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Chapter 609: Must Have Grown Restless From Waiting


One of the most flourishing big cities on the Cloudsea Mainland, the Major Constellation City was the place where the Jiang Family’s Patriarch Jiang Wuhuang, Wang Family’s Patriarch Wang Dingyi, and Gudu Family’s Patriarch Gudu Ye currently gathered.

“Every since our three families’ gambling house venture started until now, we have received tens of billions in betting receipts.” Jiang Family Patriarch Jiang Wuhuang was grinning broadly, “There are still two more months till the Black Warrior Institute’s inner disciple assessment.

By then, the betting receipts would most likely increase to a hundred billion.” 

The Wang Family Patriarch, Wang Dingyi, was beaming as well, “Dividing it equally between our three families, each of us would take more than thirty billion.

Haha, I didn’t expect that Huang Xiaolong to still have some use, just a little assessment earned us several pots full of gold.”

Gudu Ye joined in the laughter, “Before dying, that Huang Xiaolong still helped us make such a big profit, we should really thank him for it.”

Jubilant laughter reverberated in the air.

With the prospect of each family getting more than thirty billion, even for big forces like the Jiang, Wang, and Gudu Families, it was a much-welcomed windfall.

Right at this time, a Jiang Family Elder walked in and reported to Jiang Wuhuang that there was someone wanting to place a bet worth twenty billion.

Jiang Wuhuang, Wang Dingyi, and Gudu Ye were stunned.

A single person betting twenty billion! On top of that, he was betting on Huang Xiaolong to win!

“Patriarch Wang, Patriarch Gudu, what do you think” Jiang Wuhuang looked at his partners in crime, inquiring their opinions.

Wang Dingyi recovered his senses, grinning widely, “Do you think Huang Xiaolong can win Is there a possibility That kid is basically an idiot, he actually dared to bet on Huang Xiaolong to win.”

Gudu Ye laughed, “There’s someone who wants to send us twenty billion, such good thing is hard to come by in a thousand years, how could we refuse”

Jiang Wuhuang hadn’t stopped smiling, “Absolutely right! As a freakish genius that Huang Xiaolong may be, in just a few short years he could, at most, enhance his cultivation to mid-Third Order, or late-Third Order God Realm.”

“Forget late-Third Order God Realm, even if Huang Xiaolong broke through to Fourth Order God Realm by some stroke of luck, in front of Xiang Mingzhi he requires nothing more than the effort of a finger to squash him dead.” Gudu Ye confidently stated.

Shortly, the three Elders from the Jiang Family, Wang Family, and Gudu Family in the Black Warrior City each received their orders, accepting Huang Xiaolong’s bet placement with open arms.

After receiving the order from their respective Patriarchs, all three Elders smiled warmly at Huang Xiaolong, personally helping him process his bet.

Holding the flimsy piece of official betting receipt in his hand, he scrutinized the three Elders, “If I happen to win, I will be able to collect my winnings, won’t I” Huang Xiaolong asked with a tone filled with skepticism.

The Jiang Family’s Elder chuckled, not minding at all Huang Xiaolong’s tone, “This esteemed brother surely knows how  to joke, our Jiang, Wang, and Gudu Families are three prominent super forces and guarantee it with our reputation.

No matter who it is or how much they bet, as long as they win, they are welcome to collect their winnings anytime.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, putting away the betting receipt into the Asura Ring, then turned around to leave.

The three families’ Elders personally escorted Huang Xiaolong out.

“The Patriarch said that after Xiang Mingzhi defeats Huang Xiaolong, all three of us will be rewarded with an additional ten million.”The Jiang Family Elder grinned with glee.

“There’s no other ending for Huang Xiaolong other than losing.

I didn't expect our luck would be so good to be in charge of this gambling house in the Black Warrior City.” The Wang Family Elder chimed in, “Ten million is enough for me to live pleasurably for a while.”

Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette gradually disappeared from their view, but he heard every word they had said loud and clear.

A cold sneer appeared on his lips, ‘I’ll make sure you’ll feel great pleasure when the time comes.’

The odds between him and Xiang Mingzhi were over ten to one; in short, a dozen times his twenty billion bet was over three hundred billion.

He looked forward to seeing the Patriarchs of the three families lose to the point they’d need to sell off the pants they were wearing.

More than three hundred billion! Jiang Wuhuang, Wang Dingyi, and Gudu Ye were bound to vomit blood.

Then again, this was merely small interest.

The sneer on Huang Xiaolong’s face deepened.

Returning to the Luo Tong Residence from the gambling house, Huang Xiaolong had everyone assembled, guiding their cultivation.

Three days later, Huang Xiaolong returned to the Black Warrior Institute to continue his closed-door practice.

Although he still had the True Dragon King’s beast cores and six other Highgod Realm divine dragons’ beast cores, Huang Xiaolong did not pick these, instead, he chose the Three Revolutions Golden Pills.

With less than three months until the inner disciples’ assessment, there wasn’t enough time for him to refine a Highgod Realm beast core, but he need not worry about insufficient time when refining the Three Revolutions Golden Pills.

Still, Huang Xiaolong acted cautiously, taking only one pellet the first time.

After all the Three Revolutions Golden Pill was a sacred grade divine pellet, definitely not something that the Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellet could compare to.

The instant the Three Revolutions Golden Pill entered his mouth, it melted into liquid ambrosia, the energy contained within the little golden pellet rushed toward every corner of his body like tidal waves.

In comparison, the Three Revolutions Golden Pill’s energy wasn’t that much weaker than a Highgod Realm divine dragon beast core.

The Treasure Dragon Protective Shield Art diagram formation inside Huang Xiaolong’s body appeared on its own, devouring the energy from the Three Revolutions Golden Pill like a bottomless abyss, integrating its medicinal benefits within Huang Xiaolong’s body.

After entering Fifth Order God Realm, the diagram formation’s devouring ability had greatly increased more than tenfold compared to the time when he was Fourth Order God Realm.

Roughly two hours later, Huang Xiaolong had fully refined and absorbed his first Three Revolutions Golden Pill.

“What a freak!” When he saw Huang Xiaolong using just little over two hours to refine that Three Revolutions Golden Pill, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi couldn’t resist exclaiming in envy.

For an average Fifth Order God Realm, it would take them at least half a year to refine that one sacred grade divine pill, but this freak Huang Xiaolong did it in two hours! Even if it was Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi himself, it would still take him roughly two hours as well, meaning to say, Huang Xiaolong’s refining speed rivaled a Highgod Realm master!

Huang Xiaolong was but a Fifth Order God Realm now! By the time he advanced to Sixth, Seventh Order God Realm and above, what kind of scene would that be Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi estimated that, by the time Huang Xiaolong broke through to Sixth Order God Realm, his refining speed would absolutely be faster than a Highgod Realm master’s.

Time passed, in the blink of an eye two months came and went.

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged inside the Xumi Temple, focused on increasing his strength a little bit more.

In the beginning, he took a single Three Revolutions Golden Pill, then it was two pills at the same time, three pills, four pills, and by the end of two months, it was ten pills in one go.

When the two months had passed, leaving only ten days to the inner disciples’ assessment, Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation reached the peak early Fifth Order God Realm, just half a step more into mid-Fifth Order God Realm.

In two months, averaging ten Three Revolutions Golden Pills on a daily basis, he had refined over six hundred of them, this amount and speed would frighten those super forces’ elite geniuses to their deaths.

By the eve of the Black Warrior Institute’s inner disciples assessment, the Cloudsea Mainland seemed livelier than ever.

Family disciples could be seen in every corner of the streets, and many masters were coming over from the Azure Dragon Galaxy, White Tiger Galaxy, and Vermillion Bird Galaxy.

Mainly because they wanted to spectate the Black Warrior Institute inner disciples’ assessment, they could only travel using the transmission array in the Black Warrior City.

On the other hand, the cooperative gambling business ran by the Jiang Family, Wang Family, and Gudu Family did better than expected, they were already close to one hundred and forty billion in the books.

The three families’ Patriarchs were grinning from ear to ear for a long time.

Ten days passed quickly.

It was the dawn of the day that everyone had been waiting so many months for, the day of the Black  Warrior Institute inner disciples’ assessment.

When Huang Xiaolong had just exited the Xumi Temple, the night’s darkness was beginning to be washed away by the rising sun on the horizon.

“Many people were getting restless waiting for this day to arrive.” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself.

Leaving his yard, he first headed to his Master’s manor.


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