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Chapter 500: Firstly, Annihilate Asura’s Gate

To Starcloud Continent!

All the tribes and clans’ experts were taken by surprise by Huang Xiaolong’s command, but none of them had the courage to object, only complying with obedience.

In the next second, Huang Xiaolong brought out the Godly Mt.

Xumi, transferring everyone inside.

Making this trip back to the Asura’s Gate, Huang Xiaolong preferred to have his movements unnoticed.

With his current strength, going nonstop at his fastest speed, he only needed thirty days at most to reach the Asura’s Gate headquarters.

For this journey, other than Saint realm experts, he did not include any other disciples.

Just these Saint realm experts easily exceeded three thousand in number.

More than three thousand Saint realm experts!

This horrifying force was enough to flatten the whole Starcloud Continent!

One day later, the news about Huang Xiaolong unifying the Ten Directions Continent spread like wildfire through the whole Martial Spirit World.

Once again, the Martial Spirit World was shaken to the core.

“Huang Xiaolong actually succeeded in unifying the Ten Directions Continent!”

“I heard that Deities Templar, Cosmos God Cult, and Sin City colluded to stop the merging ceremony, sending out three hundred high-level Saint realm experts in total.

They even managed to persuade the sea tribe and Green Devil Tribe, even employing low despicable means, using the rare ancient poison One Day Scatter.

Still, Deities Templar’s Holy Maiden was beaten back by Huang Xiaolong, being forced to flee miserably! You know, no more than thirty people managed to escape!”

“Now that Huang Xiaolong has unified the Ten Directions Continent, Deities Templar’s days are about to come to an end!”

Starcloud Continent, Cosmos God Cult’s headquarters.

Within the Cosmos God City, Xie Hui’s face was extremely grim.

Never before had he bore such an ugly expression on his face.

A group of Cosmos God Cult experts stood silently in front of Xie Hui, heads down to their chests.

No one dared to utter a word.

In the last expedition to Ten Directions Continent, Cosmos God Cult sent one hundred high-level Saint realm experts, together with Deities Templar and Sin City.

In the end, not only had they failed to stop Huang Xiaolong, instead, all the experts they sent out died in Huang Xiaolong’s hand!

Three factions’ three hundred high-level Saint realm experts went, but only a handful of Deities Templar and Sin City’s experts escaped.

Not a single one of their Cosmos God Cult experts survived.

When he first heard the news, Xie Hui as the Young Lord of Cosmos God Cult, fainted on the spot! Fainted into total oblivion!

Now he was conscious.

But every second, the thought of those one hundred high-level Saint realm experts made his heart feel like it was being sliced with a frigid cold knife.

One hundred high-level Saint realm experts, ah! 

Despite the Cosmos God Cult being the first sect amongst the twelve super forces on Starcloud Continent, taking all their headquarters and branches’ Saint realm experts into calculation, it merely had slightly over three hundred!

Amongst them, one hundred and ten were high-level Saint realm experts!

“Have the Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, Nine Yang Valley, and the other invited super forces arrived” A moment later, Xie Hui spoke, breaking the heavy silence.

Law Enforcer Chen Xiaofeng took a step forward, “Replying to Young Lord, the Distinct Void Door and White Phoenix House experts are estimated to arrive in Cosmos God City late in the afternoon.

But Nine Yang Valley can only make it here tomorrow!”

Xie Hui nodded with a muted expression.

Fortunately, he made contingency preparations in case of the worst outcome, while on the other hand cooperating with Deities Templar and Sin City to hinder Huang Xiaolong’s plan of unifying the Ten Directions Continent.

When he sent out the one hundred high-level experts, he also sent out invitations to Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, and six other super forces’ experts to discuss forming an alliance to deal with Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang-Xiao-Long!” Xie Hui’s frenzy murderous aura rose sky high.

“Young Lord, now that Huang Xiaolong has unified the Ten Directions Continent, everyone in the Martial Spirit World is wary and feels threatened.

The Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, and the other eight super forces definitely will agree to ally with our Cosmos God Cult.” Law Enforcer Hu Chen reassured.

“But, are we really going to annihilate the Asura’s Gate after the alliance comes to be!”

Xie Hui confirmed, “That’s right.

With us nine super forces allied together, the first thing we must do before Huang Xiaolong rushes back is to annihilate the Asura’s Gate like crushing dry weed and smashing rotten wood, weakening Huang Xiaolong’s forces!”

“Then, what should we do about that Huang Family” Law Enforcer Chen Xiaofeng asked.

“The Huang Family” A cruel light gleamed in Xie Hui’s eyes, “Don’t kill them first, capture them alive.

I have a million ways to make them hover between life and death until Huang Xiaolong makes it back to the Asura’s Gate.

It will be my pleasure to torture the Huang Family in front of Huang Xiaolong!”

After all, he and Huang Xiaolong already formed a grudge, one of them must die for the other to live, thus he cared not for any consequences that would further enrage Huang Xiaolong.

Law Enforcer Hu Chen laughed wickedly and said, “Young Lord, I heard that Huang Xialong’s mother and sister are both beauties, after we’ve caught them, I hope Young Lord could pass them to this subordinate.

This subordinate will ensure that the three thousand Enforcement Hall disciples take turns to treat them both very well every single day!”

 Xie Hui understood the underlying meaning of Hu Chen’s words and his mood lightened, “Fine, at that time I’ll allow your three thousand Enforcement Hall disciples to take good care of them! But, watch it! They cannot die early!”

Hu Chen chuckled, “Rest assured, Young Lord! Although the Enforcement Hall’s three thousand disciples are all robust and energetic, they know how to control themselves.

What’s more, our Enforcement Hall has a special secret drug that’s guaranteed to make them torn between heaven and hell, and will not die no matter what!”

Xie Hui laughed agreeably, “Very good then.

Huang Xiaolong has just unified the Ten Directions Continent, to organize everything properly would require some time, and rushing back to Starcloud Continent will take at least one month’s time.

Us nine super forces should come to an alliance agreement tomorrow, and attack the Asura’s Gate the day after.

In five days time, we will stand upon the ruins of the Asura’s Gate headquarters!”

While Xie Hui and the Cosmos God Cult experts were conspiring on how to attack the Asura’s Gate headquarters and capture the Huang Family, Huang Xiaolong was rushing back to the Asura’s Gate headquarters with the beastmen tribes and demonic beasts clans’ experts.

Time flowed by, and three days passed soon enough.

When the sky darkened, Huang Xiaolong stopped to rest on a random mountain peak.

The true essence energy in his dantian was churning as he breathed out a mouth of foul qi.

According to his speed, he would most likely be arriving at the Asura’s Gate headquarters by the morrow at noon.

After resting for a while, Huang Xiaolong flew up again, continuing his journey like a bright shooting star in the night sky, disappearing without a trace.

Slowly, the black veil receded, welcoming the dawn of a new day.

Under the morning sunlight, the earth began to warm up.

“Dali City.” Huang Xiaolong landed not far away from the entrance into a city.

This Dali City was one of the cities under Distinct Void Door’s governance.

Passing three oblasts after this Dali City was the Asura’s Gate territory.

“They say that this time the Cosmos God Cult has already made an alliance with Distinct Void Door, White Phoenix House, and six other super forces to attack the Asura’s Gate in another two days.

They’re trying to wrap everything up before Huang Xiaolong rushes back!”

“Nine super forces allied together, the Asura’s Gate is going to be up in smokes for sure!”

“Although Huang Xiaolong has conquered and unified the Ten Directions Continent, with the Cosmos God Cult and the nine super forces’ might combined, it’s more than enough to oppose Huang Xiaolong!”

“Who knows if the Bedlam Lands’ Sin City would blend in at the last minute as well.

The Snow Dragon City, Imperial Saber City, Green Ghost City might also join the alliance with the Cosmos God Cult to besiege Huang Xiaolong!”

Stopping here, Huang Xiaolong had planned to rest in Dali City for some time before rushing again, however, hearing these discussions in passing from the group of young family disciples, a feeling of urgency emerged, as well as anger.

In a flicker, his figure disappeared from the spot without anyone noticing.

Half a day later, when the sun was positioned at highest during noon.

Above the Asura’s Gate headquarters, there was a noticeable spatial fluctuation as a figure emerged from the void.

This person was Huang Xiaolong who just made it back.

The moment the spatial fluctuations appeared, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu both felt it.

They both dashed out from where they were, and seeing that it was Huang Xiaolong, joy appeared on their faces as they quickly stepped up in salute, “Sovereign, you’ve returned!”

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t resist showing a smile after seeing Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu: “I’ve returned.”

At this point, the Huang Family and the Heaven Devouring Beast, Lil’ Tian, all ran out from the hall.

Upon seeing Huang Xiaolong, each of them broke out into a wide smile.


“Big brother!”


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