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Chapter 613: Get Out of the Rising Dragon Arena


“Audacious! Insolent! Actually dare to covet our Azure Dragon Institute’s treasure vault!”

“Damn him! Big brother Xiang Mingzhi, kill him!”

Hearing that Huang Xiaolong wanted Xiang Mingzhi to use their Azure Dragon Institute’s treasure vault as capital, the people of the Azure Dragon Institute jumped in anger.

To them, Huang Xiaolong deserved to die ten thousand times just by thinking about their Azure Dragon Institute’s treasure vault!

Xiang Mingzhi’s eyes also showed displeasure, ridiculing as he said, “How can you prove that you have the Hailstone Treasure vault with you! Moreover, do you really think I will lose”

Huang Xiaolong laughed loudly, giving Xiang Mingzhi an expression as if he was looking at an idiot, “Well, it seems like you’re indeed an idiot, just like that subordinate of your at the last auction who wanted to buy my thirty billion True Dragon King beast cores with two billion.

What you’re saying is, just because you’re not going to lose it means you don’t need to take out anything as betting stake, whereas I, Huang Xiaolong need to take out the Hailstone Treasure!”

Huang Xiaolong’s sarcastic tone and that mocking gaze caused Xiang Mingzhi’s face to flush red.

The masters around the stage also laughed is derisive mirth, obviously agreeing that Xiang Mingzhi was obviously behaving like an idiot, he actually had the face to utter this suggestion

“You’re right, the Hailstone Treasure is in my hand!” Huang Xiaolong admitted as he took out a small golden cube vault, then opening the restrictions on it in front of everyone.

The instant the restrictions were opened, the undulating mountains of Xuanwu coins that seemed to have no end appeared in front of everyone’s eyes, piles after piles of top divine grade spirit pellets about the size of small hills, saint grade spirit stones that could see no end, and ten thousand years and above herbs and elixirs that formed a great hill of their own, there were even hundred thousand years and above spiritual fruits and elixirs.

Divine armors piled sky high in a corner, next to the pile of divine grade weapons! Everything was revealed in front of everyone present.

Recovering from a brief lapse, all eyes turned red, hovering on the edge of insanity.

“Those are Hailstone Spirit Pellets!”

“My heavens! Those are sacred grade divine pellets, the legendary Three Revolutions Golden Pills, ahhh!”

“A million-year-old divine grade herb, Nine Purple Leaf Root! Hundred Thistle King! Clearglass Heart Fruit! Dragonblood Ginseng King!”

“Th-that divine armor, probably reached top divine grade!”

“So many Xuanwu coins! A hundred billion One trillion Several hundred trillion!”

Waves after waves of excited, thrilled, mad cries could be heard from every corner of the arena.

Even the masters from the many super forces that came to spectate couldn’t stop their breathing from quickening and their gazes from growing feverish as their bodies trembled visibly.

Xiang Mingzhi was no exception.

The wealth inside the Hailstone Treasure vault was far from what he had assumed it would be.

Although he estimated that there would be numerous valuable treasures inside, seeing it displayed out before him, just like other super forces’ masters around, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

Forget all those sacred grade divine pellets, top-grade divine armors, million-year-old elixirs and such, just the endless mountains of Xuanwu coins were enough to drive the people in the arena to fall into madness.

In comparison, one could hardly find a similar amount of Xuanwu coins in some super forces’ treasure vaults.

In fact, even the Azure Dragon Institute’s treasure vault paled greatly in comparison!

‘But, this Hailstone Treasure vault is mine! Mine! As long as I defeat Huang Xiaolong, kill Huang Xiaolong, it’s all mine!’ Xiang Mingzhi’s heart was roaring in ecstasy.

Huang Xiaolong snickered, noting the greed in Xiang Mingzhi’s eyes.

He suddenly bellowed: “Xiang Mingzhi, if you cannot take out treasures of similar value, then kowtow and admit defeat! You can get the hell off the Rising Dragon Arena!” 

Kowtow and admit defeat!

Get the hell off the Rising Dragon Arena!

Huang Xiaolong’s sudden loud bellow jolted Xiang Mingzhi out from his delightful fantasy, his expression becoming extremely ugly.

“Huang Xiaolong, you’re courting death!” Wrath exploded in Xiang Mingzhi’s eyes.

“That’s right, if you cannot take out treasures of similar value, kowtow and admit defeat, then get the hell off the Rising Dragon Arena!”

“Kowtow and admit defeat, get the hell off the Rising Arena!”

Gradually, the spectating crowd turned Huang Xiaolong’s words into a chant, repeating them louder and louder.

Xiang Mingzhi’s face was gloomy to the extreme.

Those from the Azure Dragon Institute were looking just as bad, they knew these people were acting this way because of jealousy and didn’t want Xiang Mingzhi to get the Hailstone Treasure.

Xiang Mingzh’s expression changed several times in hesitation, then a light flickered on his left hand as he took out a five-colored golden banner. 

When the five-colored golden banner appeared, the heavens churned.

Everyone could clearly sense that the spiritual energy in the air was ten times denser, no, more than a dozen times denser!

Everyone was flabbergasted and the clamoring stopped.

Their attention was now focused on the five-colored golden banner in Xiang Mingzhi’s hand.

A banner this small could actually increase the density of spiritual energy of a place ten times higher.

This kind of item could be considered heaven-defying!

“This is the Five-colored Divine Banner!” Xiang Mingzhi did not pay attention to the bewildered gazes around him, speaking to Huang Xiaolong slowly, “It's an ancient divine artifact refined by several Gods, there are more than a hundred spiritual energy gathering formations inscribed on it.

Using saint grade spirit stones to activate the formations inside enables the surrounding spiritual energy to increase by a minimum of thirty times, whereas a divine grade spirit stone is enough to increase the spiritual energy within ten thousand li radius by at least fifty times!”

Saint grade spirit stone, thirty times!

Divine grade spirit stone, fifty times!

All around, there were gasps of sucking in cold air.

This was absolutely exaggerated!

With this Five-colored Divine Banner, one would be able to increase their cultivation speed by thirty times, even fifty times.

If others used five hundred years to break through to Fourth Order God Realm, using this Five-colored Divine Banner, they only needed ten years!

Even if someone swallowed divine grade pellets every night and day to cultivate, the effect still wouldn't be this good.

Looking at the Five-colored Divine Banner, Huang Xiaolong was tempted.

He himself didn't need it, but the Huang Family did.

With this Five-colored Divine Banner, combined with top divine grade spirit pellets, the Huang Family’s cultivation speed could be enhanced by many times.

“What if it is activated using sacred grade immortal spirit stones.” Huang Xiaolong solemnly asked.


“Using sacred grade immortal spirit stones, the spiritual energy would be an approximately a hundred times denser.” Xiang Mingzhi answered pridefully.

Another wave of gasps sounded.

One hundred times!

Realization hit Huang Xiaolong. ‘No wonder this Xiang Mingzhi’s cultivation increases so rapidly, looks like this little banner contributed significantly.’ However, Huang Xiaolong’s tone changed, “Although this Five-colored Divine Banner of yours is not bad, do you really think it is equal to the entire Hailstone Treasure This little banner is indeed heaven-defying, but as great as it is, there’s still a price.

If taken out to auction, it will not exceed one hundred billion.

Taking out something that does not exceed one hundred billion to stake against my Hailstone Treasure”

Xiang Mingzhi was indignant, but he knew that what Huang Xiaolong said was a fact.

A Five-colored Divine Banner was a far cry from the Hailstone Treasure vault.

A fierce light shone in Xiang Mingzhi’s eyes as he took out a golden monk kasaya.

The surface of the kasaya was inscribed with Buddhism symbols from the Buddha World, aureate light flowed on the surface as a vast Buddhism energy filled the arena.

“This is an ancient Buddhism treasure, refined by an ancient Buddhist master using one thousand ancient Buddhist masters’ dharmakāya[1], the Innumerable Buddha Kasaya.

When it is infused with god battle qi, it can become bigger or smaller.

When it's big, it can cover up to ten thousand li radius, it can defend and suppress devils below Highgod Realm cultivation.

Cultivating with it can purify the soul, and at the same time, it increases the soul force, entering a Buddhism selfless state!” Xiang Mingzhi explained.

Everyone listening was once again astonished.

This Innumerable Buddha Kasay was no worse than the Five-colored Divine Banner.

In fact, in certain aspects, it was even stronger, such as its ability to purify the soul, enhancing one’s soul force and entering the Buddhism selfless state!

“What else” Huang Xiaolong looked like his interest wasn’t aroused at all.

How could one or two of this kind of ancient treasures compare to his Hailstone Treasure He wanted Xiang Mingzhi to take out all the treasures he had, losing until he vomited blood here! 



 Dharmakaya; Sanskrit: the ‘truth body’ one of three bodies of a Buddha in Mahayana Buddhism originating from India


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