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Chapter 630: The People Coming Over Are Very Powerful


Li Qingming wasn't worried at all about Huang Xiaolong escaping.

Although the young man in front of him wasn’t weak, before a Tenth Order God Realm master like him, that meager strength was inadequate in his eyes.

A big smile flashed across Huang Xiaolong’s calm face, “Are you so sure you can kill me”

Li Qingming had a faint scathing smile on his face as he shook his head, “Although I still can’t figure out how you managed to escape from that Hailstone Treasure space back then, this time I’ve locked the surrounding space with a God Restricting Golden Silkthread Rope, there’s no way in hell you can escape!” At the end of his words, Li Qingming waved his hands, as if to prove his words, and golden lights glimmered, revealing long golden lines of silkthread enveloping the space around them like a large steel cage.

“This God Restricting Golden Silkthread Rope is an ancient treasure I stumbled upon by accident.

There’s an ancient divine formation called God Restricting Soul Lock Array inscribed on it, completely locking and separating a radius of ten li from the outside space.

No matter how tragically you scream, no one outside of this space will know what is happening.

Not even Highgod Realm masters can detect any abnormality outside of a hundred li.” Li Qingming’s aura grew more bloodthirsty as he stared at Huang Xiaolong, adding another sentence in ridicule, “Of course, if you can kill me, you can leave this space.”

Huang Xiaolong ignored the blatant ridicule in Li Qingming’s eyes, but looked interestedly at the so-called God Restricting Golden Silkthread Rope with shining eyes, praising out loud, “This is indeed a great tool for aiding robbery and murder ah! With this rope, one can even kill without fearing any repercussions on the Cloudsea Mainland!”

Li Qingming burst out laughing madly hearing what Huang Xiaolong said, “Brat, I really don’t know where your confidence comes from.

You have already been forced to the end of the road, but you are still trying to act brave!” His eyes strayed toward the golden Dragon Pearl runic symbol on Huang Xiaolong’s forehead, “That golden symbol on your forehead should be some kind of ancient treasure, right You used this ancient treasure last time inside the Hailstone Treasure space to block Zhao Lufei’s attack, which gave you the opportunity to run.

However, I guess that relying on your current strength, you can at most use its power no more than a couple of times.”

Li Qingming’s eyes become increasingly feverish with greed, his eyes staring at the golden symbol on Huang Xiaolong’s forehead.

Just a few years ago, this Huang Xiaolong was just a Second Order God Realm, yet he could already borrow the power from this golden rune symbol to withstand a Tenth Order God Realm’s attack, if he could get it, wouldn't he be invincible below the Highgod Realm

“Little brat, have you thought it over” One of the Azure Dragon Institute Elders behind Li Qingming stared at Huang Xiaolong with lofty disdain, “Your first choice, obediently hand over the Hailstone Treasure as well as all the treasures on you, and we’ll leave you an intact corpse.

The second choice would be us acting, but you will die miserably.”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “There’s a third, and that is, I kill all of you and everything on you lot will be mine.”

Li Qingming and the two Elders were all briefly stunned for a second before their unrestrained laughter resounded.

It was at this time that all three men caught a blinding light flickering from the golden runic symbol on Huang Xiaolong’s forehead.

In the next second, the entire locked space was filled with majestic dragon might.

Before this boundless and majestic dragon might, their breaths were stifled, nearly stopping altogether.

So did their laughter.

Their eyes dilated with fear, and blood drained from their faces as if they saw the most terrifying existence.

“H-Highgod Realm Divine Dragon master!” Li Qingming stammered, staring straight at the thousands of feet coiling dragon hovering behind Huang Xiaolong.

The divine dragon was none other than Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi.

Previously, in the Hailstone Treasure space, he did not have a full confidence that he would be able to kill all six people but now, merely killing one Li Qingming, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi had this much confidence.

As for the two Azure Dragon Institute Elders, both were of no consequence.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s small lake-sized eyes glanced condescendingly at Li Qingming’s group of three.

Staring at his own reflection in Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s cold and murderous eyes, Li Qingming was jolted back to his senses, and his first thought was—run!

Run! The further the better, as fast as he could.

All of a sudden, a beam of bright light soared from Li Qingming’s body, transforming into individual talisman symbols that combined to form a barrier oddly resembling a tortoise shell, fully wrapping Li Qingming within.

“Golden Cicada Shell Shedding Art!” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi exclaimed slightly surprised seeing Li Qingming’s form.

This Golden Cicada Shell Shedding Art was a quite a clever escaping method.

Activating this method allowed a person to hide their body and aura completely, it was even capable of preventing the enemies’ spiritual sense and Godforce from locking onto them.

But then Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s lips curled back in a cold smile.

If it were other general Highgod Realm masters, they really might let Li Qingming escape with this method.

Unfortunately, Li Qingming’s opponent was him.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi stretched his jaw wide, letting out a thunderous dragon roar.

It was akin to tens of thousands of dragons roaring, almost like crossing time and space, originating in an era long gone.

It created numerous horrifying swirling hurricanes, blasting through the surrounding space.

Li Qingming, who had just successfully concealed himself, was severely jolted out of the void, his bloodied body was filled with savage cuts and wounds from the soundwaves blasting through the void.

The two Azure Dragon Elders fared far worse, being directly blasted into pieces, turning into a rain of blood.

The void storm lasted for a long time before dissipating, together with the echoes of dragon roars.

Li Qingming laid on the enclosed space’s floor, gasping weakly, but his fearful eyes were fixed on Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi.

He did not imagine that Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi would be so powerful!

Huang Xiaolong walked up, coming to a stop in front of Li Qingming with a cold sneer on his face, “Who informed you”

Li Qingming understood that Huang Xiaolong was referring to him leaving the Black Warrior Institute, but he snorted, “Huang Xiaolong, the Azure Dragon Institute will not spare you if you dare to kill me, you better think this through carefully.”

The coldness in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes deepened.

His foot crushed down on Li Qingming’s chest, and sounds of bones popping and shattering sounded together with Li Qingming’s scream of pain.

“I think I have thought it through very carefully.” Huang Xiaolong’s ridiculing expression was glaringly obvious, “But it seems you haven’t thought it through.”

Li Qingming glowered at Huang Xiaolong with ferocious eyes, hatred and rage surging in his heart, erupting like a wrathful volcano, “Huang Xiaolong, don’t assume that just because you have a Highgod Realm divine dragon guarding over you, our Azure Dragon Institute won’t be able to kill you! When that time comes, your death will be a hundred times more tragic than mine!”

Huang Xiaolong’s expression was less than lukewarm at Li Qingming’s threat, “Whether I will die tragically or not, I don’t know.

But, I know that at this moment you’ll die tragically.” Huang Xiaolong opened his palm, revealing his vibrant immortal essence fire.

Before Li Qingming’s baffled gaze, Huang Xiaolong sent the fire landing softly on Li Qingming’s body with a wave.

Watching this, Li Qingming issued a disdainful snort.

This Huang Xiaolong was actually ignorant to this kind of level, didn't he know that a mid-level God Realm mater’s godflame couldn't kill a high-levels God Realm master

However, before he could make a sound, his eyes abruptly widened in great horror.

In the next moment, a soul-wrenching scream came from his throat.

The immortal essence fire that landed on his body had begun to devour him.

It was slowly traveling upward, beginning with his fingers, then it traveled to his arms, chest, and lower body.

No matter how he struggled, rolled, and turned his body, Li Qingming was unable to extricate himself from the fire, nor was he able to extinguish the horrifying flames.

Huang Xiaolong did not let him die immediately.

Instead, he controlled the fire, letting it devour Li Qingming’s body bit by bit so that Li Qingming could watch his own body being devoured inch by inch, dying as he screamed in excruciating pain.

It lasted more than an hour.

In the end, Li Qingming’s existence was completely erased from the world under the immortal essence fire.

Huang Xiaolong collected the God Restricting Golden Silkthread Rope and the three people’s spatial rings, putting them away in the Asura Ring.

“Let’s go, there are people heading this way, and one of them is very powerful.” Suddenly, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s grim voice sounded as he flew back into the Dragon Pearl space in Huang Xiaolong’s forehead.

Huang Xiaolong blanked for a moment, but he quickly reacted.

Taking out his Mulberry Sword, he flew away at breakneck speed.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong left the place, five silhouettes arrived at high speed.

When these five people stopped, demonic energy visible to the naked eye emerged in their proximity.


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