couldn’t catch his breath.

One could only imagine how quickly he ran over to deliver the news.

“Did Huang Xiaolong get away!” Wang Zheng grumbled.

“Did Yuan Hui fail to kill him!”

If that was the case, they might be in considerable trouble.

That would confirm that Huang Xiaolong’s strength wasn’t as weak as they imagined.

“No… No! Yuan Hui… Yuan Hui was defeated!” Sun Yuyuan forced the words out of his mouth.

“WHAT!” Fu Wu and the others screamed in fright.

“Yuan Hui, the old ancestor of the Purple Flame Sect, was defeated!” Wang Zheng stared at them in disbelief.

Fu Wu’s expression was one to behold as he hadn’t panicked in a long time.

Nodding his head, Sun Yuyuan continued with a complex emotion on his face.

At the same time, terror flashed through his eyes.

“Yuan Hui was defeated, and he was defeated in a single move!”

“A single move!” Wang Zheng nearly bit off his own tongue when he heard what happened.

Fu Wu felt as though someone drove a sledgehammer through his chest as he stared at Sun Yuyuan in disbelief.

Opening his mouth, Sun Yuyuan wanted to say that Yuan Hui was beaten half to death with a single slap, but he chose to keep silent.

“How… How can this be!” Wang Zheng widened his eyes in shock as he muttered to himself.

“How can Huang Xiaolong defeat Yuan Hui! That isn’t possible! All of you are mistaken!”

If Huang Xiaolong managed to defeat Yuan Hui with a single move, wouldn’t they be in deep trouble when Huang Xiaolong paid them a visit in a month!

The main palace of the Japanese Alliance was lit up with lanterns as they were high in the festive spirit.

The head of state looked at the hundreds of subordinates under him who were waiting for Yuan Hui’s arrival, and he turned to one of his attendants to ask, “Is Lord Yuan Hui here yet”

“Not quite yet.

However, he should be here soon.” The attendant laughed happily.

“Sir, you can relax.

With Lord Yuan Hui and Lord Hasegawa’s strength, they will be able to deal with Huang Xiaolong in a jiffy.”

An hour passed, and a shocking piece of news started to spread.

“The number one pill master on Earth, Yuan Hui, was sent flying with a single slap from Huang Xiaolong! He also submitted to the man, agreeing to serve Huang Xiaolong for the rest of his life!”

Yagyu Hasegawa was decapitated by Huang Xiaolong, and the Yagyu Clan is in dire straits!”

The news caused the entire world to tremble.

The heads of the various alliances felt their jaws dropping in fright.

Yuan Hui, one of the six strongest experts on Earth, submitted to Huang Xiaolong!

“Are you messing with me!” The old ancestor of the Baoxing Sect roared in anger, “Aren’t you supposed to tell me that Lord Yuan Hui released Huang Xiaolong out of pity and the latter became his slave”

The Baoxing Sect was one of the existences on the same level as the Taizhen Sect.

The old ancestor of the Baoxing Sect ranked in the top ten ranks when they classified the experts on Earth, and he knew how terrifying Yuan Hui actually was!

He couldn’t believe that Yuan Hui, the person he admired the most, went over to submit to some grand elder of a mere mortal family!

Soon after, even more announcements started to make their way around.

The head of state of the Japanese Alliance made a public announcement to the entire alliance.

“If anyone uses the words ‘chinese pig’ in the future, slap yourselves a hundred times or be thrown in prison for a hundred days!”

“Every member of the Japanese Alliance will refer to themselves as a japanese dog from here on out!”

As soon as the news emerged, the entire alliance broke out into chaos.

Demonstrations were held everywhere in the nation.

The heads of the various alliances couldn’t believe what they were hearing either.

In the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce’s building Yuan Hui was standing respectfully behind Huang Xiaolong.

After dealing with Yagyu Hasegawa, Huang Xiaolong didn’t start a massacre.

He only killed the leaders of the major families in the Japanese Alliance who chose not to surrender.

As for the palace master of the Ice Palace, she was killed too after acting all high and mighty before Huang Xiaolong.

Wang Zhou, Kuna La, and Wang Feiyu chose to cripple one of their arms in order to be pardoned by Huang Xiaolong.

The Yagyu, Mitsui, Iga, and Murasakigawa Clans surrendered to Huang Xiaolong.

Dismissing the experts who came to watch the battle, Huang Xiaolong started to ask Yuan Hui about everything unusual that happened on Earth.

Huang Xiaolong felt that as one of the six strongest cultivators on Earth, Yuan Hui might know a thing or two about the appearance of the Pangu Axe.

“Your Highness, there have been several unusual happenings on Earth due to the presence of the Kunlun Paradise in the East Sea.” Yuan Hui replied.

“Oh Where is the Kunlun Paradise located” A flash of light crossed Huang Xiaolong’s eyes as he continued to ask.

“It’s close to the Ying Islands, but the entrance has already been sealed shut.

It will only open again four years later!”


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