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Chapter 503: Half A Step God Realm

When Huang Xiaolong was preparing the third Godly Xumi Art attack, fully concentrating on Fifteen Moves of the Dragon God, a loud bellow sounded from the Great Rift Valley below: “Nine Yang Palm!”

A ginormous fire palm shot up from the ground surface, tearing the ghost aura from the Devils and Ghosts Flag into two parts, and flew straight at Huang Xiaolong.

The fire palm imprint emitted a prism of nine glaring colors, causing a sharp pain in the Ten Directions Continent experts’ eyes.

Scorching heat rolled toward Huang Xiaolong’s group with a might that could incinerate the sky and clouds.

The experts around him felt as if they had fallen into a sea of flaming fire, and for a moment, everyone panicked.

“Liege Lord Beast God, look out!” Ao Kun cried out a warning.

The fire-palm continued to tear through the thick layer of ghost aura, looming over Huang Xiaolong.

“The Ninth Move, Dragon God in the Clouds!”

Huang Xiaolong kept a stoic face.

The true essence energy in his dantian was churning madly as the thousand arms behind him aimed and struck at the fire palm coming at him.

A majestic dragon’s roar reverberated between heaven and earth.

A water dragon, fire dragon, black dragon, white dragon—a total of nine divine dragons flew out.

True dragon essence energy surged violently in the air. 


The nine divine dragons collided with the ginormous fire palm, both sides dissipated following a booming explosion.

An earth-shattering quake ran throughout the valley.

All the Ten Directions Continent experts were swept away by the aftershock, even the evil spirits, and the array nearly collapsed.

A figure escaped from the lower part of the fire palm through a torn hole, it was a middle-aged man clad in bright crimson brocade robe embroidered with nine radiant suns.

Nine Yang Valley’s Lord, Chi Jiuyang!

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed, looking dignified.

The Cosmos God Cult Leader, Xie Chao, was recognized as Starcloud Continent’s strongest expert, whereas Huang Xiaolong’s Master Ren Wokuang was second and this Chi Jiuyang was relegated to the third position, just under his Master!

Zhao Shu once mentioned in passing that in Starcloud Continent, his Master was only wary of the Cosmos God Cult Leader Xie Chao and this Chi Jiuyang.

This Chi Jiuyang had always been a mystery and hasn’t appeared in public for the last several hundred years, but at this very moment, Huang Xiaolong knew for sure that this Chi Jiuyang’s strength had surpassed the level of peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm.

 Half a step to God Realm!

That’s right, this Chi Jiuyang had touched the edge of the time law.

He was the expert that was the closest to the God Realm that Huang Xiaolong had ever met!

Chi Jiuyang scrutinized Huang Xiaolong with a cold eye, “Indeed, you’re very gifted, a higher talent compared to your Master in his time, but the current you is still not my match, I advise you to surrender obediently for your own good!” Despite his deadpan expression on the surface, great waves of shock were crashing his heart.

Huang Xiaolong actually withstood his Nine Yang Palm just now! Someone who hadn’t even broken through to Tenth Order Saint realm!

Huang Xiaolong gave an obvious cold snort, but he did not speak a word.

His silhouette disappeared in a flicker, arriving in front of Chi Jiuyang.

The Godly Xumi Art was pushed to the limit, and in a split second, the one thousand arms behind him attacked simultaneously.

“The Tenth Move, Dragon Piercing The World!”

Nine divine dragons flew out roaring as they entangled each other to form a giant dragon pillar, striking at Chi Jiuyang’s chest with a momentum that could pierce through a world.

Chi Jiuyang’s pupils shrunk as he shouted: “Time Freeze!”

A scintillating flaming light burst out from his body, accompanied by a flowing mysterious energy.

The dragon pillar formed from ten divine dragons actually slowed down as it neared Chi Jiuyang.

Chi Jiuyang raised his fist and landed a heavy blow on the dragon pillar, immediately disintegrating it.

However, he was pushed back several steps from the impact force.

Huang Xiaolong did not continue with subsequent attacks after that.

He retreated and rapped an order to the Ten Directions Continent’s experts: “Withdraw!” He submerged into the void in an instant, vanishing from view.

The experts from Ten Directions Continent were quick to follow.

Even the Devils and Ghosts Flag and Poison Corpse Scarabs disappeared without a trace.

Barely a beat after Huang Xiaolong vanished into the void, Chi Jiuyang’s palm imprint already slammed down on the spot where Huang Xiaolong just stood, leaving a great palm print in space itself, with plumes of flames licking the air in all directions.

Several figures flew to Chi Jiuyang’s side, piercing through the air.

Watching the spot where Huang Xiaolong disappeared, all of them were grim-faced.

An unknown emotion flitted past Chi Jiuyang’s eyes, he didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong to attack so suddenly at that point, and definitely did not expect him to leave so decisively.

“Make a count, how many people did our Nine Yang Valley lost” Chi Jiuyang turned and order a Nine Yang Valley Grand Elder behind him.

The Nine Yang Valley Grand Elder acknowledged respectfully and flew off, returning a short while later to report, “Reporting to Valley Lord, we’ve lost six Elder, over five hundred half-Saint disciples, and one million one hundred thousand Xiantian realm disciples.”

Six Elders!

More than five hundred half-Saints disciples!

More than a million Xiantian realm disciples!

The muscles on Chi Jiuyang’s face twitched.

For a battle that lasted no more than a few breath’s time, Nine Yang Valley actually lost so many disciples!

In fact, Cosmos God Cult’s Xie Hui and the others’ expressions were worse than the Nine Yang Valley’s Lord.

Compared to the Nine Yang Valley, the damage they had taken far exceeded the Nine Yang Valley’s!

The nine super forces alliance lost close to a hundred Saint realm experts!

Approximately ten thousand half-Saints disciples!  

And more than a million Xiantian realm disciples!

“Huang Xiaolong, I swear I’ll destroy your Asura’s Gate or my surname isn’t Xie!” When Xie Hui was informed that eleven Cosmos God Cult Elders died in the ambush, an uncontrollable wrath erupted in his heart, his eyes turned a scarlet red.

“Young Lord, are we marching forward, or…” A Cosmos God Cult Elder inquired cautiously. 

Before, the nine super forces agreed to ally together to annihilate the Asura’s Gate solely depending on the fact that Huang Xiaolong had yet to make it back to the Asura’s Gate.

But now, Huang Xiaolong had returned.

Moreover, he returned with all the Ten Directions Continent’s experts in tow.

Should they proceed with their plans

Xie Hui’s palm flew across the Elder’s face hearing that, sending the Elder tumbling in the air as he shouted, “A few days ago, weren’t you the one who said that Huang Xiaolong is still on the Ten Directions Continent Why, why would he appear here now!”

The group of Cosmos God Cult Elders was as silent as cicadas in cold weather.

Half an hour later, several thousand li away from the valley, above a low mountain range, ripples spread across space followed by the emergence of Huang Xiaolong and the many Ten Directions Continent experts.

“Liege Lord Beast God, what’s our next step” Beastmen Tiger Tribe Patriarch Chuck stepped forward and inquired.

Huang Xiaolong scanned the mountain range below and his mouth raised in a cold sneer, “We’ll rest here, and wait for our prey to come to us!” Huang Xiaolong believed that the super nine forces alliance would not be willing to back out just like that, especially when his ambush killed so many of their people.

 Thus, Huang Xiaolong and the Ten Directions Continent experts swallowed healing pellets and sat down to readjust their condition, lying in wait for the nine super forces alliance’s massive army.

As he expected, five hours later, the alliance’s army entered the mountain range where Huang Xiaolong waited.

He and the Ten Directions Continent experts converged their breaths, preparing to launch another ambush.

Same as the previous ambush, after a dozen breaths’ of attacking, Huang Xiaolong once again called for a retreat.

With the Godly Mt.

Xumi in his hand, not even a half-step God Realm expert like Chi Jiuyang could stop Huang Xiaolong from leaving.

One day passed quickly.

In a single day, the nine super forces alliance suffered nine ambushes from Huang Xiaolong, and despite being on high alert and vigilant, they lost another four hundred Saint realm experts in Huang Xiaolong and the Ten Directions Continent experts’ attack.

They lost eighty thousand more half-Saints and ten million Xiantian realm disciples!

All in a day’s effort, the alliance army's originally high morale was reduced to trembling fear, their morale in tatters.

“My Burning Heaven Gate is withdrawing from the alliance!” The Burning Heaven Gate’s Sovereign, Song Kun, part of the nine super forces alliance, was truly frightened by Huang Xiaolong’s rate of killing and finally announced his intention to withdraw from the alliance.


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