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Chapter 635: I Finally Found It!


A tiny frown appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s forehead as he looked at the medicine boy’s snobbish demeanor.

There was obvious disdain in his eyes as his mouth spouted harsh words, but just as he was about to say something, from the corner of his eye, he caught Crazy Lady Yang Yi raising her palm, flying across the medicine boy’s face.

That slap directly sent the medicine boy flying into the air, teeth spurting out from his mouth in midair, falling over the edge of the volcano crater and disappearing from view.

Shi Xiaofei was flabbergasted, while Huang Xiaolong secretly sweated bricks, thinking that this Master of Shi Xiaofei was a hundred times more brutal than him!

In the next moment, Shi Xiaofei and Huang Xiaolong began to worry.

Despite fully deserving that slap, he was still the Ascending Moon Old Man’s medicine boy! With that Ascending Moon Old Man’s odd temperament, would he…!

The space in front of them suddenly rippled vigorously and an old man with a large disheveled mass of hair appeared.

He was wearing an old robe, torn and littered with burn marks here and there.

His eyes were bloodshot red, giving others an inexplicable pressure.

A sense of danger seemed to close in on Huang Xiaolong.

This… withered skinny old man resembling a beggar that gave Huang Xiaolong immense sense of danger was the Ascending Moon Old Man!

While the worry in Shi Xiaofei and Huang Xiaolong’s hearts rose high as the sky, that skinny and withered Ascending Moon Old Man’s face suddenly blossomed into a radiant smile as he looked at Yang Yi, speaking in the softest voice, “Little Yang Yang, you finally came to see me!”

Little Yang Yang!

Both Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei’s jaws nearly dropped to the floor as a violent shiver traveled down their spines.

At this time, Yang Yi’s voice sounded, “Old monster, you think I’d come here willingly” She then briefly spoke of Huang Xiaolong’s purpose of wanting the Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet to the old man.

After he finished listening to Yang Yi, the Ascending Moon Old Man scrutinized Huang Xiaolong from top to bottom.

An eerie sweet smile emerged on the old man’s face seconds later, “Little brat, seeing that Little Yang Yang is willing to bring you here personally, I can give you the Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellets.”

Huang Xiaolong was surprised and happy, but he knew that there was a latter part to the old man’s sentence, it was impossible for this old man to give those divine pellets to him so easily.

“May I know what request Senior has” Huang Xiaolong repressed his joy, asking in a clear steady voice.

Ascending Moon Old Man nodded with a faint smile, satisfied with Huang Xiaolong’s performance so far, “Not bad, not bad, a discerning brat.

Let’s do it like this, in the past, I had this unwritten rule that anyone who comes requesting for medicinal pellets can pick any bottle of from my collection as long as they can refine a sacred grade divine pellet.”

Yang Yi and Shi Xiaofei’s expressions tightened.

“Old monster!” Yang Yi shouted angrily, “You’re deliberately making things difficult for Huang Xiaolong, who doesn’t know that one of the conditions for refining a sacred grade divine pellet is a Highgod Realm master’s godflame! Huang Xiaolong is but a God Realm cultivator, how could he possibly refine a sacred grade divine pellet!”

Shi Xiaofei also said something, backing her Master.

Ascending Old Man ignored Yang Yi’s boiling anger, the little eerie sweet smile was still on his face, “Little Yang Yang ah, you cannot blame me in this matter, this is a rule set by my Master and also the rule of the Thousand Worlds Sect.

I cannot change it as I like ah.”

“Thousand Worlds Sect” Everyone looked at the Ascending Moon Old Man.

The Ascending Old Man straightened his face, “Correct, the Thousand Worlds Sect.

My Thousand Worlds Sect was a prominent sect during the ancient times, renowned for its alchemy.

However, the Thousand Worlds Sect’s disciples rarely reveal their identities to the outside world, hence, very little people know about the existence of the Thousand Worlds Sect.”

“Then Senior Ascending Moon, how many disciples does your Thousand Worlds Sect have Are you the Thousand Worlds Sect’s Chief” Huang Xiaolong asked out of curiosity.

At Huang Xiaolong’s question, the Ascending Moon Old Man looked awkward for a moment, acting shilly-shally as he hesitated many times over before finally saying: “Due to the strict requirement of the Thousand Worlds Sect taking in disciples, we do not have that many disciples.”

Not many disciples Three pairs of eyes were fixed on Ascending Moon Old Man.

“Currently, I’m the Thousand Worlds Sect’s only disciple.” As if he was extremely uncomfortable by the three intense stares direct at him, the Ascending Moon Old Man muttered the truth.

All three ‘guests’ were dumbfounded.

One sect, one man!

Watching the expressions around him, the Ascending Moon Old Man fumed with anger, mostly out of embarrassment, “What kind of expression is that on your faces! Didn’t I already say to you all, our Thousand Worlds Sect has very strict requirements for taking in disciples, you think we’ll accept any stray cats and dogs knocking on our door Let me tell you, countless super forces’ talented disciples wanted to enroll in our Thousand World Sect, but it was our Thousand Worlds Sect that refused them!”

Huang Xiaolong was embarrassed for the old man’s behalf in his heart.

“I agree, Senior Ascending Moon,” Huang Xiaolong said after thinking it through, “But, if I succeed in refining a sacred grade divine pill, I don’t want a bottle of Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellets, I want the formula!”

One bottle would, at most, contain twenty to thirty Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellets, it may not necessarily be enough to help his parents and the others break into the Saint realm, but with the formula itself, Huang Xiaolong could refine as many Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet as he wanted.

“Fine, as long as you kid can really refine a sacred grade divine pellet, I will give you the Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet’s formula.” Out of Huang Xiaolong’s expectation, Ascending Moon Old Man agreed to his request straightforwardly without any hesitation.

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t the only one surprised, Yang Yi and Shi Xiaofei listening at the side were the same.

Having the pill formula meant that Huang Xiaolong could create numerous Saint realm experts, allowing all the family’s disciples who had reached peak half-step Saint realm to break into the Saint realm without any hindrance!

This Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet’s formula was, without exaggeration, a priceless treasure! Yet, the Ascending Moon Old Man agreed to Huang Xiaolong’s request without so much as a blink!

Looking at the eerie smile on the Ascending Moon Old Man’s face, an inexplicable shiver shot through Huang Xiaolong’s heart, but he failed to figure out what scheme this old man could be plotting.

The four people changed the venue to a square.

In front of the Ascending Moon Old Man, Yang Yi, and Shi Xiaofei, Huang Xiaolong took out the Hailstone Holy Cauldron.

“The Hailstone Holy Cauldron!” the Ascending Moon Old Man’s eyes lit up seeing the cauldron that Huang Xiaolong took out.

As a top alchemist, he naturally recognized this ancient holy cauldron.

Moreover, other than refining pills, the Ascending Moon Old Man had another hobby: collecting various divine cauldrons.

After taking the Hailstone Holy Cauldron, Huang Xiaolong then took out hundreds of herbs and elixirs from the Hailstone Treasure.

As Huang Xiaolong did so, the Ascending Moon Old Man’s eyes once again became feverish staring the ingredients.

Huang Xiaolong’s hands began to move, the hundreds of herbs and elixirs flew up to the air in a long line resembling a divine dragon, hovering in the air.

Then, beginning from the dragon’s head, the hundreds of ingredients began flying into the Hailstone Holy Cauldron.

“This, this is the ancient Dragon Clan’s Transfiguring Hand of the Dragon” The Ascending Moon Old Man was shocked.

In alchemy, hand techniques were essential, and the ancient Dragon Clan’s Transfiguring Hand of the Dragon definitely ranked in the top ten.

Furthermore, the Ascending Moon Old Man did not expect Huang Xiaolong would know this technique.

Ignoring the repeated gasps coming from the Ascending Moon Old Man, Huang Xiaolong focused on sending the divine dragon formed of herbs and elixirs into the Hailstone Holy Cauldron, and then, golden-colored flames appeared on both of Huang Xiaolong’s palms.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong’s golden flames, the Ascending Moon Old Man’s eyes narrowed all of a sudden, veiling the burning gaze he was staring at Huang Xiaolong with, as if he had just found a peerless treasure.

With his eyesight, he could tell at a glance that this nameless golden flame was not weaker than a Highgod Realm master’s godflame!

At this point in time, he finally believed that Huang Xiaolong would be able to refine a sacred grade divine pellet.

A God Realm cultivator refining a sacred grade divine pellet!

“Master, I finally found it! Finally found it!” Ascending Moon Old Man exclaimed under his breath to himself.


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