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Chapter 458: I Object!

The images of the ancient mythical beasts roared skyward, enveloping the entire manor space with terrifying pressure.

Chuck, Ellington, Goodman, and the guards nearby felt unprecedented fear from their souls.

“Beast, Beast God Scepter!!!” A tremor could be heard in Chuck’s voice, both his legs gave out, falling into a kneel on both knees.

A thunderclap boomed in Ellington’s mind, falling to his knees and shivering from head to toe.

The Beast God’s Scepter!

The legendary, supreme sacrament of their beastmen tribes!

When he subjugated Goodman, Huang Xiaolong found out from Goodman’s mouth that the Beast God Scepter contained a coercive pressure that affected on their souls.

That stoked his curiosity to study the Beast God Scepter.

Later, he discovered that inside the mythical beast head carving on the beast God Scepter, there were actually sealed souls of ancient beasts.

As long as he pierced through the seal around the mythical beast head carving, those ancient beasts’ souls would fly out.

At that time, the bloodline contained inside the Beast God Scepter would be stimulated to the fullest!

When both the ancient beast souls and bloodline inside the Beast God Scepter were stimulated, its repressive power over the beastmen was absolute.

Huang Xiaolong watched with detachment at the people kneeling down before him; Chuck, Ellington, and Goodman.

Then, he slowly walked toward the three people, stopping right in front of Ellington.

Without a word, Huang Xiaolong raised the Beast God Scepter in his hand and stabbed into Ellington’s chest.

Just like the collision with mountain at rapid speed, Ellington’s body rebounded back in screaming agony.

Even so, Ellington hastily postured himself in a kneeling posture, not bothering to wipe away the blood flowing from his mouth, kowtowing to Huang Xiaolong, “Mercy, Liege Lord Beast God!” Fear seeped into his voice as he cried for mercy.

As the second strongest person amongst the beastmen present, Chuck’s heart trembled, yet he dared not move nor speak.

“What did you say just now Rebellion and usurpation” Huang Xiaolong questioned coldly.

“I didn’t know it was Liege Lord Beast God!” Ellington wailed, “I deserve to die, I deserve to die!” He persistently knocked his head against the hard floor, “Please, I beg Liege Lord Beast God to show mercy on me once!”

Huang Xiaolong snorted in reply and turned to Chuck.

Chuck’s heart tightened nervously.

Step by step, Huang Xiaolong moved closer to Chuck, stopping in front of him.

The Beast God Scepter in Huang Xiaolong’s hand was glowing softly, the eyes of the mythical beast head carving were shining a scarlet red.

Beads of sweat trickled down Chuck’s forehead.

“Rise.” Huang Xiaolong finally said.

The tensed atmosphere in the front hall immediately relaxed.

Both Chuck and Ellington felt like they had just survived the greatest ordeal of their lives.

Only after saying thanks in gratitude did they dare to stand up.

The three lined up in an orderly manner on one side.

Looking at the group of Tiger Tribe guards, a flash of purple shone in Huang Xiaolong’s pupils, multiple purple lights shining from the character ‘soul’ entered those guards’ consciousnesses through the center of their eyebrows.

“I just erased their memory of today’s event, order them to retreat.” Huang Xiaolong said to Chuck.

For now, he didn’t wish for too many people to know his identity, which was why Huang Xiaolong erased the Tiger Tribe guards’ memories.

Chuck, Ellington, and Goodman were shocked.

Erased memories! This was something that very few God Realm masters could do!

“Yes, Liege Lord Beast God!” Chuck recovered the fastest among the three, acknowledging Huang Xiaolong’s order respectfully.

He sent the guards away, strictly stressing that without his expressed order, no one was allowed to come close to the front hall.

After all the guards left the front hall, the three beastmen remaining stood quietly, no one dared to utter a sound.

Huang Xiaolong pointed at the throne seat at the center, “Can I sit now”

Chuck and Ellington nearly jumped out of their skins at that question.

“Liege Lord Beast God, sit, please sit, please sit!” Chuck and Ellington started to speak in a loop.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong sat down.

“Chuck, pass the order, all Tiger Tribe’s Saint realm experts are to converge in the Sacred Tiger City.” Huang Xiaolong ordered, once he reined in those Tiger Tribe’s Saint realm experts, the Tiger Tribe would be under his control.

“As you ordered, Liege Lord!” Chuck complied, bowing slightly in salute.

Chuck immediately carried out the task, sending orders to all Tiger Tribe’s Saint realm experts to assemble in Sacred Tiger Manor as soon as possible.

Moreover, the last one to arrive would be subjected to the tribe law punishment.

With just one order from Chuck, all the Tiger Tribe’s Saint realm experts made haste, speeding to the Sacred Tiger Manor.

One of the Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts was just displaying the prowess of his ‘tiger whip’ when he received the order, and his ‘tiger whip’ instantly shrunk and deflated.

Three days later, all the Tiger Tribe’s Saint realm experts had rushed over.

The last one to arrive was the Tiger Tribe’s High Priest, Leibert.

When the Tiger Tribe’s Saint realm experts had assembled, Chuck called everyone into the front hall.

The floor that cracked three days earlier under Huang Xiaolong’s Beast God Scepter had already been repaired, no clues could be seen of the damages it suffered just days prior.

What confused those Saint realm experts was that today, their Tiger Tribe Patriarch did not sit on the throne like he always did, but on a newly added seat down from the throne.

In silence, everyone exchanged a doubtful look amongst themselves.

What is happening here

Also, why did their Patriarch had them assemble in such a hurry!

An awkward silence filled the air, though many were doubtful and surprised, no one asked.

“Patriarch, I have something to report.” A moment later, taking the first seat on the left, High Priest Leibert stood up and said, breaking the silence.

“Some days ago, a human trespassed into my disciple Bobby’s residence, even breaking both of my disciple’s arms.

Who knew that after the matter, Goodman actually sided with the human and killed my disciple!”

“Goodman favored outsiders, joining hands with them to kill my disciple.

I implore Patriarch to mete out punishment to Goodman according to the tribe law!”

Leibert’s eyes looked at Goodman, filled with intense hatred as he said this.

Bobby was his proudest disciple and had hopes of advancing into the Saint realm.

This news stirred the present Saint realm experts, those who were loggerheads with Goodman had gloating expressions on their faces.

When everyone thought that Goodman would receive punishment without a doubt, Chuck waved his hand, “I’m aware of this matter, we’ll discuss this matter in the future.

Leibert, I have stated in my order, gathering all of you here, whoever arrived last would receive punishment.”

This was like a bolt out of the blue.


Discuss in the future But everyone could tell from the Patriarch’s tone that Goodman wouldn’t be punished!

Goodman was pardoned, but Leibert was to be punished! Just because he was the last one to arrive.

“Patriarch, you…!” Leibert looked at Chuck in disbelief, even wondering if he had heard wrongly just now.

Chuck continued, “Considering the many merits you have contributed to the Tiger Tribe, after the meeting, you’ll be imprisoned in the poison dungeon for one year.”

Poison dungeon!

Everyone drew in a cold breath.

The poison dungeon was the Tiger Tribe’s most terrifying prison.

Inside it lived various different kinds of poisonous worms and insects.

After being bitten by those poisonous insects, one wouldn’t die, but the pain was excruciating.

Leibert was shocked and angry, “Patriarch, I object!”

“Object” A cold voice interjected from outside, then everyone saw a young human walking into the hall.

The group of Tiger Tribe Saint realm experts was stunned.

“Insolent! Who allowed you to enter into the Sacred Tiger Manor!” Seeing a human entering the hall, a Tiger Tribe Saint realm expert bellowed, but right when he was about to attack, the corner of his eye saw the Patriarch, Ellington, and Goodman rise to their feet respectfully and hurried before this young human.

“Liege Lord!”

Liege Lord!

Everyone was dumbstruck.


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