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Chapter 592: I Shall Kill You First


Huang Xiaolong and Zhao Shu pushed through the sea of people, arriving at the front.

Entering their eyes were Huang Xiaohai, Guo Xiaofan, Huang Min, and several others, wounded and bloodstained while being pointed at, listening to the loud whispers from the spectating crowd.

“Third Young Master!”

“Young Master Xiaofan!”

Zhao Shu rushed up, arriving beside them in large hurried strides as he called out their names in grief.

Huang Xiaolong was momentarily stunned to the point where he seemed rooted on the spot.

In a split second, monstrous killing intent erupted like a furious tsunami in his heart seeing the bloodstained, unconscious Huang Xiaohai, and the others with him.

His fists clenched so tight that his fingers were digging into his palm.

Never had there been a time when Huang Xiaolong’s killing intent was this strong, this terrifying, that he ever feel like taking someone’s life to this extent!

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t this furious even when he rushed back to Martial Spirit World from the Cloudsea Mainland and saw his parents, family, and subordinates injured by the two Ying Family masters.

He could tell at a glance that his brother, Huang Xiaohai, sister Huang Min, his nephew Guo Xiaofan, and the others’ Qi Seas and meridians were crippled.



His eyes grew bloodshot, yet he restrained himself by taking a deep breath.

He walked toward his younger brother Huang Xiaohai, sister Huang Min, and the others, feeding each of them a top divine grade spirit pellet before accurately stabbing a few acupoints on their bodies, stopping their condition from worsening.

“Big brother!” Huang Min, as well as the others, finally regained conscious albeit slightly unfocused, calling out weakly to Huang Xiaolong.

“Where’s the one who did this” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Just as Huang Xiaohai and Huang Min wanted to answer, a mocking sing-song voice sounded, “Hehe, so, you’re that Black Warrior Institute inner disciple that they were relying on I didn’t expect you to really dare to show up.”

Huang Xiaolong looked over his shoulder, watching a group of people walking out from the Riding Wind Carrier Workshop.

Walking right in front of the group was a young man clad in a fine brocade robe.

Eyes narrowed to thin slits, Huang Xiaolong slowly got up, knowing without asking further that this was the culprit, the Jiang Family’s disciple, Jiang Wei’en.

At this point, Zhao Shu had helped Huang Xiaohai and everyone else up on their feet, moving back to stand behind Huang Xiaolong.

Jiang Wei’en’s group swaggered out, stopping arrogantly in front of Huang Xiaolong.

“You did this” Huang Xiaolong gaze was glacial looking at Jiang Wen’en.

Having a mere Black Warrior Institute inner disciple dare speak to him in such questioning tone, the look in Jiang Wei’en’s eyes grew cold.

With a smile that didn't reach his eyes, he said, “Brat, there hasn’t been anyone that had the guts to speak to me with such a tone.

That’s right, I did it.

So what What can you do, bite me A little Black Warrior Institute inner disciple like you fantasizing to avenge your brother Avenge your nephew”

Jiang Wei’en and the guards behind him laughed in ridicule.

“Brat, let me tell you, our Young Lord is a Jiang Family’s core disciple, and the current Jiang Family Patriarch is our Young Lord’s grandfather.” One of the Jiang Family guards prattled in a lofty manner: “And Changzhi City's Castellan is our Young Lord’s uncle.”

The spectating crowd reacted greatly to the guard’s words.

“He’s actually is the Jiang Family Patriarch’s grandson!”

“Looks like this Black Warrior Institute inner disciple can only swallow this injustice!”

The surrounding whispers entered Jiang Wei’en’s ears, boosting his ego further.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong, he said, “Brat, if you want to take your brother away, you can.

Since they think having a few extra coins qualifies them to compete with me, even having the guts to attack me without reason, you should get on your knees and apologize on their behalf.”

Slander! Shameless slander!

Huang Xiaohai and the others with him glared angrily at Jiang Wei’en.

“Rubbish! We didn't start the fight!” Huang Xiaohai shouted furiously.

Huang Xiaolong lifted his hand, indicating Huang Xiaohai and the others to calm down as he remained composed looking at Jiang Wei’en: “Kneel down and apologize”

Jiang Wei’en snobbishly added, “Before I change my mind, you…” But he didn’t have the chance to finish his words for Huang Xiaolong disappeared in a flicker.

By the time they caught sight of him again, his fist had accurately struck Jiang Wei’en Qi Sea

Jiang Wei’en didn’t even have the time to register what was happening, let alone react.

A long wail rendered the air as a human body was knocked into the air like a dead dog, crashing into the Riding Wind Carrier Workshop’s front, its doors shattered into pieces.

The noisy whispering crowd went quiet all of a sudden.

“Young Lord!!” Gu Yun and the Jiang Family guards finally recovered from their shock, scrambling hastily to check Jiang Wei’en’s condition.

“You, you dare to cripple our Young Lord’s Qi Sea!” Gu Yun spun around, inexpressibly enraged as he glowered at Huang Xiaolong, his voice thundered in the street.

No one present expected Huang Xiaolong, a mere Black Warrior Institute inner disciple to actually dare to attack Jiang Wei’en.

Not only did he attack, he even ruthlessly broke Jiang Wei’en’s Qi Sea!

“Dare to cripple” Huang Xiaolong was coldly indifferent, “So what if it’s crippled”

Gu Yun jumped to his feet, releasing his aura to the fullest: “Death seeking brat! Even if you’re a Black Warrior Institute’s inner disciple, crippling our Young Lord’s Qi Sea is a sin punishable by death!” Both of Gu Yun’s palms was ember red like burning steel rods.

“Burning Fire Palm!” Gu Yun’s palm struck out at Huang Xiaolong.

Before the actual palm arrived, alarming waves of heat swept out at the crowd watching on the sides, who felt as if they had fallen into a high temperature stove.

Everyone swiftly retreated like the tides toward safety.

When Gu Yun felt his palm strike Huang Xiaolong’s torso, a brutal light glinted in his eyes as he shouted: “Go die!”

“Big brother!” Huang Xiaohai and Huang Min cried out in worry.

Huang Xiaolong remained standing, his feet firmly on the ground.

Looking at Gu Yun’s palm sticking to his chest, a sneer appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s face, “It seems like your Burning Fire Palm is lacking in heat.”

The crowd was dumbfounded watching this scene.

“You!” Gu Yun was wide-eyed with shock looking at Huang Xiaolong.

‘How could this be!’ This was his first thought.

He was a peak early Fourth Order master, how could an insignificant Black Warrior Institute inner disciple be fine after taking a head-on hit from his Burning Fire Palm!

While these thoughts were racing through Gu Yun’s head, a frightening energy rushed out from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Gu Yun’s hands quivered as he was repelled, tumbling back in the air without the slightest resistance.

“Kill him!” Jiang Wei’en climbed up from the street floor, yelling madly toward the several Jiang Family guards at his side as he pointed at Huang Xiaolong: “I’ll bear all the consequences!”

Without another word, those Jiang Family guards pounced on Huang Xiaolong in attack.

However, before these Jiang Family guards’ attacks even reached Huang Xiaolong, they were sent flying at an even faster speed.

It goes without saying, being able to become a Jiang Family’s guard, these guards’ strength wasn’t weak at all, but then again, the strongest among them was only a Fourth Order God Realm.

Even though they won in numbers, to Huang Xiaolong, it made no difference whether it was one person or ten people.

At Huang Xiaolong’s current strength, he didn’t need to soul transform nor use the Godly Xumi Art, he could easily defeat these Jiang Family guards.

Watching Huang Xiaolong knocking off all his guards like nothing, Jiang Wei’en felt as if a bucket of ice water doused over him from head to toe, extinguishing his hatred and killing intent.

At this moment, he finally understood that the strength of this Black Warrior Institute inner disciple in front of him had far exceeded his estimation.

Having settled the Jiang Family guards, Huang Xiaolong gradually approached Jiang Wei’en.

“You, y-you, what you want to do!” Jiang Wei’en staggered frightfully.

“Since your Qi Sea is crippled, next are the meridians.” Huang Xiaolong answered without a change in his expression.

“No!” Jiang Wei’en shouted loudly.

The Mulberry Sword appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s hand.

With a single flick, he cut all the meridians in Jiang Wei’en’s body.

“My Jiang Family will not spare you!” Jiang Wei’en screamed shrilly, his voice piercing, “You won’t be able to run away, everyone that has any relation with you, they won’t be able to escape.

There will never be a place in the Black Tortoise Galaxy that will accept you, you will die tragically, tragically!”

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong’s expression gradually grew icy, the Mulberry Sword in his hand chopped down, cleanly cutting off Jiang Wei’en’s left arm at the shoulder.

“In that case, I’ll kill you first.” Huang Xiaolong stated in a casual manner.


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