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Chapter 645: Who Dares To Harm My Disciple


The All Dragons League disciples watched Huang Xiaolong leave, moving further away, yet no one dared to throw themselves at spear point trying to stop him.

Ceng Leng, Lin Tong, and a few other disciples struggled to their feet from the ground and went to Jiang Yu’s side.

Facing a Jiang Yu with badly mangled and bloodied lower body, a cold chill ran down their spines, their faces ashen.

It was as if the sky had fallen down on them!

Jiang Yu was Vice-Principal Wang Na’s personal disciple! Her most doted-on disciple! Moreover, Jiang Yu was also the current Jiang Family Patriarch’s son!

They already knew by looking at Jiang Yu that Huang Xiaolong had severely damaged his soul, something that not even a Highgod Realm master could cure.

Hence, Jiang Yu turning into an idiot was already an irreversible hard fact.

Imagining Vice-Principal Wang Na’s violent outburst and her methods after being informed of this matter, Ceng Leng and the surrounding disciples shuddered at the thought.

Although Huang Xiaolong was the main culprit for turning Jiang Yu into an idiot, who could guarantee their safety before Vice-Principal Wang Na’s wrath

Several hours later.

Inside Wang Na’s Wuhuang Peak’s great hall, Wang Na was filled with despondent grief looking at the young man in front of her.

He had saliva drooling out from his mouth, an unfocused gaze, and a random burst of silly laughter.

Jiang Yu had completely turned into an idiot. 

A horrifying whorl of energy gathered around Wang Na, growing increasingly violent and expanding.

A monstrous killing intent pierced the sky from the center of the energy storm.

“Huang-Xiao-long!” The name was spoken through gritted teeth, low and malevolent, which then turned into a manic laughter.

Ceng Leng, Lin Tong, Deng Xuan, and the present All Dragons League disciples waiting at the side of the great hall lowered their heads even further, holding in their breaths.

Wang Na’s scary laughter suddenly died as the back of her palm struck out toward several All Dragons League disciples.

Miserable screams rang in the great hall.

In the next moment, right before Ceng Leng, Lin Tong, and the others’ eyes, those disciples’ bodies tumbled to the floor, grotesque red and green liquid staining the ground.

After a last jerk, their bodies no longer moved.


The All Dragons League disciples felt their bodies freeze from an inexplicable chill, their faces turned pale and bloodless.

Wang Na spun around to look at them.

That look was enough to terrify the All Dragons League disciples, causing them to retreat in fear. 

“All of you have seen it with your own eyes.

They were gravely injured by Huang Xiaolong and died, am I right” Wang Na’s icy voice sounded in their ears.

Gravely injured by Huang Xiaolong and died!

The remaining All Dragons League disciples blanked for a second, but they reacted quickly, incessantly nodding their heads as if fearing that they weren’t answering fast enough: “All of us saw it with our own eyes, they died from grave injuries caused by Huang Xiaolong!”

All of them were well aware that the current Vice-Principal Wang Na’s reason was corroded by her anger and killing intent.

What she wanted was merely an excuse to kill Huang Xiaolong!

Now, this excuse existed!

“Now, all of you will follow me to the Golden Dragon Peak!” Sharp killing intent flitted in Wang Na’s eyes.

With a wave of her hand, Ceng Leng, Lin Tong, and the rest merely felt as if heaven and earth had flipped over, their sights blurred out of focus.

When they could see clearly again, they noticed that they had already arrived at the Golden Dragon Peak.

Was this the famous Highgod Realm master’s ability, the Great Spatial Shift!

Those All Dragons League disciples that were brought over were struck dumb with amazement.

Looking at the Golden Dragon Peak in front of her, Wang Na didn’t speak.

Her palm struck out in attack, direct and swift, instantly activating the Ten Killing Swords Formation.

The Nine Halls Bagua Formation lit up in brilliant golden light, shadow images of eighty-one palaces shot into the air, spinning rapidly.

However, before Wang Na’s strength, the Ten Killing Swords Formation was no different from withered grass, all ten swords rebounded, losing their sharpness and light.

Even the Nine Halls Bagua Formation broke apart, its golden brilliance shattered into fragments and disappeared. 

Inside the Palace of Nine Halls, the two Strongarm Water-fire Apes and the other demonic beasts powering the Nine Halls Bagua Formation were heavily knocked back from the backlash, blood gushing out uncontrollably from their mouths and bodies.

It was a ghastly and harrowing sight.

This was the real power of a Highgod Realm master.

Inside the Nine Halls, after being subjected to overwhelming force past their limits, the Huang Family members fainted into oblivion.

But, at this moment, a golden streak shot out from the main hall into the sky—Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Xiaolong was enshrouded in a golden light, his black and blue twin dragon martial spirits circled around him.

His eyes were scarily bloodshot, chilling and ferocious.

“Oh, actually didn’t die” Wang Na raised an eyebrow, it never occurred to her that she would fail to kill Huang Xiaolong with that palm strike earlier.

Very quickly, a cruel smile radiated from Wang Na’s face, “All the better that you’re still alive, dying like that is too easy for you.

You little punk, you violated the Black Warrior Institute’s rules by killing more than a dozen of the institute’s elite disciples!” Her palm waved at this point, a dozen of elite disciples’ body floated in the air in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong suddenly grinned cynically, when in truth, the violence in his heart reached a new peak.

Wang Na sneered, “Adhering to the Black Warrior Institute's rules, I’m now executing you for your crime! Punk, that old Master of yours has entered death seclusion, it won’t be possible for him to come running to your rescue at this point in time, but you can beg me, beg that I give you a quick, comfortable death!” Wang Na giggled sweetly, seemingly happy at her own idea.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyebrows rose to his forehead, arriving at this point, he was left with no other option but expose Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s existence.

It never crossed Huang Xiaolong’s mind that Wang Na would be reckless enough to kill a dozen elite disciples and the shift the blame onto his head! She was using this as the ultimate excuse to execute him publicly, positioning herself as just and righteous at the same time.

No doubt, turning Jiang Yu into an idiot snapped the last shred of Wang Na’s reason.

“How about it Have you considered it well” Wang Na sneered, “So, get on your knees and beg, I can let you die more comfortably! Sadly, your parents and the rest won’t get the same privilege, I will make sure they live a life worse than death, torturing them for a good decade or two before letting them die tragically!” Nearing the end of her words, Wang Na’s face was twisted with rage.

Huang Xiaolong’s expression grew icier by the second, “If I don’t die today, there will be a day when you shall have the same fate as your disciple, being turned into an idiot!! On top of that, I’ll throw you into the demonic beast clan’s prostitute den!”

The demonic beast clans’ prostitute den was an infamous spot in the Black Tortoise Galaxy where many demonic beast experts visited for flesh entertainment.

One could already imagine Wang Na’s fate if she was thrown inside.

Wang Na was momentarily stunned, then a shrill shriek shook the air: “Go to hell then!” Her arm raised, a slender finger lightly tapped to her front, sending out a myriad of gray piercing sword lights, casting over the earth like a heavenly net raining down on Huang Xiaolong.

The space and airflow in the path of the gray sword lights seemed to be frozen in place.

To Huang Xiaolong’s horror, his movements became sluggish like he was caught in a sinking marsh, unable to move.

Restricted, Huang Xiaolong was about to let out Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi when someone’s voice sounded all of a sudden, “Sissy fudges, who dares to harm my disciple!”

A multi-colored hand imprint emerged from the void, catching all of Wang Na’s torrent of gray sword lights with a mere grasp! Caught inside the enormous palm, those gray sword lights bent at odd angles as they struggled violently to free themselves.

Alas, all the gray sword lights shattered and dispersed the moment the multicolored palm slightly tightened.

The All Dragons League disciples were dumbfounded witnessing this, including Wang Na herself.

A light flickered in the air as a skinny, withered old man that looked more like a beggar appeared in front of everyone.

“Hehe, little disciple, your Master arrived just in time, right” Ascending Moon Old Man’s face split into a grin as he turned over to look at Huang Xiaolong.

“How is it, were you injured anywhere”

Huang Xiaolong was immediately speechless facing this old man.

Just in time He almost ‘disconnected’!

But, what really shocked Huang Xiaolong was the fact that the Ascending Moon Old Man actually executed a Great Spatial Shift from the Cloudsea Mainland to the Black Warrior Institute! Although he knew that Highgod Realm masters were capable of teleportation, it was limited from one location to another on the same world surface.

As for teleporting between different world surface, Huang Xiaolong had never heard of anyone capable of doing this before!


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