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Chapter 3339: Going Too Far

When Lu Dingming and the others saw Huang Xiaolong and the others, they quickly stepped forward.

“Brother Jiyuan!” Lu Dingming yelled in joy as he grabbed Huang Jiyuans arms.


“Grandma Meilan, youre so pretty!” Lu Anan gasped when she saw Wang Meilans youthful appearance.

Wang Meilan chuckled happily as she held Lu Anan by the hand.

“You must be Dingmings granddaughter! Youre the real beauty here! I wonder who will be lucky enough to be your husband in the future!”

Lu Anans face flushed red in an instant.

After exchanging pleasantries, Lu Dingming invited Huang Xiaolong and the others into one of the limousines parked outside.

Lu Dingming, Lu Qingwen, and Lu Anan were the only members of the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce who sat with Huang Xiaolong and his family.

Everyone else followed behind in the other cars.

Along the way, Lu Dingming and Huang Jiyuan spoke about everything that had happened in recent years.

When they learned that Lu Dingmings wife had passed away several years ago due to sickness, they comforted him.

When they finally arrived at the Nanjing Chamber of Commerces building, Lu Dingming had already arranged for a banquet to welcome them.

After everyone went to freshen themselves up, the banquet started.

As wine glasses clinked against each other, the festive atmosphere was brought out.

Lu Dingming and the others were extremely reserved in front of Huang Xiaolong initially, but as the alcohol started flowing, they started to lighten up.

When Huang Xiaolong and the others were enjoying their food, Pan Yingying arrived at the airport.

As soon as they emerged from the airport, a fleet of BMWs arrived at the entrance.

A young man who was clad in the robes of the Murasakigawa Clan stood at the very front to welcome her.

Pan Yingying smiled when she saw him.

“Young Master Murasakigawa Tatsuya, what an honor! You should have just sent several people over instead of coming personally.”

Murasakigawa Tatsuya was a direct disciple of the Murasakigawa Clan, and he was Murasakigawa Mariots cousin.

He was the disciple with the greatest potential in the family and he received a lot of attention from the higher-ups of the family.

Murasakigawa Tatsuya grinned, “Its my honor for being able to play host to Young Lady Yingying.”

He spoke from the bottom of his heart.

With Pan Yingyings appearance and figure, she was a goddess in the eyes of many people.

He handed over the bouquet of flowers he had prepared, and Pan Yingying took a whiff as a brilliant smile broke out on her face.

“Young Master Tatsuya, how did you know that these are my favorite flowers They must be hard to find!”

They were Hundred Spirit Flowers, and they only grew on other stars.

When the sects had started to arrive on Earth, the flowers had eventually made their way into the ecosystem.

However, not many people could obtain such flowers.

The scent of the flowers was extremely hard to forget after one had smelled it once.

Murasakigawa Tatsuya laughed, “As long as Young Lady Yingying likes it, Ill go to the corners of the world to find the flowers!”

A charming smile appeared on Pan Yingyings face, and it caused a flame to be lit up in Murasakigawa Tatsuyas mind.

When the two of them boarded the car, Murasakigawa Tatsuya couldnt help but ask about the fact that she was several hours late.

Thinking about the treatment she had suffered in the airport, the anger in her heart reignited.

“I planned to take the plane at nine, but a disciple of the Huaxia Alliance framed me! He got me kicked off the plane!”

A trace of frost flashed through Murasakigawa Tatsuyas eyes when he heard that a member of the Huaxia Alliance was involved.

“How can something like that happen Tell me, what is the name of the person who got you kicked off the plane!”

“Hes a disciple of the Huang Family in the Huaxia Alliance.” Pan Yingying looked at Murasakigawa Tatsuyas expression, and she sneered inwardly.

“Hes called Huang Xiaolong, and his father is called Huang Jiyuan! Huang Jiyuan is an elder of the Huang Family of the Donglin Province!”

“Huang Family” Murasakigawa Tatsuya snorted.

“Hes a small fry from the Huang Family in the Huaxia Alliance.

From the way he acted, I would have thought that he was a young master of the Ying Family! Relax.

Ill get someone to deal with him!”

Even though he was a direct disciple of the Murasakigawa Clan, it was clear that Murasakigawa Tatsuya wasnt privy to the news among the higher-ups.

Moreover, he had been keeping himself in seclusion for the past few years.

Since he had emerged from seclusion two days ago, no one found the time to update him about Huang Xiaolongs matters.”

Pan Yingying revealed another charming smile as she muttered, “Hes right here in Tokyo.

He arrived in the morning, along with his parents.”

“Oh, hes here” Murasakigawa Tatsuya patted his chest to reassure her.

“Since thats the case, Ill get some people to look for him now.

Young Lady Yingying, please rest assured that I will capture them by tomorrow! You will be able to do as you please!”

“I would have to thank Young Master Tatsuya in advance.” Pan Yingying giggled.

Soon after, Murasakigawa Tatsuya and Pan Yingying arrived at the Tokyo hotel.

He prepared a banquet for her, and from the looks of it, he was a pretty influential person in the city.

After all, not everyone would be able to host a banquet there.

At the same time, he ordered some men to look for Huang Xiaolong.

Night eventually fell and Huang Xiaolong stood on the rooftop of the Nanjing Chamber of Commerce as he stared at the busy streets below.

“Four more days…” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself.

There were four more days till the start of the next month.

He had mentioned that if Wang Zheng didnt kneel before the Zhang Family to apologize to Zhang Yuhan, he would head over to the Six Swords Gate to slay the man personally.

There hadnt been any movements from the Six Swords Gate since then.

When Huang Xiaolong was thinking about how he should deal with them, Huang Shengan interrupted him with a video call.

He reported everything that had happened recently.

“Your Highness, Fu Wu, the old ancestor of the Six Swords Gate, sent an envoy over to our Huang Family.

He said that Wang Zheng is willing to cripple both his hands and kneel before the Zhang Family Manor to apologize to Young Lady Zhang Yuhan!”

Huang Xiaolong snorted in response, “Didnt Fu Wus master and martial uncle arrive on Earth several days ago Werent they going on and on about how theyll kill me”

“When they learned that Your Highness killed Ren Qi in the Purple Flame Sect, Fu Wus master and martial uncle turned back and returned to the Heavenly King Star! They left before stepping foot on Earth! The Spirit Severing Realm experts of the various sects ran back to where they came from!”

Huang Xiaolong wasnt surprised at all.

“Tell Fu Wu that its too late for them even if they wish to apologize.” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

“Tell him that Ill personally head over to the Six Swords Gate to retrieve his head along with Wang Zhengs after four days!”

The news quickly reached Fu Wu and Wang Zheng.

“Hes going overboard!” Fu Wu roared in anger, “Huang Xiaolong is going too far! Does he really think my Six Swords Gate will be afraid of him!”

Wang Zheng hesitated for a moment and muttered, “We should return to the Heavenly King Star!”

Even though there was a killing formation around the Six Swords Gate, they knew that it wouldnt be able to stop Huang Xiaolong for a second if he wished to kill his way into the sect.

Fu Wus expression sank, but he nodded his head eventually.


We shall return to the Heavenly King Star before making other plans.

We will form an alliance with the Purple Flame Sect, Divine Court Sect, Blade Gate, Ghost Valley, and the Ice Palace.

With all the experts from the various sects, we will deal with Huang Xiaolong once and for all!”


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