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Chapter 3348: Divine Court Sects Alliance

It wasnt anything to send them flying.

Cao Deng could do it too, but the part that shocked him was that he couldnt see how Huang Xiaolong moved!

The grand elder and the others were sent flying by an unknown force!

Soon after, the experts of the Six Swords Gate surrounded Huang Xiaolong.

They were planning to stop him before he could enter the hall.

Without suspense, all of them were flung away.

Under the gaze of those from the Six Swords Gate, Huang Xiaolong stepped into the hall.

“Who might you be” Cao Deng spoke as a fire burned in his eyes.

“Why did you barge into my Six Swords Gate and harm my disciples!” 

“Werent you planning to form an alliance to deal with me” Huang Xiaolong asked casually.

Cao Deng and the others frowned as confusion filled their hearts.

“Youre Huang Xiaolong!” 

The experts in the surrounding stars had all gathered for the sake of dealing with the kid standing before them!

However, the true question was how did Huang Xiaolong arrive so quickly!

The eminent elders of the Six Swords Gate stepped back slightly.

However, Cao Deng quickly calmed himself after all the shock he suffered.

They were currently in the base camp of the Six Swords Gate, and they had the Hundred Swords Formation to protect them! Their strength was greatly supplemented in their territory.

They had several dozen Spirit Severing Realm experts, and they wouldnt be afraid of Third Level Soul Condensation Realm experts.

“If all of you kneel and submit to me right now, Ill allow you to live,” Huang Xiaolong mentioned.

Cao Deng roared with laughter.

“Huang Xiaolong, who do you think you are! Do you really think that you can do as you wish in my Six Swords Gate! I refuse to believe that youre a high-level Soul Condensation Realm expert! Theres no way!” 

Huang Xiaolong casually pointed at Cao Deng, and his body stiffened up and a hole appeared in the space between his eyebrows.

The hole slowly expanded and swallowed Cao Dengs body.

The hole was created by a weird flame, and it was something none of them had ever seen.

“Old Ancestor!” Shi Chuan and the others screamed in fright.

Cao Dengs disciple, a high-level Spirit Severing Realm expert, tried to save his master.

However, a speck of flame touched him, and he was quickly devoured.

Shi Chuan and the others didnt dare to approach the two piles of ashes, and they could only watch on as their old ancestor was killed.

“Activate all the formations! Well risk it all!” one of the eminent elders roared angrily.

Huang Xiaolong flicked his finger and the eminent elder was sent flying into space.

With a single gesture, he could send a high-level Spirit Severing Realm expert flying into oblivion!

Shi Chuan and the others sucked in a cold breath.

Shi Chuan was an early First Level Soul Condensation Realm expert, and even after using his divine sense, he couldnt locate the eminent elder who was sent into space!

“If you wish to be like him, you can refuse to kneel.

Ill send you flying out of the Heavenly King Star!” Huang Xiaolongs voice was cold as he laid down his threat.

Off the Heavenly King Star!

The faces of Shi Chuan and the others changed.

They had never heard of anyone sending a high-level Spirit Severing Realm expert flying through space with a single flick.

Even with a rocket, they would need tens of minutes to leave the atmosphere!

However, the eminent elder seemed to disappear in an instant!

Is Huang Xiaolong bluffing!

As doubt filled their minds, a terrifyingly powerful aura was released by Huang Xiaolong.

It was as though the power of the entire world was turning on them.

Countless creatures on the Heavenly King Star were forced to the ground in an instant.

The experts of the Six Swords Gate were no exceptions, and they found it hard to breathe.

They couldnt even move their toes!

After several breaths of time, Huang Xiaolong retrieved his aura and the members of the Six Swords Gate felt as though they took a trip to hell and back.

The Flowing Flame Star was the planet with the strongest experts among those in the region.

The Divine Court Sect wasnt just the strongest faction on the planet, but they were the strongest sect in the entire region!

The Six Swords Gate might be one of the strongest factions on the Heavenly King Star, but they were far too lacking when compared to the Divine Court Sect!

There were two Soul Condensation Realm experts in the Six Swords Gate, but there were eleven of them in the Divine Court Sect!

As for the number of Spirit Severing Realm experts, the Divine Court Sect had nearly ten times the amount!

The old ancestor of the Divine Court Sect, Chen Haoguang, was the strongest expert in the region! He was at the peak of the late-Sixth Level Soul Condensation Realm, and he would enter the high-level Soul Condensation Realm the moment he progressed!

As such, the experts in the region chose to answer the call to arms when they were summoned.

One could see Chen Haoguangs prestige in the region.

As experts poured into the Flowing Flame Star, it became more and more lively.

The closer the day of the alliance formation came, the busier the planet became.

Three days later…

It was the day the alliance was to be established, and a figure appeared in the skies above the Flowing Flame Star.

It was none other than Huang Xiaolong.

In fact, Huang Xiaolong went around the region to subdue the experts who hadnt arrived.

He even strolled about the region to look for herbs that would assist his parents.

“All three hundred and twelve sects should have arrived,” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself.

He stood in space above the Flowing Flame Star, and he looked at the various beasts and flying ships around the main continent.

He even saw several aliens who looked completely different from humans! There was even a race with completely blue skin and eyes! There were some with leopard-like skin and facial features.

The Silver River Star System was boundless, and humans were merely one of the races that populated it.

The old ancestor of the Divine Court Sect, Chen Haoguang, wasnt even human! He was from the Golden Horned Silverlight Race.

Huang Xiaolong casually strolled towards the Divine Court Sect.

At that moment, the experts of the various factions had gathered in the plaza.

The plaza was split into several sections, and the various old ancestors gathered on a platform near the center of the plaza.

Experts in the Soul Condensation Realm but of lower status were slightly lower, and the Spirit Severing Realm eminent elders came after.

There were countless disciples in the Golden Core, Nascent Soul, and Enlightenment Realm filling the rest of the area!

“Everyone, Im sure all of you know why were gathered here today,” Chen Haoguang announced.

His voice rang in the ears of those present.

The old ancestor of the Purple Flame Sect, Liang Yun, chuckled, “If Brother Chen Haoguang personally makes a move, youll be able to wipe Earth off the face of existence.

You will be able to kill that brat a hundred times over.

Theres no need to form an alliance of this scale…”

Everyone laughed in agreement.

“Brother Liang Yun is right.

Killing a mere Earthling is nothing but a flick of the wrist.” Cui Yuan, the old ancestor of the Ghost Valley sneered.


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