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Chapter 44: Stolen From Our Auction House


Four people, Huang Xiaolong, Fei Hou and the two guards from the Marshal’s Mansion headed towards a cultivation technique and battle skill auction house (having decided to go there before heading to the property market).

While Huang Xiaolong was in the Silvermoon Forest he had gotten some gold coins from killing mercenaries, however, it was not enough money to buy a property; so Huang Xiaolong decided to auction off the cultivation technique, Black Moon Art which he had gotten from the Purple Robed Sword Sect Elder Chen Feng.

Black Moon Art is a high-grade Mysterious rank exercise; it would definitely fetch a good price.

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong’s group of four arrived at a cultivation technique, and battle skill auction shop called Solitary Peak.

Probably due to the early hours, the auction hall was empty when the four of them walked in.

“May I ask if you gentlemen want to buy or sell cultivation techniques” asked the shop supervisor as he approached them (having seen the four of them as they walked in).

“I want to auction a high-grade Mysterious rank cultivation technique.” said Huang Xiaolong without preamble.

“Mysterious high-grade!” The supervisor was really surprised as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, in general people were rarely willing to sell a high-grade Mysterious rank technique and skill.

“Correct.” Huang Xiaolong answered lightly.

“Please, please come inside so that we can discuss.” The Supervisor’s expression drastically changed, and he smiled broadly as he ushered the four of them into the inner hall.

He quickly ordered servants to serve tea as Huang Xiaolong was seated, then he went to inform his superiors.


Very soon, an old man in his sixties wearing a gold colored robe came into the hall followed by the previous supervisor, he was Solitary Peak’s Elder Lin Yuan.

As Lin Yuan came in, surprise flickered across his eyes as when he saw Huang Xiaolong.

“He he, I’m Solitary Peak Auction’s LinYuan.

I heard that Little Brother wants to auction a high-grade Mysterious rank cultivation technique,” said Lin Yuan as he came in smiling.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t say anything but pretended to take something out from his robes while actually taking a black book out of the Asura Ring.

He put the book on the table and opened to the first page.

“Black Moon Art!”

Lin Yuan was rather surprised as he had heard of Black Moon Art.

After practicing this cultivation technique that trains in the yin energy of the moon; if one practices it especially at night, the power of this technique increases.

Controlling his expression, Lin Yuan smiled saying, “This is definitely a high-grade Mysterious art; how does Little brother want this auction”

“I need money at the moment, so you offer a price.” replied Huang Xiaolong after thinking for a moment.

If he decided to auction the book, it would take two to three days before he could get the proceeds from the auction which was why Huang Xiaolong decided to sell it directly to the auction house, so that he wouldn’t need to waste time.

On hearing Huang Xiaolong’s words, it was clear to Lin Yuan that Huang Xiaolong needed the money urgently, a pained expression appeared on his face as he said, “This Little Brother, you are aware that directly selling it will only fetch you a very low price.” then, he continued with an air of magnanimity saying, “But I won’t short change you, I offer you fifty thousand gold coins!” His hand showed five fingers.

“Fifty thousand gold coins” Huang Xiaolong sneered in his heart when he heard that.

This old guy is really taking him as a little kid, trying to send him away with a measly fifty thousand gold

A high-grade Mysterious rank cultivation technique can reach a price as high as three hundred thousand gold coins minimum in an auction, so selling directly should at least bring him two hundred fifty thousand gold coins.

Even a mid-grade Mysterious rank cultivation technique would cost at least one hundred thousand gold coins.

Huang Xiaolong did not bother to continue negotiating but instead he retrieved the Black Moon Art from the table, got up and said to Fei Hou: “Let’s go.” And the four prepared to leave.

“Stop!” yelled Lin Yuan, when he saw that the four were about to leave.

His body then flashed, then he appeared beside Huang Xiaolong blocking his path with his hand.

Suddenly more than ten gray robed guards rushed into the room.

Huang Xiaolong’s expression became cold, looking at them he asked, “What is the meaning of this”

Lin Yuan’s earlier smile vanished, as he said “Little Brother, why are you in a rush to leave, is it because of guilt Does your cultivation technique manual have suspicious origins ”


Huang Xiaolong returned Lin Yuan’s look with a look full of interest of his own, “My manual's origin is suspicious”

Lin Yuan smirked, “That’s right.

Our auction house lost a high-grade Mysterious rank cultivation technique, the Black Moon Art a few days ago!”

Huang Xiaolong sneered in his heart, it seemed like this person wanted to force him to sell cheaply so he gave an excuse implying that the Black Moon Art was stolen from the Solitary Peak auction house.

On Earth, Huang Xiaolong had come across this kind of forced sale situation a few times.

“How about this, I won’t make things difficult for you.” said Lin Yuan in a cold tone: “Return the Black Moon Art to our Solitary Peak auction house, and we will let you leave.

If not, stealing from us comes with dire consequences!”

Now, Lin Yuan didn’t want to pay the fifty thousand gold coins which he had previously offered.

With fifty thousand gold coins in his pocket it was enough for him to live happily for some time.

He knew all the children of Royal City’s nobles and prominent families’ and Huang Xiaolong was not one of them so he dared to act in such a manner confident that Huang Xiaolong didn’t have the means to seek revenge.

He had done this a few times.

Listening to the auction house’s Elder slander Huang Xiaolong, saying the Black Moon Art was stolen from them, Fei Hou regarded him with interest, he stood next to Huang Xiaolong silently.

However while Fei Hou could stomach it, the two guards from the Marshal’s Mansion standing behind Huang Xiaolong couldn’t.

One of them stepped up and slapped Lin Yuan’s cheek, and shouted in anger, “Are your eyes blind, you dare to bully our Young Master!”


That one slap sent Lin Yuan staggering back several steps, and a red five-finger print appeared on his right cheek.

“You, you dare to attack me!” Lin Yuan’s hand touched his burning cheek and roared.

His eyes filled with killing intent.

Because the two guards weren’t wearing their uniforms, but instead wore normal robes, Lin Yuan couldn’t recognize them.

“Attack, kill them all! Snatch back that Black Moon Art manual!” Lin Yuan shouted anxiously; he flashed and appeared in front of Huang Xiaolong and struck out.

But the moment he appeared before Huang Xiaolong, a silhouette suddenly cut in between them.

Fei Hou slashed out, and swords sparks floated out like white snow-flakes.

Startled, Lin Yuan tried to retreat but the many snow flake-like sword sparks melted into his body and Lin Yuan screamed as his body was sent back flying and crashed into a pillar.

The two Marshal’s Mansion guards’ bodies were spinning, and with every turn, an auction house guard fell down.

Having being sent to protect Huang Xiaolong by Marshal Haotian, these two guards’ strength couldn’t be weak; although they were yet to reach the Tenth Order but they both were at the peak late Ninth Order, so how could the auction house guards win against them!

Very quickly all the gray clothed guards were lying on the floor moaning in pain, only then the two guards who followed Huang Xiaolong stopped.

“Young Master, are you alright” Both of them stepped towards Huang Xiaolong and asked respectfully.

“I’m alright.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

He walked towards the auction house Elder Lin Yuan who just got up and was leaning against the wall.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong standing near him, he became frightened, “Little Brother… a misunderstanding, this is a misunderstanding! It’s our mistake, we lost a cultivation technique a few days ago but it wasn’t the Black Moon Art! I was mistaken, this pig head of mine, so stupid, deserving death!”   


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