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Lin Yanhan turned elated when he saw the restaurant owner approaching.

“Young Master Lin, this appearance…” The Royal Pill Houses owner, Deng Caizhi, inquired cautiously, shocked by Lin Yanhans condition.

Although Lin Yanhan looked different than usual due to his super swollen face, Deng Caizhi was still able to recognize him at a glance.

After all, Lin Yanhan was a regular patron and they had exchanged greetings many times.

Deng Caizhi was shocked because he was familiar with Lin Yanhan and his identity.

There were people in Royal Pill City that dared to attack Lin Yanhan!

The Royal Pill City was unlike other mainlands, the owner of Royal Pill City was none other than the Alchemist Grandmaster Association, whereas Lin Yanhan was the only son of the Alchemist Grandmaster Associations Elder Lin Pinghai!

Within the walls of Royal Pill City, even the core disciples and Elders of super forces that came over to participate in the Alchemist Grandmaster Competition treated Lin Yanhan politely, for it was no secret that offending Lin Yanhan was equivalent to offending Lin Pinghai, and indirectly offending the Alchemist Grandmaster Association!

Lin Pinghai possessed a high status within the ranks of the Alchemist Grandmaster Association, not to mention his apprentice-brother relationship with the current Alchemist Grandmaster Association Chief.

It was said they were on excellent terms.

Hearing restaurant owner Deng Caizhis question, Lin Yanhao was a little embarrassed.

He, Young Master Lin, was actually slapped by an old beggar.

If this incident spread out, his face would be completely lost.

“Boss Deng, its good that youre here.” Lin Yanhan spoke after he composed himself, “I remember that the Royal Pill House has a long-standing rule, only those whose wealth is above one billion are allowed to enter this Royal Pill House.

How do you explain this old beggar being here” As he emphasized this, Lin Yanhan pointed at the Ascending Moon Old Man and the two sitting at the same table.

Deng Caizhi was dazed temporarily.

The Royal Pill House indeed had such a rule, a rule established more than ten thousand years ago due to the extremely high price of their Royal Pill Wine.

Moreover, there was also a rule that patrons had to spend a minimum of ten million, thus those who did not have at least one billion on hand dared not step into the Royal Pill House.

Therefore, no one bothered with this rule for many years.

Which restaurant would block a customer prior to entering their premise, requesting them to display their wealth in public before allowing them to enter

Lin Yanhan glared coldly at the three people opposite him.

Could these three people take out one billion He didn\'t believe that they could, even he himself was unable to take out one billion as he pleased.

He was just waiting for the restaurant to throw these three annoying people out.

Having no choice, Deng Caizhi approached Huang Xiaolongs table.

“Three customers, you also heard just now that one of our Royal Pill Houses rules is that only customers possessing wealth above one billion are allowed to enter.”Deng Caizhi spoke as he came to a stop in front of Huang Xiaolongs table, “Therefore, we kindly request that these three customers leave.”

He naturally didn\'t believe that Huang Xiaolongs group would have one billion on them, thus Deng Caizhi didnt even bother to ask, requesting them to leave straight away.

However, his attitude was considered courteous.

“One billion” the Ascending Moon Old Man snorted, unable to hold in his laughter.

Contrary to his usual temper, he wasnt angry this time.

He laughed, turning to Huang Xiaolong, “Disciple, open their eyes, let them see the real rich people.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled helplessly.

Since the old man had spoken, he also wouldn\'t pretend.

Moreover, he too was unhappy with Lin Yanhan and the restaurant owners attitude.

Rich people Deng Caizhi inwardly snorted, mockery in his eyes.

They dared to self-proclaim as rich people in front of him.

Did these people know how much his Royal Pill House made in a year

Although this Royal Pill House was a family business, he had been in charge of it close to ten thousand years, he had pocketed quite a sum in secret.

Right at this time, Huang Xiaolong took out a spatial ring and opened its restriction.

In that instant, rich spiritual energy and dazzling golden light poured out from the spatial ring.

Deng Caizhi and the surrounding customers sucked in a breath of cold air seeing the things inside the spatial ring, their faces frozen with shock.

Inside the spatial ring space, Xuanwu coins were piled mountain high that one could hardly see the end.

Other than Xuanwu coins, saint grade spirit stones stretched like endless hundred zhang tall waves.

Even Lin Yanhai couldnt hide his shock as he stared into Huang Xiaolongs spatial ring. 


Just as this thought crossed his mind, Lin Yanhan denied it.

The abundant spiritual energy coming from those saint grade spirit stones couldn\'t be faked.

While Deng Caizhi and everyone around had yet to recover, the Ascending Moon Old Mans voice sounded, “Can your eyes see clearly Is there one billion inside”

Only then did Deng Caizhi come to his senses, looking embarrassedly awkward.

One billion Just that mountain of Xuanwu coins had more than ten billion, what more that endless layer of saint grade spirit stones. 

This was still only because Huang Xiaolong preferred not to overly shock everyone, taking out some saint grade spirit stones.

If he were to show the divine grade spirit stones from the Hailstone Treasure vault, Deng Caizhis knees would probably buckle from the blow.

“Since the Royal Pill Houses rule is that customers must have wealth above one billion before being allowed to enter, then what about you kid” the Ascending Moon Old Man suddenly turned around, coldly questioning Lin Yanhan, “Kid, do you have one billion on you”

Deng Caizhi stood there, not knowing what to say.

Lin Yanhan pointed furiously at the Ascending Moon Old Man, “Old man, dont assume youre so great just because you have some money! In this Royal Pill City, I, Lin Yanhan will go anywhere I like!!”

But, before he could finish his words, the Ascending Moon Old Mans palm swung out another slap across his left cheek.

This time, Lin Yanhan was sent flying out from the building through the main entrance, falling on the street.

Everyone was stupefied.

Deng Caizhis jaw dropped to his chest.

While Deng Caizhi stood agape, the Ascending Moon Old Man threw him a question, “Who are you to that kid Deng Guang”

Deng Caizhi was taken aback before he realized who thisDeng Guang the old man was talking about was.

Deng Guang was his great-grandfather, the first person in charge of the Royal Pill House.

Whereas he, Deng Caizhi, was the sixth generation.

Hearing the Ascending Moon Old Man mention his great-grandfathers name, Deng Caizhi looked at the old man with amazement.

Obviously, he wasn\'t willing to believe that this old man actually knew his great-grandfather.

But the Ascending Moon Old Man harrumphed coldly as he took out a plain and ordinary looking tablet.

At the center of the tablet, an ancient pill “丹” character was inscribed!

Others might not recognize this tablet, but as the sixth generation chief of the Royal Pill House, how could Deng Caizhi not recognize it

An excited shiver ran through Deng Caizhi as he prepared to kneel in salute toward was inscribed, but he was stopped, “Enough, no need to kneel.

Go and bring up the Royal Pill Wine; quick, quick! Sissy fudge, its not every day that this old man comes here, so much trouble just to have a drink!”

Deng Caizhi panicked hearing the Ascending Moon Old Man complain, not daring to dally even for a second.

After respectfully saluting the Ascending Moon Old Man, he hastily retreated to personally serve the Royal Pill Wine.

As for Lin Yanhan, he dared not enter the Royal Pill House after getting up from the ground.

He glared at the Ascending Moon Old Man, Huang Xiaolong, and Shi Xiaofei hatefully before turning around and leaving.

The animosity in Lin Yanhans eyes before leaving did not escape the Ascending Moon Old Mans eye.

He snorted sullenly thinking to himself, ‘If it werent for Lin Pinghai who can be considered as a half-disciple of mine, that second slap would have crippled this brat.

The Ascending Moon Old Man knew Lin Yanhan wouldnt stop here, however, he didnt put it to heart.

In this Royal Pill City, he really wasnt worried about what would happen.


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