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Chapter 536: Changes To The Top Ten Ranking


‘This calls for a change of strategy.’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

If things were to progress in this direction, even if he killed all the God Realm demonic beasts, monsters, and demons on  the Deepwood Star, he still wouldn't be able to clinch that first place.

According to what Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said, the number of God Realm demonic beasts, monsters, and demons on the Deepwood Star did not exceed one thousand.

How many points could one thousand bring Thirty to forty million points at most.

Even now, Gudu Leng’s points had broken past ten million!

Sitting firmly in the first place on the top one hundred board, Gudu Leng’s points had reached a staggering number.

Second place Jiang Shaoze and third place Wang Biaoyuan were in the eight million range.

Gudu Leng had successfully left everyone in the dust.

After pondering the matter for a moment, the Blades of Asura emerged in his hand.

Aiming the blades to the front, both blades slashed out.

In an instant, howling windstorm appeared, carrying countless blade lights spinning forward.

Gale after gale of fierce wind, wave after wave of blade lights, each more powerful than its predecessor.

Asura Sword Skill Ninth Move: Wind Blades Volutions!

All the Tenth Order Saint realm demonic beasts, half-step God Realm demonic beast, even peak half-step demonic beast within the thousand li area in front turned into blossoms of blood mist.

A while later, the violent wind and blade lights dissipated.

Blooms of blood mist rained down from the sky like a monsoon rain, dyeing the soil red, forming red lines of winding streams.

One move killing more than three hundred demonic beasts in the proximity.

In an instant, Huang Xiaolong’s token became brighter, and his points increased by several tens of thousand.

This was equivalent to Huang Xiaolong killing two to three God Realm demonic beasts.

Huang Xiaolong’s consciousness scanned the message inside the token, he had risen six ranks in an instant!

With a wave of his hand, the hundreds of falling beast cores were swept into the Asura Ring.

He then disappeared in a flicker, appearing a thousand li away, and slashed out the Blades of Asura in another wide area attack.

Countless blade lights transformed into chains, spanning out a thousand li.

All the demonic beasts within a thousand li radius felt space around them grow solid, impeding their movements.

They were looking for the cause, only to discover that they were shackled down by miles of black chains winding around their bodies.

Fear overtook these demonic beasts, just as they wanted to break out, the Blades of Asura in Huang Xiaolong’s hands pulled back with a jerk.

Instantly, these demonic beasts’ bodies were shredded into ribbons, blasting into clouds of blood mist.

Bloodmist scattered with the wind, some fell splattering down to the ground, painting another thousand li of land in red.

Huang Xiaolong made a twisting motion with his hand, collecting another batch of hundreds of demonic beast cores into the Asura Ring.

His ranking rose once more.

Huang Xiaolong disappeared in a flicker, appearing a thousand li away, waving the blades in his hands again.

Asura Sword Skill, Fourth Move: State of Abundant Lightning.

Streaks of lightning struck down like heaven’s wrath, turning into lightning flood dragons rampaging in the forest below, sending countless beast cores flying into the sky.

Just like this, Huang Xiaolong made continuous attack with the Blades of Asura.

At the end of every move, the points in his token would increase by several thousand or more, pushing him up the ranks, closer toward the top one hundred list.

While Huang Xiaolong tirelessly attacked using the Asura Sword Skill moves and collecting beast cores, in the square in front of the Hall of Heroes, experts from different forces stared intently at the giant crystal spar hovering in the sky.

On the crystal spar surface were the names of the top one hundred and their scores.

The score numbers kept flickering as they changed, with an occasional change to the name rankings.

35.62 million! Such an astounding number was Gudu Leng’s latest score!

Staring at the scoreboard, various levels of discussions took place between these experts.

“It has only been three hours, but this Gudu Leng’s score actually reached 35.62 million.

What a freak! If things go on like this, his score definitely will reach 200 million by the end of the day! In the last assessment, the first place only scored 130 million on the first day!”

“It seems like the first place belongs to none other than Gudu Leng!”

Experts from various forces were whelmed as they continued to stare at the scoreboard.

Concealed in the deep void, the two middle-aged men wearing the Black Warrior Institute’s golden robes, Su Haodong, and Li Zhiqun, nodded with a satisfactory smile at Gudu Leng’s score.

“I’m really envious of Old Man Gudu ah, such a genius has come out from the Gudu Family!” Li Zhiqun lamented.

Su Haodong laughed, “That younger generation disciple of your family, Li Mingxuan is not bad either, he’s sitting firmly in the sixth place.”

At the moment, the scoreboard showed Li Mingxuan, at sixth place-23.29 million points.

This Liu Mingxuan was one of Li Zhiquan family’s younger generation.

Li Zhiquan laughed heartily, “Still too lacking compared to that Gudu Leng.” Despite saying so, he wore an expression of pride as he added, “Looks like the top ten ranking is just like how we predicted.”

The top four names on the scoreboard at this point were exactly how they had predicted; Gudu Leng, Jiang Shaoze, Wang Biaoyuan, and Xu Shaoqing.

Su Haodong nodded, “It seems like the first of the top ten is none other than Gudu Leng.”

Although there was the possibility of changes in the top ten names, in their judgment however, this possibility was too small.

Gudu Leng and the other nine had pulled their scores too far away from the rest to catch up.

Between the eleventh place and tenth place, the score was less by half, which greatly diminished any chances of crossing that gap.

Moreover,  as times passed, the top ten would only pull their scores further away from the rest.

Time flowed.

The end of the first day arrived very quickly.

Huang Xiaolong was sitting cross-legged on a high mountain peak.

After a day of slaughter, he finally broke into the top twenty.

Currently, his score hovered over 90 million, ranked twelve.

This was the result of Huang Xiaolong not wanting to draw too much attention, resting to refine beast cores every now and then between the slaughter.

If he had gone all out, he’d have entered the top ten by now.

“Gudu Leng, 260.954 million!” The moment Huang Xiaolong checked the token with his consciousness, the first thing he’d take note of was Gudu Leng’s latest score.

When Gudu Leng broke past the 200 million mark, his name shone even brighter on the scoreboard.

At the second place was still Jiang Shaoze, the third place also remained the same person, Wang Biaoyuan, and in the fourth place was still Xu Shaoqing.

These three individuals’ scores had all surpassed 180 million points. 

From the fifth to tenth place were Jiang Wei, Li Mingxuan, He Xiu, Yang Shiqi, Su Meiyi, and Zhu Haixiang.

Zhu Haixiang at the tenth place had over 160 million points.

“Tomorrow, I can change to another location.” Huang Xiaolong muttered as the scanned the boundless stone forest.

By tomorrow, he would be able to kill all the demonic beasts in this area.

And Huang Xiaolong decided to enter the top tenth tomorrow.

He had ample time, therefore he wasn’t anxious.

Swallowing a divine grade spirit pellet, Huang Xiaolong initiated Instant Recovery.

It didn’t take long for his depleted battle qi to become vibrant again.

Huang Xiaolong stood up looking at the rays of sunlight from the edge of the horizon.

Today was going to be another bright sunny day.

In front of the Hall of Heroes, the gathered experts were still paying close attention to the scoreboard.

Today was the second day.

The sun was already high up in the sky, harsh sunlight heating the land.

The top ten names remained the same as day one. 

It was at this time that those experts that had been staring that the scoreboard noticed the name position shift.

This…! Everyone was taken by surprise.

Only when there were changes to the top ten name list would there be a shift in position.

“Look, the tenth place Zhu Haixiang has fallen to the eleventh place!”

“Tenth place, Huang Xiaolong, 223.42 million!” Someone exclaimed.


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