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Chapter 603: Blazing Stonedragon Beast


Based on Huang Xiaolong’s current strength, it was sufficient to capture late-Fifth Order, even peak late-Fifth Order God Realm demonic beasts.

If he could tame a pack of Fifth Order God Realm demonic beasts, then, within the walls of the Black Warrior City, not even Sixth Order, Seventh Order, probably not even Eighth Order God Realm masters would be able to assassinate his parents and family.

The Jiang Family wouldn’t be willing to send a Ninth Order or a Tenth Order God Realm master to carry out an assassination, the price they would have to pay was too high.

The assassins would definitely lose their lives here.

Any super forces would feel great heartache losing a Ninth Order or a Tenth Order God Realm master.

However, there were barely three years left until the inner disciples’ assessment, Huang Xiaolong had to seize the time to practice, thus he couldn't afford to waste too much time trying to round up some God Realm demonic beasts.

Despite having broken through to Fourth Order God Realm, Huang Xiaolong knew that he was far from being that Xiang Mingzhi’s opponent.

Huang Xiaolong turned to Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, asking if he knew the closest place to the Cloudsea Mainland that had a great number of God Realm demonic beasts.

“Go to the Great Wasteland.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said after pondering the question.

There were more than a hundred twenty and thousand world surfaces in the Black Tortoise Galaxy, and most of their occupants were humans.

Still, there were a number of world surfaces that had demonic beasts as the main occupants.

For example, the Hailstone Mainland. 

There were no human occupants in Great Wasteland, only demonic beasts.

In the whole Great Wasteland, other than demonic beasts, there were only more demonic beasts.

Those in the Cloudsea Mainland and nearby world surfaces would head to the Great Wasteland if they wanted to capture demonic beasts.

The distance from the Cloudsea Mainland to the Great Wasteland wasn’t far.

Changing transmission arrays twice in between, Huang Xiaolong arrived in the Great Wasteland that had its own transmission array, built in an obscured spot within a valley.

“Restrictive formations are placed around the valley perimeter, preventing the demonic beasts from damaging or destroying the transmission array.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi continued, “It is safe within the valley area, but once out of the valley’s perimeter, you need to be vigilant.

There’s always the possibility of a demonic beasts tide rampaging outside the valley perimeter, some disciples that came here died just as they stepped out of the valley’s formation, swallowed whole by the demonic beasts here, not leaving behind even a piece of bone.”

Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded, “Does no one care”

“There are countless and endless demonic beasts in the Great Wasteland, even more frightening are the beast tides.

Even if a Highgod Realm master managed to push back the beast tide once, what about the next one You think Highgod Realm masters are so idle that they have nothing better to do after a meal to come sit guard here.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi laughed, “Then again, it’s not like there’s  a beast tide roaming around the perimeter all the time.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “Which family does this Great Wasteland’s transmission array belong to” The transmission arrays in the Black Tortoise Galaxy were managed by different families, the norm was, the family who constructed the transmission array also managed it.

After all, this represented a wealthy source of income.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi thought for a moment before replying, “Hard to say.

Normally, a large transmission array like this one here in the Great Wasteland is managed by a few super forces and families, it’s too big a pie for a single super force to swallow on their own.”

A cheerful smile spread over Huang Xiaolong’s face, “In the future, after I breakthrough Highgod Realm, I’ll also construct a transmission array like this.

At that time, even without having to condense spirit stones, I can have an endless supply of Xuanwu coins.”

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi retorted, “Instead of constructing one, isn’t it better to just go and snatch one It would save you the effort.”

The two laughed gleefully at their own joke.

By this time, Huang Xiaolong had already left the valley.

Looking straight ahead of him, All he saw was vast flat plains all around, stretching to the horizon line.

Everything seemed calm and tranquil.

It seems like Huang Xiaolong’s luck was not bad, there was no active beast tide encircling the valley.

Coming out this time, Huang Xiaolong shed off his Black Warrior Institute inner disciple robe.

At times, the lack of identity proved to be much more convenient.

“The demonic beasts in the Great Wasteland are no weaklings, even at the bottom tier, they would have a half-step God Realm strength.

Approximately three-fifths of the demonic beasts here consist of early-level God Realms, and mid-levels God Realm occupy one-fifth,” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi went on, “Although you’re already a Fourth Order God Realm, it pays to be cautious.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “Don’t come out unless we run into Seventh Order God Realm and above.” He didn't want to grow reliant on Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi.

With that said, he took out the Mulberry Sword, chose a direction and flew off at high speed.

At his current strength, Huang Xiaolong’s full speed flying could rival a late-Fifth Order God Realm master, and his speed rose several times higher when using sword flight, catching up to an early Sixth Order God Realm’s speed.

Barely a second later, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette turned into a streak of light, disappearing into the plains.

One day later, Huang Xiaolong descended on top of a mountain.

On this day, at least several thousand demonic beasts fell under Huang Xiaolong’s sword, if not ten thousand.

However, the majority of the demonic beats that Huang Xiaolong came across were Third Order God Realm and below.

Occasionally, he’d run into a few Fourth Order God Realm demonic beasts.

Huang Xiaolong had no interest in Fourth Order God Realm demonic beasts, therefore, he killed those he came across.

Just as Huang Xiaolong’s feet touched the soil, the ground under his feet quaked, surprising him.

He quickly leaped up onto his sword, flying some distance away when the hill exploded, shooting soil and stones everywhere like arrows as molten rocks rolled out from inside the mountain.

Before Huang Xiaolong’s startled gaze, a gigantic stone-like demonic beast that resembled a dragon whilst not being one, entirely fiery red from head to toe, flew out from the deep grounds.

“Isn’t this a Blazing Stonedragon Beast!” Huang Xiaolong was delighted at its appearance instead of being shocked.

This Blazing Stonedragon Beast was one of the fierce beasts of ancient times.

Despite its gigantic body, it was agile and swift, and on top of that, its attack and defense were both powerful.

The one before him right now was a mid-Fifth Order God Realm, but its strength was comparable to a peak late-Fifth Order God Realm, possibly even an early Sixth Order God Realm demonic beast.

Once it reached mid-air, the Blazing Stonedragon Beast flapped its wings once, and it was already right in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Its ferocious jaws opened, releasing a stream of molten rocks that transformed into a river of fire, rushing forth to devour Huang Xiaolong.

This was the Blazing Stonedragon Beast’s internal molten rock stream, with temperature many times hotter than the magma ten thousand feet deep underground, it could easily scorch a large piece of land black.

Although Huang Xiaolong wasn’t necessarily afraid based on the defense of his True Dragon Physique, out of caution, he dared not meet the attack head-on.

In a swift flicker, he agilely avoided the stream of molten rock spilling out like a river of fire.

In the next moment, Huang Xiaolong was right above the Blazing Stonedragon Beast’s crown of the head.

With a low bellow, his fist smacked accurately on its head.

Dang! A heavy muffled noise sounded as that Blazing Stonedragon Beast was blasted down to the ground by Huang Xiaolong’s fist.

The land shook visibly.

A short while later, the Blazing Stonedragon Beast got up unsteadily, swaying left and right momentarily before regaining its bearing.

Its eyes glinted as it roared furiously at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

With his intrinsic True Dragon Physique rivaling a divine artifact, after suffering a punch from him, that Blazing Stonedragon Beast actually did not receive much damage

He beamed at this finding.

The stronger this Blazing Stonedragon was, the better.

The Blazing Stonedragon Beast shot to the air once again, preparing to launch another frenzied attack on Huang Xiaolong, but he struck another punch, right at its belly, knocking it back in the air.

Although this Blazing Stonedragon Beast possessed swift speed, it was still much slower compared to Huang Xiaolong’s sword flight.

After more than a hundred punches and strikes from Huang Xiaolong, rendering its body a mass of cuts and bruises, the Blazing Stonedragon Beast finally submitted obediently, allowing Huang Xiaolong to mark its soul.

Subjugating a mid-Fifth Order God Realm beast on the first day, moreover, a fierce beast of ancient times, the Blazing Stonedragon Beast, gave Huang Xiaolong a good mood.

He no longer flew using his sword, and instead, he leaped onto the Blazing Stonedragon Beast’s head, continuing to look for other Fifth Order God Realm demonic beasts.


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