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Chapter 56: Four Breaths

Jiang Teng looked at Li Lu and his cold voice sounded, “Pardon me, but I’ve always hated wastes that rely on familial ties! And the people that associate with these wastes! In this battle, I will not hold back, and if you want to blame someone, blame it on that waste!” After he finished saying that, he abruptly pointed his finger at Huang Xiaolong.

Jiang Teng’s words rang clearly in the square, causing everyone to shift their focus to Huang Xiaolong.

The students standing close to him quickly moved away, putting some distance between them and him so that Jiang Teng wouldn’t misunderstand.

Otherwise, it might cause fish of the same pond to suffer the same fate.

Seeing this, Jiang Teng was very satisfied.

Without warning, he turned around and attacked Li Lu.

“Tiger Flame Palm!”

A Sacred Bright Tiger’s paw print hit Li Lu’s chest in a split second.

A Fourth Order Warrior’s battle qi went out full-scale; the current Jiang Teng was vastly different from before and his strength had more than doubled.

All around, the crowd was very surprised.

They were shocked at Jiang Teng’s power and at the same time, they were shocked that Jiang Teng would attack using his high-grade Mysterious rank battle skill against Li Lu, the Tiger Flame Palm.

In his earlier battles, Jiang Teng had defeated his previous opponents without using the battle skill, but now against Li Lu, he displayed it-- he clearly wanted to show his hatred towards Huang Xiaolong.

Everyone shook their head and looked at Li Lu in pity; the heavy injury resulting from this strike would render Li Lu bedridden for two to three months.


Because of a waste, she implicated herself and suffering such injury was really her bad luck!

Xiong Meiqi frowned on seeing the palm strike aimed at Li Lu’s chest, but she kept quiet and didn’t try to stop the battle.

Alarm and panic flashed registered in Li Lu’s eyes.

However, with her recently advanced Third Order Warrior strength, she didn’t have enough strength to defend against Jiang Teng’s high-grade battle skill attack.

Just when everyone thought Li Lu would be seriously injured, and sent flying out of the ring, a silhouette suddenly flashed and grabbed Li Lu.

With Li Lu protected within an embrace, two figures swirled to one side, escaping Jiang Teng’s attack.


Beyond all expectation, Jiang Teng’s attack landed on empty air, leaving everyone surprised.

Gazes shifted and saw that the person who grabbed Li Lu and dodged the attack was the person who according to Jiang Teng’s words, was a waste; Huang Xiaolong.

Xiong Meiqi included, felt shock.

Huang Xiaolong ignored the shocked gazes, peered at Li Lu in his arms, asked, “Are you okay”

The frightened Li Lu gradually calmed down, and two lovely dimples appeared, “Xiaolong, I’m okay!”

“Ok, step back and let me handle this.”  said Huang Xiaolong.

“Xiaolong, you!” Li Lu was worried.

“It’s nothing.” Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and gently sent Li Lu out of the ring.

He then turned around to face Jiang Teng.


And at this time, in a distant square corner, Sun Zhang stared at Huang Xiaolong who managed to rescue Li Lu from Jiang Teng’s attack.

 Stunned, he couldn’t resist asking, “Who is this new student” Being able to save Li Lu from Jiang Teng’s attack proved that this new student wasn’t weak.

Xiong Chu was dumbfounded.

 The Principal doesn’t recognize this punk

“Principal, this child registered with your recommendation letter.” replied Xiong Chu not thinking much of it.

“What! Him” Principal Sun Zhang was taken aback.

Seeing the Principal’s surprised expression, he couldn’t help but feel it was strange.

Understanding Xiong Chu’s doubts, he pondered for a moment before explaining, “I gave that recommendation letter, to Marshal Haotian!”

“Mar..., Marshal Haotian!” Xiong Chu was dazed for a moment before he exclaimed out loud.

It was actually Marshal Haotian! Who has been in command of hundreds of brigades for the past two kings! The same Marshal Haotian that was below the king and controlled thousands of soldiers!

A film of sweat emerged on Xiong Chu’s forehead.

Luckily, he did not revoke Huang Xiaolong’s registration qualification and didn’t make the mistake of killing the three guards, or else!

As his thought reached this point, his back felt cold and goosebumps rose on his skin.

Cosmic Star Academy was the kingdom’s first academy and in the entire kingdom, the Academy was only wary of two people: Luo Tong Kingdom’s King and Marshal Haotian!

If he knew that one of the three who Zhong Yuan suggested he kill was Marshal Haotian’s Junior Brother, his back would become even colder still.

“Are you okay” asked Su Zhang, noticing the abrupt drops of sweat on Xiong Chu as he kept wiping them off.

“Principal, I’m okay.

Nothing's wrong, everything's fine!” Xiong Chu exclaimed in panic.

Sun Zhang didn’t pursue it, and once again focused his attention on Jiang Teng and Huang Xiaolong in the ring some distance away and said, “Haotian, that old fellow, actually recommended this little child-- it looks like their relationship isn’t a simple one.

Could this child be his illegitimate son”  

Although Marshal Haotian was over a hundred years old, age doesn’t affect a Xiantian realm warrior’s reproductive abilities.

Some three, four hundred years old Xiantian realm warriors had children and it was considered normal.

Thus, Sun Zhang couldn’t be blamed for having such thoughts.

However, if Marshal Haotian knew that Sun Zhang thought Huang Xiaolong was his illegitimate son, no one dared guess what would Marshal Haotian reaction be!

“In your opinion, how long can that child last under Jiang Teng’s attack” asked Sun Zhang changing the topic.

Xiong Chu hesitated for a moment then said, “Probably three breaths.” Up till now, there has only been one person who lasted four breaths’ of time and it was already not bad if Huang Xiaolong could last for three.

Xiong Chu could see Huang Xiaolong wasn’t weak and stated his judgment.

Hearing his answer, Sun Zhang shook his head.

Seeing Sun Zhang was shaking his head; he misunderstood his intent and he ventured, “Does Principal means to say that Huang Xiaolong can only last for two breath’s of time”

“No, he should last for four breaths!” Sun Zhang clarified.

“What Four breaths” Xiong Chu found it a little hard to believe-- he felt saying Huang Xiaolong could last three breaths was good enough, but Principal actually said four breaths!

If Huang Xiaolong could actually last that long, not only would he not be a waste, he could enter the top twenty ranking amongst the new students.


Nobody heard Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu’s conversation, while they conversed, on the stage, Jiang Teng stared at Huang Xiaolong, his tone was cold as he said  “You finally came out.

I thought you didn’t dare to come out from your hiding.

If that was the case, not only are you a waste but a useless cowardly waste!”

Huang Xiaolong sneered and replied “In this world, there truly are many self-righteous idiots!” While he spoke, he remembered what Jiang Teng said (a few days ago ) when he was demonstrating his battle skill, the Tiger Flame Palm, so Huang Xiaolong mocked, “Sacred Bright Tiger appears, invincible throughout”   

Jiang Teng’s face became ugly as it twisted.

Sacred battle qi burst out from his entire body and his martial spirit, Sacred Bright Tiger, appeared and let out and a furious roar at the sky.

The sky seemed to dim and dark clouds rolled.

A tiger’s fury changed the weather!

Jiang Teng no longer held back his strength and his aura continued to increase-- much more terrifying degree as compared to when he was fighting against Li Lu.

“Now, I will let you find out the huge gap between me, the Academy’s once in a hundred years genius, possessing a superb talent martial spirit and you, a waste coming in through a recommendation letter!” Jiang Teng smirked coldly.

 A cold golden light flashed across his pupils as he leaped out and landed in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Fast! Only a few people among the older students could follow his actions.

The surrounding students were shocked-- they didn’t expect that Jiang Teng at full power was so strong, not weaker than some ex-First Year students.



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