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Chapter 3344: Who Is That Kid

As the number of people who came was all clad in suits and ties, someone in a dao robe looked extremely eye-catching.

Ying Shiming felt his mind spinning as he stopped abruptly.

Everyone who was following behind him ground to a halt, and they stared at him in shock.

Xiao Cheng followed his gaze, and so did everyone else.

They noticed that Ying Shiming was staring at Huang Xiaolong, Wang Meilan, Huang Jiyuan, and Huang Chenfei.

A look of confusion formed on Xiao Baishans and Zhou Jias faces.

Could Ying Shiming actually know them!

“Brother Shiming, this…” Xiao Cheng couldnt help but ask.

Unable to catch whatever Xiao Cheng said, Ying Shiming rushed towards Huang Xiaolong.

His figure turned blurry due to how quickly he was moving.

Xiao Cheng gasped in shock.

“Who are those people”

He was clearly referring to Huang Xiaolongs group.

To his knowledge, he hadnt invited them over.

“Big brother, that guy over there is Xiao Yus friend.

He is called Huang Chenfei.” Xiao Baishan replied, “She got to know him a few days ago, and she invited him over.

Who would have thought that he would invite his family over to attend the banquet too”

After Xiao Baishan spoke, everyone saw Ying Shiming falling to his knees before Huang Xiaolong.

Xiao Cheng and the others felt their eyeballs popping out of their sockets.

What… What in the world was going on!

When they were still stuck in a state of shock, Ying Shiming slammed his head into the ground in a massive kowtow.

“Ying Shiming greets Your Highness! I didnt know that you were here, and I failed to give a proper greeting! Please forgive me!”

Once again, his head smashed into the ground.

Everyone stared at him in stunned silence.

Ying Shiming actually kneeled before the young man and addressed him asYour Highness!

Xiao Cheng was completely bewildered.

So were the other members of the Xiao Family, and Xiao Yus eyes widened in surprise.

“Brother Shiming, this…” Xiao Cheng snapped back to reality, and he hastily ran over to Ying Shimings side.

Ying Shiming was a grand elder of the Ying Family! He wouldnt even kneel when he met the leaders of the great alliances!

When Xiao Cheng was about to help him up, Ying Shiming turned around and roared at the experts of the Ying Family.

“Why arent you guys greeting His Highness!”

His tone was stern, and the members of the Ying Family fell to their knees instantly.

Xiao Cheng, who was about to help Ying Shiming up, stopped dead in his tracks.

Huang Xiaolong and the others turned around to look at Ying Shiming who was on his knees.

When Huang Xiaolong had brought everyone to the Heavenly Dragon Building, Ying Shiming was among those he had frozen in place.

During the incident on the Purple Flame Mountain, Ying Shiming had witnessed the entire thing with Ying Zhi and Ying Tian!

“Ying Shiming,” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

“Yes, Your Highness!” Ying Shiming replied excitedly.

He felt endless joy when Huang Xiaolong addressed him directly.

However, he knew that Huang Xiaolong was someone who hated to make small talk, and he didnt continue to introduce himself.

“You can get up.”

Thanking Huang Xiaolong with another kowtow, Ying Shiming got to his feet.

Only then did the members of the Ying Family stand up.

After allowing Ying Shiming to get up, Huang Xiaolong turned around and spoke to his parents, “Lets go.”

Huang Jiyuan and Wang Meilan nodded their heads.

Getting into their BMW, the members of the Huang Family left.

Ying Shiming wanted to say something, but he didnt dare to obstruct Huang Xiaolongs way!

Since Ying Shiming hadnt said anything, no one else dared to open their mouths.

Everyone watched as Huang Xiaolongs car left the area.

When the car finally disappeared, Ying Shiming turned to glare at Xiao Cheng with an ugly expression on his face.

Even someone who was blind could see that Huang Xiaolongs group was leaving the Xiao Family Manor on bad terms!

“Xiao Cheng, did you guys offend His Highness” His tone changed instantly.

Xiao Cheng felt a sense of trepidation fill his heart.

“Of course not!” Xiao Cheng denied it.

“I didnt invite them over, my niece did!” He gestured for Xiao Yu to come over, and he asked, “Yuer, explain whats going on.”

“I… I only met Chenfei several days ago! Today is my uncles banquet, and I invited him over to participate in the celebration! As for the man you callHis Highness, he is Chenfeis older brother.”

The look on Ying Shimings face softened, but he continued his line of questioning, “Why did His Highness leave with his family”

Xiao Yu looked at her parents.

Hesitating slightly, Xiao Baishan explained, “The guests in the hall were on the invitation list written by my big brother himself.

There are no empty seats left, and I allowed them to sit in the outer hall.

Theres nothing wrong with that!”

“What! You sent His Highness to the outer hall!” Ying Shiming roared with rage and a slap sent Xiao Baishan flying through the air.

One could only imagine how heavy the slap was.

The faces of Xiao Cheng and the others changed.

“Were leaving too!” Ying Shiming said to the experts of the Ying Family.

Xiao Chengs expression changed slightly when his younger brother was slapped, but he panicked when he heard that Ying Shiming was planning to leave.

He ran over and asked, “Brother Shiming, theres no need to be impulsive! I didnt know who His Highness was and failed to make the appropriate arrangements! In fact, there isnt anything wrong with sending some guests to the outer hall when the inner hall is full!”

Even at that point, he had no idea who Huang Xiaolong was.

“Full” Ying Shiming snapped.

“Do you really think Im stupid”


There was no way the inner hall would be filled.

There were definitely several seats for important guests who might show up out of the blue.

Moreover, he could tell that Xiao Baishan was hiding something.

Xiao Cheng wanted to continue to explain himself, but Ying Shiming snorted to interrupt him.

“Your Xiao Family can consider our relationship void! You better look out for yourselves!”

Ying Shiming brought the members of the Ying Family away after speaking.

Xiao Cheng felt a trace of despair when he saw the icy cold gaze in Ying Shimings eyes when he left.

The members of the True Spirit Sect felt as though the world was crashing down on them.

It was especially so for Qiu Bohong as his legs went completely soft.

Xiao Chengs expression sank, and he roared in confusion, “Can someone please tell me who that kid is!”


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