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Chapter 3327: Spirit Severing Realm

“Fu Wus martial uncle! Its said that he entered the Seventh Level Spirit Severing Realm a hundred years ago! Now, he might be at the late-Seventh Level Spirit Severing Realm, and he cultivates the way of the sword! Its said that he killed a late-Seventh Level Spirit Severing Realm beast in the past!” the patriarch of the Shadow Sword Gate yelled.

“Things will get interesting now.

Do you think that Huang Xiaolong will still kill his way into the Six Swords Gate” The old ancestor of the Mysterious Gold Faction sneered.

“Huang Xiaolong might be strong, but he wont be Fu Wus martial uncles opponent! When the expert arrives, Huang Xiaolong would be thanking the gods if the Six Swords Gate doesnt look for him!” the pavilion master of the Lonely Peak Pavilion snorted.

The three factions were all top-rate powers on Earth.

Even though they werent as strong as the six, their strength was comparable to the Thousand Extermination Sect and the other powers.

They were also from the Heavenly King Star, and all of the patriarchs knew how strong Fu Wus martial uncle was.

As soon as their conversation got out, the entire world shook.

A frown formed on Ying Tians face when he heard the news flying around.

“Old ancestor, do you think we should rescind the offer” Ying Zhi asked.

Just a moment ago, Ying Tian had passed down an order for the entire family to work closely with the Huang Family.

Moreover, they had to listen to the Huang Family on all matters!

Falling deep into thought, Ying Tian sighed eventually.


Do not carry out my previous order.”

Huang Xiaolong might be strong, but no one thought that he would be stronger than Fu Wus martial uncle! Moreover, the number of people he offended could no longer be counted! Other than the Six Swords Gate, there was also the Ice Palace, Thousand Extermination Sect, and the Training Star Sect!

No matter how strong he was, Huang Xiaolong was working alone.

No one thought that he would be able to fight against the Spirit Severing Realm experts of the various sects!

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong connected a video call with Huang Shengan.

Huang Xiaolong received reports on the reaction of the various families on Earth after they heard the news that Fu Wus martial uncle was coming.

“Oh right, Your Highness, Ying Tian terminated the collaboration with our Huang Family.

He originally wanted to hand over several industries over to us, but he took back the offer at the last moment.”

Huang Xiaolong remained completely at ease as he continued to ask, “What about the other families in the Huaxia Alliance”

“After seeing that the Ying Family has drawn the line, many families have done the same.

They are afraid that the Six Swords Gate will deal with them after they come for us.

Currently, they are avoiding us like the plague,” Huang Shengan growled in annoyance.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt surprised at all.

After all, he had seen such things many times in the past.

Back in the Huang Long and Blazing Dragon World, things like that happened all the time.

The very next day, Zhang Yuhan looked for Huang Xiaolong the moment dawn broke, and she cried out, “Xiaolong, elder Zhang Guodong called me and informed me that four of the grand elders were convinced by Zhang Wanqing to leave the family! All of them submitted to the Six Swords Gate! Other than the four grand elders, several dozen elders moved too!”

Huang Xiaolong was stunned for a second when he heard the news.

“Zhang Wanqing started some rumors in the family, saying that Fu Wus martial uncle will trample on the Zhang Family the moment he returns! Everyone is afraid at the moment, and I need to return to the Zhang Family Manor right now!”

“Its alright.

Ill go back with you,” Huang Xiaolong comforted her.

When she heard that Huang Xiaolong wanted to go back with her, a trace of joy formed in her heart.

Even though she was already at the peak of the Nascent Soul Realm, she felt that she was only safe beside Huang Xiaolong.

As such, the two of them left the university.

“Its all my fault! If I didnt allow Zhang Wanqing to get away, this wouldnt have happened!” Zhang Yuhan blamed herself as they flew back towards the Zhang Family Manor.

Originally, Huang Xiaolongs intention was to kill Zhang Wanqing.

However, Zhang Yuhan had chosen to let her off.

“Its not your fault.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head and sighed.

“The grand elders and elders of the family have followed her for too long.

It wont be long till they betray you.

Its not a bad thing for them to leave the family.

When you enter the Enlightenment Realm in the future, you can raise another batch of Nascent Soul Realm experts.” However, a trace of frost flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, and he muttered, “Theres no need for you to worry about anything.

Next month, I will definitely pay a visit to the Six Swords Gate.

Zhang Wanqing and everyone else who betrayed the family wont be able to get away.

Ill let you deal with them then.”

Zhang Yuhan wanted to open her mouth to plead for mercy on their behalf, but she chose to remain silent eventually.

After all, she had already allowed a group of traitors to emerge because of her compassion.

She wasnt going to make the same mistake twice.

When they returned to the Zhang Family manor, Zhang Yuhan managed to solve the problems in a flash.

After all, Huang Xiaolong was present, and Zhang Yuhan still had some sway in the family.

It didnt take long for the family to calm down.

As the Zhang Family Manor and the Blue Dragon Orchard were pretty close to each other, Huang Xiaolong decided to make a trip back home.

As Zhang Yuhan had to deal with several family matters, Huang Xiaolong returned alone.

As for Yuan Hui, Huang Xiaolong allowed him to return to the Purple Flame Sect.

When he arrived at the Blue Dragon Orchard, Huang Xiaolong told his father about Lu Dingming.

Smiles lit up Huang Jiyuans face.

“I told Uncle Dingming that we will be going over in a few days to visit him.

When that happens, Uncle Dingming will be welcoming us at the airport.”

“Hahaha, thats great!” Huang Jiyuan laughed.

“How is your Uncle Dingmings body now”

“Its alright.” Huang Xiaolong replied.

With the Blue Dragon Pills, Lu Dingming will definitely break through to the Golden Core Realm soon.

His body would be much stronger than before.

After asking Huang Xiaolong about several matters regarding the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce, Huang Jiyuan smiled in satisfaction.

Next, Huang Xiaolong went over to examine the progress of everyones cultivation level.

With the help of all the herbs and techniques he taught, everyone improved by leaps and bounds.

The very next day, another piece of news shook the world.

The experts of the Thousand Extermination Sect and the Training Star Sect formed an alliance.

Even though their headquarters were in the Hidden Dragon Star, they were heading straight for Earth!

There were six experts in the Spirit Severing Realm who were on their way, and one of them was a high-level Spirit Severing Realm expert.

He was the old ancestor of the Thousand Extermination Sect, and he was also Kong Huis master! His name was Liu Yi.

“Huang Xiaolong killed Ma Lin and Kong Hui of the two sects, and theyre definitely here to seek revenge! Hahaha! Huang Xiaolong is screwed this time!”

“They arent the only ones.

The Ice Palace also sent two Spirit Severing Realm experts over, and the Purple Flame Sect might do the same!”

“Why would the Purple Flame Sect do the same”

“After Yuan Hui agreed to submit to Huang Xiaolong, the headquarters of the Purple Flame Sect rose into a rage.

They are definitely planning on coming over to interrogate Huang Xiaolong!”

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