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Chapter 391: Arriving at Starcloud Continent

Huang Xiaolong was genuinely shocked, because this Gold Dragon Pill Refinement Tactic recorded all Dragon Clan’s divine spirit pellet refining methods and recipes.

Not only that, the manual also recorded the Ancient Dragon Clan’s nine different refining tactics in detail.

There were distinctions between high and low level pill refinement tactics—low, intermediate, high, and advanced, four levels in total.

The four levels were further divided into common, middle, and pinnacle.

Among the nine tactics of pill refinement recorded, six of them were middle grade advanced level tactics, and the remaining three were pinnacle grade advanced level tactics.

In the current Martial Spirit World, the highest pill refinement tactic was middle grade advanced level.

Pinnacle grade advanced level tactics were lost tens of thousands of years ago, yet this Gold Dragon Pill Refinement manual had three of them recorded inside!

Three pinnacle grade advanced level pill refinement tactics! Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply.

Disregarding the priceless pinnacle grade advanced level pill refinement tactics, a middle grade advanced level pill refinement tactic was worth more than a high-grade Heaven rank battle skill or cultivation technique.


It took Huang Xiaolong some time to calm down his rapidly beating heart.

When he got this manual from the Ancient Dragon Clan ruins, he put it aside, assuming that it probably contained the Dragon Clan’s ordinary pill refinement tactics, never did he imagine that it would be the Dragon Clan’s highest level pill refinement tactics, moreover, it contained nine tactics!

As long as he learned all nine tactics, Huang Xiaolong believed that there would be no pill in the Martial Spirit World that he wouldn’t be able to refine.

Now, it was crucial for Huang Xiaolong to practice, familiarize himself with them and master these nine tactics.

Despite having a plan, Huang Xiaolong needed to have sufficient materials for him to practice and familiarize himself with these nine pill refinement tactics.

In Huang Xiaolong’s Asura Ring, there were many valuable herbs and elixirs, all more than ten thousand years old and above, such as Seven-color Spirit Mushroom, Nine Leaves Grass, or World Fire Fruit.

Each of them were ingredients that others could only dream of, but using these as practice materials was too much of a waste.

Even someone wealthy, like Huang Xiaolong, was reluctant to do so.

Thus, he could only wait until they exited the Demonic Beasts Forest and procure a batch of necessary materials when they arrived at Starcloud Continent.

Although he couldn’t practice refining immediately, he could still study them.

Huang Xiaolong opened the Golden Dragon Pill Refinement Tactic again, beginning from the very first page, rereading everything.

The first time, he was browsing over them in a quick glance, but this time, Huang Xiaolong read every word and every line carefully and studiously.

The first page recorded the first of the Dragon Clan’s middle grade advanced level tactic, named Dragons Weaving through the Clouds.

According to the manual, after one mastered this tactic, performing it during pill refinement would cause the dragon qi to turn into multiple divine dragons.

From cover to cover, Huang Xiaolong read the instructions ten times, committing them to his memory.

When that was done, Huang Xiaolong exited the Godly Mt.


By this time, it was already morning.

The group continued on their way.

The Demonic Beasts Forest encompassed an enormous land area, equivalent to a demonic beasts empire.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong’s group traveled during the day and rested at night to cultivate, which slowed down their speed.

It took them more than twenty days to cross the entire Demonic Beasts Forest.

The entire way, Huang Xiaolong’s group avoided the center region of Demonic Beasts Forest as much as possible, hence saving them from unnecessary troubles.

Still, there were some unavoidable troubles when they stopped to rest at night, demonic beasts that weren’t afraid of death charged over to attack Huang Xiaolong’s group.

No doubt, these demonic beasts were easily dealt with that there was never a lack of meat supply every night.

Every time these demonic beasts attacked, Lil’ Tian looked as if fragrant barbecued meat was waving at him, and would be the first one rushing forward.

Without exception, those demonic beasts died with a single punch to the head.

Most of those demonic beasts merely had Xiantian level strength, how could they resist Lil’ Tian’s fist.

The single punch not only shattered their skull, it even blasted the beast core in their heads.

“This is Starcloud Continent” Out from the Demonic Beasts Forest, standing on a hill peak, Huang Xiaolong looked up ahead, where a huge city stood some distance away.

“Yes, Sovereign.

This is Starcloud Continent.” Zhao Shu answered as he took out a map.

Checking the map, he said, “We’ve just cut across the Demonic Beasts Forest from the south border, so according the location on the map, that city in front should be one of the cities in the South Oblast.”

“South Oblast” Huang Xiaolong repeated.

“Yes, Sovereign.

Our current location is in the South Oblast, under the White Phoenix House’s sphere of influence.” Zhao Shu replied.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

White Phoenix House.

“Let’s go.” Huang Xiaolong said, pointing towards the looming city up ahead.

He wanted to procure some materials to start practicing his pill refinement.

Moreover, they had been eating nothing but roast meat these days, the spices he stocked inside the Asura Ring were about to be finish, he didn’t wish to end up with just wine the next time, that would greatly reduce his enjoyment.

Although this South Oblast was said to be under the White Phoenix House’s jurisdiction, Huang Xiaolong didn’t mind it too much.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong say that he wanted to enter the city, neither Zhao Shu nor Zhang Fu objected.

Having decided, the several people headed toward the city.

A short while later, they stood close to the city gates.

“Great Prosperous City.” Huang Xiaolong read the sign hung above the city gates.

“Sovereign, this Great Prosperous City is the main city of South Oblast, the person controlling things is White Phoenix House’s Grand Elder, named Yang Qing.” Zhang Fu briefly explained to Huang Xiaolong.

An oblast city was equivalent to an empire’s imperial city, the capital city.

The Starcloud Continent encompassed a vast land area, if it were some other cities, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu probably wouldn’t have much information, but this Great Prosperous City was an oblast city, therefore both of them knew some surface information.

“Oh, White Phoenix House’s Grand Elder, Yang Qing How is this Yang Qing’s strength” Huang Xiaolong asked as he walked toward Great Prosperous City.

“This Yang Qing is quite strong, at least a mid-late Tenth Order Saint realm.” Zhang Fu and Zhao Shu followed Huang Xiaolong from behind.

“Big brother, there’s a lot of people here!” Entering the city, Lil’ Tian, who had been keeping close to Huang Xiaolong, exclaimed out loud, his eyes shining as he looked left and right at the sea of people moving along the streets.

This was his first time leaving the Demonic Beasts Forest and also the first time he entered a human city.

Seeing so many humans present at once was a novelty to him.

Huang Xiaolong laughed at his words, “How about we go eat something good later”

Lil’ Tian clapped his hands merrily, “Ah, I want to go, I want to go!” At the mention of food, Lil’ Tian was over the moon.

Despite his small appearance, Lil’ Tian was a gourmand.

“Let’s go, then.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

But Huang Xiaolong decided to first head to the market selling pill refinement ingredients trading market.

After asking around about the pill refinement market, Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and Lil’ Tian made their way over there.



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