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Chapter 607: Fifth Order God Realm


Sitting in a cross-legged position inside the Xumi Temple, Huang Xiaolong took out the seventh Highgod Realm divine dragon beast core.

‘After refining this Highgod Realm divine dragon beast core, I should be able to advance to Fifth Order God Realm.’ Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself.

At the moment, he felt that he had reached the pinnacle of peak late-Fourth Order God Realm.

In less than a month’s time, he would be able to break through.

A thought strayed into Huang Xiaolong’s mind, ‘I wonder what that Xiang Mingzhi’s current cultivation is.’ When they met for the first time during the last auction, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi saw through his cultivation, stating that it was early Fifth Order God Realm.

Early Fifth Order God Realm A glint flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, but he quickly suppressed all stray thoughts and focused as he began refining the seventh Highgod Realm divine dragon beast core to break into the next level.

While Huang Xiaolong was preparing to breakthrough to Fifth Order God realm, inside a secret space in the Azure Dragon Galaxy, myriad divine lightning streaks were crisscrossing from all angles.

The Five Elements Divine Lightning, Fifth Heavenly Stem Fire Lightning, Fire-metal Divine Lightning, Great Life and Death Vanquishing Divine Lightning, Illusion Derivation Divine Lightning, Boundless Divine Lightning, Yin Yang Star Divine Lightning, and the Heavenly Dragon Divine Lightning. 

The destructive power of these different types of divine lighting streaked across every corner of the space like a rising tide.

Just going by the land area in this space, it was as big as the Snow Wind Continent.

All of a sudden, the various types of divine lightning began to react violently as if provoked, striking at the void endlessly, roaring angrily.

At the center of this sea of lightning, a human silhouette gradually became clearer—the Azure Dragon Institute’s inner disciple leader, Xiang Mingzhi!

Xiang Mingzhi had his arms stretched wide to his sides, covered from head to toe in flashing lightning as the entire space’s divine lightning was devoured by his body.

Subsequently, countless divine lightning streaks were released from his body like a surging river of lightning.

Inside this space, Xiang Mingzhi was akin to its overlord, a Primordial Thunder God that controlled all lightning between heaven and earth.

If he so desired this piece of earth to be destroyed, destroyed it shall be, and if he was happy to see this land exist, then exist it shall!

On his forehead, a blue-colored ancient symbol appeared, bearing some similarities to Huang Xiaolong’s golden symbol of the Dragon Pearl.

Every time the blue symbol on his forehead flickered, the surrounding divine lightning in the space behaved according to his will, from violent and angry to gentle streaks.

A long time later, he gradually descended to the ground below.

‘My Nine Palace Divine of Lightning Technique finally broke through the sixth stage.’ A faint trace of delight flickered in Xiang Mingzhi’s eyes.

The sixth stage allowed him to control all lightning energy within ten thousand li radius at will.

“Huang Xiaolong, in another half a year, the Black Warrior Institute inner disciples’ assessment shall begin.” Xiang Mingzhi smiled coldly, “I hope you won’t disappoint me, otherwise if you’re too weak and die too easily, it wouldn’t be interesting.“

Just like Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Mingzhi, many of the Black Warrior Institute and Azure Dragon Institute’s disciples were doubling their effort in closed-door cultivation.

In another yard on the Misty Rain Mountain Range, Jiang Bi was sitting in a meditative position on an icy bed.

His body was shrouded in aureate light, golden spheres emerging behind him.

Inside these golden spheres were individual golden arhat statues that resonated with the world.

Compared to the quick battle with Huang Xiaolong three years ago, the golden arhat statues had grown incredibly distinct.

In the past, one could only make out a blurry outline that seemingly resembled a golden arhat statue, but now, one could clearly make out the arhat statues’ silhouettes and a hint of facial expressions.

Yet, at this moment, his body actually released wisps of black energy, and these black wisps of energy were in fact ghost qi!

The shocking thing was, not only did these ghost qi wisps not clash with the Arhart Buddha qi, the two opposing energies were actually integrating.

With the appearance of the ghost qi, the Arhat Buddha qi actually grew more intense.

Three years ago, Jiang Bi took a task, venturing down Ghost Abyss to kill the Six Blueface Ghosts.

When killing the Six Blueface Ghosts, he came upon a secret manual, the Heavenly Ghost Record.

Not only that, he also found the  Heavenly Ghost Divine Pellets refined by the legendary ancient master, Supreme Heavenly Ghost.

In the past three years, he had been cultivating this Heavenly Ghost Record while taking these Heavenly Ghost Divine Pellets, and at the same time also cultivating his Golden Buddha Arhat Physique.

His strength grew by leaps and bounds, sailing past bottlenecks as he broke through consecutively from early Fourth Order to late-Fourth Order God Realm.

Time continued to flow past, bringing the day closer to the Black Warrior Institute inner disciples’ assessment.

Other than disciples of the Black Warrior Institute and Azure Dragon Institute, the super forces were also looking forward to it with much anticipation, especially with the news that disciples from the Azure Dragon Institute inner disciples would be spectating.

Consequently, the conflict between Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Mingzhi was dug out again.

Both Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Mingzhi were the Institute Principal’s personal disciple of their respective institute.

Hence, the competition between Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Mingzhi was taken as the competition between the Black Warrior Institute and the Azure Dragon Institute. 

Indirectly, due to the date of the inner disciples’ assessment drawing nearer, the Cloudsea Mainland seemed to be livelier.

According to the Black Warrior Institute’s rules, in every term of inner disciples’ assessment, the super forces and first rank forces could send representatives over to spectate the event.

Of course, each force was limited to three people.

Within the Institute Principal’s manor, Feng Yang was sitting on the main host's seat with obvious worry shadowing his face.

The tea on the table was excellent, however, it tasted bland in his mouth.

He was well aware of the many talks amongst the forces related to this term’s inner disciples assessment.

While the Azure Dragon Institute inner disciples claimed to have come to spectate, he knew that Xiang Mingzhi was going to challenge Huang Xiaolong.

None of these people felt that his disciple Huang Xiaolong would come out on top.

Of course, himself included.

He too wasn’t confident.

Under the Jiang Family, Wang Family, Gudu Family, and that old witch Wang Na’s incitement, to say that the compromising comments about his disciple had been overwhelming was putting it lightly.

“The inner disciples’ assessment will start in another three months,” Feng Yang calculated, the frown in his forehead deepened, “I wonder what’s the result of that kid’s closed-door practice, Fourth Order God Realm”

Advancing from Second Order God Realm to Fourth Order God Realm in five years was the highest expectation Feng Yang harbored toward this youngest disciple.

Even so, he wasn’t confident that Huang Xiaolong would be able to succeed.

The Fourth Order was a mid-level God Realm, this threshold had hindered countless peak late-Third Order God Realm masters.

Could his disciple smash that threshold in such a short span of time Despite knowing full well about his youngest disciple’s monstrous talent, his nagging doubt continued to persist.

While Feng Yang’s face scrunched together worrying about this youngest disciple, Huang Xiaolong was inside the Xumi Temple when an audible crisp breaking sound came from his body, just like the noise of bones grinding during growth.

Huang Xiaolong’s momentum soared sharply.

Fifth Order God Realm!

After refining the seventh Highgod Realm divine dragon beast core, Huang Xiaolong finally broke through.

Very quickly, Huang Xiaolong suppressed the overflowing joy in his heart and continued the refinement, circulating the Asura Tactics to fully refine the seventh beast core. 

Another half a month passed by the time Huang Xiaolong managed to fully refine the seventh Highgod Realm divine dragon beast core, stabilizing his recent advancement.

Consciously checking his internal situation, Huang Xiaolong noticed that his Qi Sea and meridians seemed to have expanded.

The god battle qi in his Qi Sea was abundant and vigorous, whereas the time and space law threads in his soul sea had exceeded a staggering one million treads, a hundred meters in length, and the size of a slender beauty’s thigh.

‘Finally, Fifth Order God Realm!’ For a moment there, Huang Xiaolong’s spirit rose to the sky and began to look forward to the inner disciples’ assessment in two months’ time.


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