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Chapter 345:  The Origin Forest

“Fabled Scimitar Sect” Huang Xiaolong was surprised, he had heard the name before.

Xie Puti continued, “Moreover, the current Emperor of Spring Faun Empire is that Huo Ping’s paternal-uncle.”

“The Spring Faun Empire’s Emperor is Huo Ping’s paternal-uncle No wonder he is so arrogant.” Huang Xiaolong snickered, not putting Huo Ping in his eyes, even knowing that he was Fabled Scimitar Sect Patriarch’s disciple and Spring Faun Emperor’s nephew.

But, weren’t the participants of Duanren Imperial City Battle limited to the territorial kingdoms under the Duanren Empire How did this Huo Ping get in

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong was puzzled, Xie Puti explained, “This Huo Ping enrolled into Mo’er Academy two years ago, hence he participated in the Imperial City Battle as a student of Mo’er Academy.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Mo’er Academy was one of the more prestigious academies in Duaren Empire.

Both talked and drank for more than a dozen hours, Xie Puti left when the sun was setting on the horizon.

Xie Puti left, and the next morning, Emperor Duanren paid a visit to Southern Hill Estate along with his son, Duan Wuhen.

In front of Huang Xiaolong, Emperor Duarenn’s mannerism was one of respect.

This time, Emperor Duanren’s visit was to bring news of Deities Templar’s infiltration into the kingdoms under the Duanren Empire’s rule.

Two hours later, Emperor Duanren and Duan Wuhen left the Southern Hill Estate.

Whereas his younger sister Huang Min wasn’t within the Imperial City, and thus she was unable to make a trip to Southern Hill Estate temporarily.

However, receiving the news of Huang Xiaolong’s return, both she and Guo Tai rushed back almost immediately.

At first, Huang Xiaolong wanted to migrate the Huang Family to the Bedlam Lands, but thought better of it at the moment.

After all, the Bedlam Lands was more chaotic than Duaren Empire, the forces at work more complicated and more dangerous.

Furthermore, Huang Xiaolong and Emperor Duanren were allies, and of course, there were the Xie and Guo Families as well.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong had to curb Deities Templar from rooting deeper into the Duaren Empire’s forces.

After arranging tasks to Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu, Huang Xiaolong brought up Chen Tianqi.

It was Zhao Shu who answered, “According to the news this subordinate received, Domain Chief Chen Tianqi has arrived in Wind Snow Continent.”

“Oh, he’s here in Wind Snow Continent.” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed into slits.

“Yes, Sovereign.” Zhang Fu stepped forward, affirming the news.

“Domain Chief Chen Tianqi did not come alone, there are a dozen or more guards with him, this subordinate estimates that he would probably arrive at Duanren Imperial City in half a month’s time.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded; half a month This was good, he had wanted to meet this Chen Tianqi at least once.

A short while later, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu left and went about their tasks.

Huang Xiaolong entered the Xumi Temple and swallowed a Ghost King Dan, beginning his closed-door practice.

Two days later, he finished refining the third Ghost King Dan, enhancing his space law comprehension as well as his battle qi reserve.

From the third Ghost King Dan, Huang Xiaolong went on to the fourth, the fifth and sixth.

Huang Xiaolong kept on in the same manner up to the tenth Ghost King Dan.

He was striving to break through the Saint realm at the earliest.

After absorbing the tenth Ghost King Dan, Huang Xiaolong exited the Xumi Temple and called Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu over, asking them about the latest news on Chen Tianqi.

According to their previous conversation, with Chen Tianqi’s group’s speed, they had probably arrived in the Imperial City, yet things had been calm and peaceful.

Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu exchanged a look.

“Sovereign, according to this subordinate’s investigation, Chen Tianqi headed to the Origin Forest instead of coming here after arriving in Wind Snow Continent.” Zhao Shu said.

“They went to the Origin Forest” Huang Xiaolong was baffled, “What is Chen Tianqi doing in the Origin Forest”

The Origin Forest was one of the most dangerous places in Martial Spirit World.

Legend has it that the human race of Martial Spirit World, the demonic beasts, and the millions of races all originated from the Origin Forest.

The Origin Forest was one of the ancient forests existing in the Martial Spirit World.

Even before the continents were separated into the three main continents: Wind Snow Continent, Starcloud Continent, and Ten Directions Continent, the Origin Forest was already in existence.

Zhang Fu answered, “That… this subordinate also doesn’t know.”

Huang Xiaolong grew somber, “Investigate.” For Chen Tianqi to head to Origin Forest with such a big group, there had to be a reason.

Still, a tiny part of Huang Xiaolong was relieved knowing that Chen Tianqi was not in the Imperial City.

He definitely preferred to have advanced into the Saint realm before coming face to face with Chen Tianqi.

As long as he broke through to Saint realm, with Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the loyal group of Elders’ support in the Asura’s Gate, there was a good chance for Huang Xiaolong to come out on top against Chen Tianqi for the Sovereign seat.

Moments later, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu were excused.

But just as Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu left Huang Xiaolong’s yard, his parents, Huang Peng and Su Yan, and his younger brother, Huang Xiaohai came over.

“Long’er, a little later, Min’er and Guo Tai will bring Xiaofan here.” Su Yan said happily.

Guo Xiaofan was none other than Huang Min’s son.

Huang Xiaolong smiled widely when he heard that, “Really Then I should prepare a big gift for the little guy.” Huang Xiaolong originally planned to return to his practice, so that he could seize every moment in order to break through to Saint realm faster, but it seems that he needed to adjust his schedule.

He wanted to see Huang Min and her son too, from what his mother said, Huang Min’s son Xiaofan was very lovable.

Around one hour later, Huang Min and Guo Tai appeared in the Southern Hill Estate with little Guo Xiaofan.

Seeing his chubby dumpling nephew Guo Xiaofan, speaking in his tender baby voice, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t resist picking him and giving him a big kiss.

Huang Xiaolong was very generous in gifts for his little nephew, other than Geocentric Buddha Elixir, there were many thousand-year-old elixirs, even using his true essence to help Guo Xiaofan open up all the meridians in his body.

When dinner time came that night, merry laughter sounded endlessly through the manor.

The family dinner lasted a little over an hour, and when it ended, Huang Xiaolong returned to his own courtyard.

Standing in his yard, he looked at the shining moon in the clear night sky, inevitably thinking about Li Lu.

Ao Baixue’s dying words played many times in Huang Xiaolong’s head since then.

Deities Templar’s Holy Maiden

In the days he returned to Southern Hill Estate, from Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu’s mouth he found out that the status of a Holy Maiden was very high within the Deities Templar hierarchy, with authority surpassing most Elders.

A successor candidate to inherit the Temple Preceptor’s position.

Huang Xiaolong sighed heavily inside.

He wondered how Li Lu was really faring What was it with the Holy Maiden position… an unease had been growing in his heart in recent days.

Just like that, Huang Xiaolong spent the hour standing in the yard before he pulled himself together, entered the Xumi Temple, swallowed a Ghost King Dan and continued practicing.

As Huang Xiaolong entered closed-door practice for the second time in the short time frame, the message about Huang Xiaolong killing Deities Templar’s Elder Ao Baixue finally hit every corner of Duanren Empire like a hurricane.

Deities Templar’s Elder Ao Baixue was killed by Huang Xiaolong!

This news shook the top and bottom of Duaren Empire’s subjects.

Xie Manor.

Xie Puti was cultivating a battle skill in his yard when one of his subordinates ran in flustered, reporting this news to him.

When Xie Puti heard the news, he was stupefied on the spot, “Huang Xiaolong killed Deities Templar’s Elder Ao Baixue!”

“He alone killed a Saint realm expert!!”

The big sword in Xie Puti’s hand fell, stabbing his own left foot.

Xie Puti screamed in pain as he jumped around in the yard holding one foot.


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