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Chapter 529: Tortoise Boundarys Apparition


Huang Xiaolong nodded.

After auctioning a piece of divine grade spirit stone, it would definitely be sufficient to supply him with enough peak half-step God Realm beast cores until he reached half-step God Realm.

Despite the fact that auctioning a divine grade spirit stone would attract attraction and cause a stir, Huang Xiaolong couldn't be bothered at the moment.

Well, he would just ‘change’ into another face before heading to the auction house.

Huang Xiaolong proceeded to enter the Black Warrior City.

Sadly, to enter Black Warrior City, each person was required to pay one thousand Xuanwu coins.

Generally speaking, one need not give any Xuanwu coins to enter most cities other than the cities built by the twenty-three super forces.

But then again, the Black Warrior City did set the highest fee of all.

Although one thousand Xuanwu coins wasn’t much to Huang Xiaolong, to any average Tenth Order Saint realm expert it was akin to a piece of their flesh.

Walking into the city, Huang Xiaolong headed towards the registration area for the Black Warrior Institute.

The registration area was located at the Central District of the Black Warrior City, at a place called the Hall of Heroes.

Three days later, Huang Xiaolong walked into the Hall of Heroes.

Even though the Hall of Heroes was a ‘hall’ by name, its land area was larger than an imperial city on the Martial Spirit World many times over.

By the time Huang Xiaolong reached the doors, the front portion was packed with people bustling about.

With less than a year remaining to the day of assessment, the registration of participants was already opened, hence, top talents and family geniuses from all over Black Tortoise Galaxy had made their way over to process their registration.

Crossing over the Hall of Heroes’ front door threshold, a large square came into sight, but something at a corner of the square caught Huang Xiaolong’s attention.

A crowd was hovering over something interesting.

“That’s the ten thousand year Tortoise Boundary,” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi explained.

“A formation carved by a primeval great master that can test your aptitude and strength.”

Test one’s aptitude and strength! Huang Xiaolong was stunned.

“How about it, want to give it a try” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi enticed.

Huang Xiaolong was tempted.

He very much wanted to know where his talent and strength stood.

But, if he was tested in public, wouldn’t that expose his talent and strength to everyone

As if knowing Huang Xiaolong’s worry, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi laughed, “During the test, you can suppress half the aura inside you, moreover, your True Dragon Physique has a hidden nature.

You can totally hide your true strength during the test, and then regauge your talent and strength based on the result.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

This was also considered a way.

“This ten thousand year Tortoise Boundary is meant to help participants gauge their chances of passing the Black Warrior Institute’s assessment before they register.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi went on, “In general, they have a hope of passing the assessment if they get 1000 points and above.”

As Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi explained, Huang Xiaolong already reached the crowd of people, joining the queue.

Since he was already here, the registration could wait a while.

However, the family disciples that wanted to test themselves were a staggering number, just in front of Huang Xiaolong were five to six hundred people.

As the test results were announced one after another, the surroundings erupted with either mocking sneers or exclamations of surprise.

Of course, jealous and envious stares were thrown in from time to time.

“Talent-892, strength-983!”

 “983, the strength is very close to 1000.

There’s hope in passing the assessment, which family does he belong to”

“Seems like someone from the Iro World’s Luo Family!”

When a young man in azure robes walked out from the test altar, it raised a commotion among the spectating crowd.

In ten thousand people who took the test, only a scarce few were able to exceed 900.

Whenever a disciple’s test result was close to 1000, it would draw exclamations and jealous stares from the crowd.

That Luo Family disciple left the square under a multitude of envious stares with his head held high and chest puffed up toward the Hall of Heroes registration location.

Huang Xiaolong was excited.

Although the Iro World’s Luo Family wasn’t one of Black Tortoise Galaxy’s twenty-three super forces, it was however, one of the first rank forces.

The Luo Family, together with the Yi Family, controlled more than nine-tenths of the Iro World’s forces.

In the ten thousand planets ranking, it was placed close to a hundred.

“Talent-923, strength-1056!”

“That is also a disciple from the Iro World’s Yi Family!”

Subsequently, the crowd broke out in another wave of shock and jealousy.

This Yi Family disciple’s talent and strength were slightly stronger than the previous Luo Family disciple.

However, the next two hundred over tests did not produce another participant with strength surpassing 900.

Two hours later, it was finally Huang Xiaolong’s turn.

Huang Xiaolong walked up to the test altar.

In front of the test altar, something resembling a one-meter tall bath barrel was hovering.

Looking at it , he knew this was the ten thousand year Tortoise Boundary.

Before stepping in, Huang Xiaolong completely hid his True Dragon Physique, then following what the previous tester did, he lifted a palm, pressing it against the ten thousand year Tortoise Boundary, channeling his Asura qi into it.

Instantly, the ten thousand year Tortoise Boundary lit up like a sun, exploding in a profound aureate light that soared sky high.

The airflow in the square became turbulent, ripples traveled across space, and the ground shook like a severe earthquake.

The noisy crowd around the test altar abruptly died down into a buzzing silence as everyone stared wide-eyed and agape at the ten thousand year Tortoise Boundary. 

Disciples that came to register in the Hall of Heroes and at the square immediately felt the turbulent airflow within ten thousand li radius.

“This, this, what is the matter!”

“It’s the test altar!”

At that moment, all experts and disciples from different corners of the square looked toward the test altar while geniuses and experts inside the Hall of Heroes rushed out from the hall.

All of them had their eyes fixed on the ten thousand year Tortoise Boundary from all directions, looking toward the test altar with dumbfounded expressions.

“This, which super force does this genius disciple belong to! To be able to trigger the ten thousand year Tortoise Boundary to release this thousand zhang light!”

“The ten thousand year Tortoise Boundary hasn’t displayed this level of manifestation for a very long time!”

“A freak genius! A peerless genius! This must be one!”

The Hall of Heroes’ square was in an uproar.

But, in the next second, they saw a shadow of a mythical golden tortoise projecting from the ten thousand year Tortoise Boundary, growing larger as it rose to the sky, reaching a gargantuan size.

“Heavens! The Tortoise Boundary’s spirit apparition! This is the tortoise spirit inside the ten thousand year Tortoise Boundary, god knows how many years it’s been since it last appeared, only when a genuine genius surfaces in the world will it show itself!” 

Suddenly, the gargantuan golden tortoise raised its head toward the nine heaves, letting out a resounding roar that reverberated through millions of miles. 

In the airspace above the Black Warrior City, silhouettes appeared one after another.

Clearly, all experts in the Black Warrior City were alerted by the booming shockwaves.

In the northern airspace of the Black Warrior City, an old man clad in a light blue brocade robe with a black tortoise pattern on his chest was looking in the Hall of Heroes’ direction with a solemn expression, muttering to himself, “This is the ten thousand year Tortoise Boundary spirit’s roar.

Finally, a genius that can shock the world has appeared in the Black Tortoise Galaxy.” His silhouette disappeared from the spot in a flicker, rushing toward the Hall of Heroes.

So did experts from all corners of the Black Warrior City.

Everyone wanted to take a glimpse at the monster of a genius who caused the ten thousand year Tortoise Boundary spirit to appear.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong felt utter helplessness as he stared at the tortoise spirit in the sky.

He didn’t expect to trigger such an exaggerated reaction despite having his True Dragon Physique hidden.

It would be hard to remain anonymous after causing such a conspicuous a scene. 

At the same thing, the bath barrel-like ten thousand year Tortoise Boundary started to spin.

As it spun, both sides of the test altar that indicated talent and strength revealed the result.


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