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Chapter 371: Poison Corpse Scarabs’ Battle Might

Swear allegiance to Deities Templar

Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu showed indifference at Gě Gé’s attempt to lure them.

Watching their reaction, Yao Shan harrumphed, “Our Temple Preceptor said that it is not easy for you to have cultivated until this level, thus he was gracious enough to give you a chance.

Know your place and be grateful! Otherwise, your endings will be the same as Huang Xiaolong’s, death!”

Zhao Shu mocked disdainfully as he looked at Yao Shan, “Die Base on your capability”

Yao Shan was just an insignificant Sixth Order Saint realm in Zhao Shu’s eyes.

That time in Rising Sun City, if it weren’t gor Li Molin and Yao Shan running fast enough, Yao Shan would have definitely died under his palm.

Yao Shan turned red seeing the mocking disdain in Zhao Shu’s eyes, “You…!”But Yao Shan knew, going one on one, he wasn’t Zhao Shu’s opponent.

Gě Gé interjected at this point, “Huang Xiaolong, if you hand over the God Binding Ring and the Absolute Soul Pearl, I can consider letting you die more comfortably.

Do you know how that Lu Kai died We skinned him and dug his tendons, allowing him to die only after half a month of torture.”

A sharp glint flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, pools of black fiendish qi surged in their depths.

“Therefore, in a little while, I won’t let you die so comfortably!” Huang Xiaolong’s voice bore frigid coldness.

Gě Gé laughed obnoxiously, “Is that so Huang Xiaolong, ah, Huang Xiaolong.

Your death is near, yet your mouth remains so stubborn! Do you think that relying on Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu, only two persons, that they can still protect you now” Gě Gé signaled the Elders with his eyes again as he said this, his own momentum rose sharply as a giant of a bear materialized above him.

This was Gě Gé’s  martial spirit.

Gě Gé soul transformed immediately, both his hands became twice as big, looking like paws, slamming down on Zhang Fu.

At the same time, Deities Templar Elder Jiang Shi and the other four Elders aimed their attacks at Zhao Shu.

Gě Gé and Zhang Fu’s strengths were at similar levels.

Although Jiang Shi and the other Elders’ strength wasn’t at peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm, they were still a formidable group, consisting of an early Tenth Order Saint realm, and a mid-Tenth Order Saint realm.

Five Elders together was enough to suppress Zhao Shu.

This was decided long ago.

The remaining five Elders, including Yao Shan, exposed smug expressions, encircling Huang Xiaolong in the middle.

“Huang Xiaolong, without Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu, killing you is nothing more than a flip of palm for me!” Yao Shan sneered, “Guarding here for many years, it was only to kill you with my own hands!” His palms were straight like blades, chopping down on Huang Xiaolong.

“Mountain Breaking Palm!” The power of his palm carried a momentum that could split mountains with one strike!

Ruthlessness exploded in Yao Shan’s eyes.

The other four Elders did not move, standing at the side, watching Yao Shan attack.

In their opinion, Yao Shan’s Sixth Order Saint realm strength was more than sufficient to kill Huang Xiaolong, saying it was as easy as snapping his fingers was no exaggeration.

They need not do anything.

However, just as Yao Shan’s palm struck out, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette vanished into thin air, when he reappeared, he was high above the square.

Watching the five people below, a snicker sounded from Huang Xiaolong.

Then, with a wave of his hands, countless black beetles flew straight at Yao Shan and the four Deities Templar Elders.

Looking at the large number of black beetles, Yao Shan laughed out loud, assuming they were just average poisonous black beetles, “Huang Xiaolong, don’t tell me you don’t know, poisonous creatures are useless against us Saint realm experts!”

A Saint realm expert’s physique was extremely tough and immune to average poisons.

The four other Deities Templar Elders were also laughing at the side.

Just like Yao Shan, none of them paid any attention to those poisonous black beetles.

When those black beetles reached in front of them, the five Deities Templar Elders merely flicked their sleeves, sending a battle flame to burn away those insects.

But what happened next shocked them.

Those black beetles actually flew passed their battle flames, baring their sharp teeth at them.

“This, what is happening!” One of the Elders was flustered, slamming both his palms at the black beetles coming at him, but in the next moment, he noticed that the black beetles that were slapped away crawled back up almost instantly and continued to attack.

The five Elders’ faces became grim.

Watching their reaction, a cold smirk tugged at Huang Xiaolong’s mouth, these black beetles were the Poison Corpse Scarabs that he tamed from the Origin Forest.

How terrible these Poison Corpse Scarabs could be, he had experienced it for himself.

Which was why Huang Xiaolong exerted extra effort using Ancient Puppetry Art and Soul Mandate to control the Poison Corpse Scarabs after returning from the Origin Forest.

Until today, the number of Poison Corpse Scarabs that Huang Xiaolong could control had reached ten thousand.

“What damn things are these!” Yao Shan’s angry voice rang out.

Those black beetles actually did not fear his battle flame, and didn’t die no matter how he attacked them!

Gě Gé, Jiang Shi, and other Deities Templar Elders noticed the situation on Yao Shan’s side and looked over.

Suddenly, one of the Deities Templar Elders felt a sharp pain in his arm.

Checking the spot, he saw a black beetle on his arm with its poisonous pinchers stuck deep into his flesh.

Before he could react, a numbing paralysis rapidly spread through his whole body.

In the next moment, he noticed that he was actually unable to gather his battle qi!

Unable to gather battle qi!

Whole body numb, unable to move!

His eyes widened in shock.

In the blink of an eye, one Poison Corpse Scarab after another landed on the Elder’s body—arms, thighs, waist, chest, head, even drilling into his ears and nostrils.

“Save me, quick, save me!” He screamed in horror at Gě Gé and Yao Shan as despair crept up his eyes.

Yao Shan, Gě Gé, and the others were greatly alarmed as they watched the black beetles cover the Deities Templar Elder entirely, eating off his flesh at terrifying speed.

“Save me you all!!” That Elder screamed again, voice shrill with fear.

He struggled, wanting to run, to reach out for help, but everything was futile.

No more than a dozen breaths later, the Poison Corpse Scarabs did their work on the Elder, leaving behind the white bones of a skeleton.

Seeing this result, Yao Shan and the others drew in cold breaths, the hair on their necks standing on ends.

Those black beetles were so horrifying! That Elder was a Fifth Order Saint realm expert!

But, the nightmare had yet to end.

When all the flesh was gone, they saw those black beetles opening their little mouths, sucking.

Even the Elder’s soul failed to survive, torn into hundreds of pieces into the black beetles’ mouths.

Yao Shan and all the Deities Templar Elders could no longer hide the terror in their eyes.

“These… are ancient Poison Corpse Scarabs!!” Suddenly, Jiang Shi, who was attacking Zhao Shu, blurted out loud.

“Poison Corpse Scarabs!” Gě Gé’s voice trembled.

Everyone’s faces were ashen.

“Poison Corpse Scarabs, it’s actually those abhorrent creatures!” A Deities Templar Elder’s legs were shaking, “How can these Poison Corpse Scarabs still exist in this world Weren’t they extinct hundred thousand years ago!”

They had heard of those infamous ghastly insects, Poison Corpse Scarabs.

Still in shock with the emergence of the Poison Corpse Scarabs, another Elder was bitten and met with a similar end as the first Elder.

A series of tragic screams rang in the air.

The impact was too much for Yao Shao and the remaining Elders to accept, nearly pissing in their pants.

Now, in their eyes, those little black critters were simply life reaping death gods.

“Attack their heads, as long as their heads are severed, these Poison Corpse Scarabs will die!” Jiang Shi shouted anxiously.

Hearing Jiang Shi’s words, all the Elders hastily took out their weapons, but very soon they discovered that the Poison Corpse Scarabs’ defenses far exceeded their imagination.

Average weapons couldn’t even leave a scratch mark on them.

Divine weapons

The number of divine weapons in the Martial Spirit World could be calculated, for they were even scarcer than the number of Saint realm experts.

Even as Deities Templar Elders, Yao Shan, and the others did not have any divine or godly weapons in their possession.

They were petrified.

Death and despair spread over the square.


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