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In the next second, the long dragon made of herbs started to move, diffusing a light herbal scent.

A thought flashed in Alchemist Jia Liangs mind and his eyes narrowed in contemplation.


‘This is one of the ancient Dragon Clans highest ranked alchemy hand techniques, Transfiguring Hand of the Dragon!

It can\'t be wrong, this must be it, Transfiguring Hand of the Dragon!

Thinking of this, Jia Liang could not maintain his calm demeanor any further, jumping to his feet from his seat with an excited expression as he stared unblinkingly at the moving herb dragon.

The ancient Dragon Clans Transfiguring Hand of the Dragon Technique had been lost long ago, but now it had reappeared in the world! Moreover, it happened right in front of him!

He was excited, flabbergasted, and in disbelief.

Jia Liang clearly remembered that when his ancestral grandfather spoke of high-level alchemy techniques, at the mention of Transfiguring Hand of the Dragon Technique, he would have a fevered expression in his eyes, endlessly praising it.

At this point of time, Huang Xiaolong waved his right hand, releasing a ball of black flames that turned into nine black fire dragons, flying up toward the herb dragon.

Watching these nine black fire dragons, another great wave of shock hit Jia Liangs heart, then he became ecstatic as he screamed: “Nine Dragons Rising to the Heavens!”

‘Oh God, thats Nine Dragons Rising to the Heavens!

The ancient Dragon Clan possessed a high-grade alchemy technique that was even better than the Transfiguring Hand of the Dragon!

The dumbstruck disciples around were filled with disbelief.

There was actually someone who could control the flames to this extent, turning them into nine fire dragons What kind of technique was this ThatNine Dragons Rising to the Heavens that came out from Alchemist Jia Liangs mouth was the name of this technique

By this time, the harsh ridicule had disappeared, leaving only shock, astonishment, incredulity, and a mix of other emotions.

The entire hall was watching in silence.

After the nine black fire dragons reached the herb dragon, they flew around it at a constant pace.

Ten dragons danced in the air.

As they continued to move, the flames from the nine black fire dragons gradually transferred into the herbs that formed the herb dragon.

A thin layer of flame wound around each herb and gradually grew thicker, slowly melting them.

Although it sounded slow, in fact, everything happened in a mere few breaths time.

The many herbs were quickly refined, their impurities removed, leaving behind only the purest liquid essence of a herb.

Subsequently, under Huang Xiaolongs manipulation, the nine black fire dragons connected, forming a large dragon ring, creating a perimeter with the herbs liquid essence in the middle.

The surrounding disciples were agape by this point. 

Jia Liangs excitement turned into euphoria, “This is the Dragon Circle Furnace Technique!”

Dragon Circle Furnace Technique!

Forming a dragon circle with one owns flame, shaped like a furnace, to refine the pure liquid essence inside the dragon ring.

Before Jia Liangs eyes, the herb essence within the dragon ring glimmered with a golden light, resembling precious jewels it continued to rotate up and down inside the dragon ring area.

A short while later, the glimmering golden lights vanished.

Then, the dragon ring broke and dissipated.

As the view cleared, everyone saw glittering pellets resembling bright stars falling from the air.

In that instant, a strong medicinal fragrance filled the hall, intoxicating all present.

“This is a saint grade spirit pellet, the Amorphous Star Pellet!”

“It is! Moreover, these are all mid-saint grade spirit pellets!”

Surprised exclamations resounded throughout the hall when they observed the falling pellets.

These pellets were actually saint grade and not heaven grade! Using ingredients that could only produce heaven grade, he actually refined saint grade spirit pellets!

And that was in a situation where no furnace was used!


Dumbfounded gazes stared at Huang Xiaolong.

This result was probably similar to the result that a high-level Alchemist Grandmaster could achieve! 

This person really practiced alchemy for less than thirty years!

Almost simultaneously, everyone around remembered what Huang Xiaolong said earlier, but… was it really possible!

No one would believe that a person could have the skills of a high-level Alchemist Grandmaster in that short amount of time, for this had already reached the heights of an Elder of the Alchemist Grandmaster Association.

In the next moment, these peoples thoughts shifted to theMaster that Huang Xiaolong pointed at previously, their gazes turned to look at that beggar-like old man, who was still snoring away.

What made them even more speechless was the fact that this old man was talking in his sleep, “Such a nice smell, what wine is this”

Clearly, the old man was dreaming, dreaming about wine.

But this time, no one dared no utter a mocking word.

A complicated feeling sprang in the depth of their eyes, as well as admiration.

What kind of old monster was that person, bringing out a disciple that could refine saint grade spirit pellets even without a furnace

Looking at the astonished Alchemist Jia Liang, Huang Xiaolong asked: “Have I pass the assessment”

In truth, the flame that Huang Xiaolong used earlier was his Asura battle qis flame, the Flame of Asura, instead of his true immortal essence fire.

Otherwise, it wouldnt have been a mere saint grade Amorphous Star Pellet.

Then again, he merely exerted one-fifth of his strength.

Alchemist Jia Liang came to his senses at Huang Xiaolongs question.

By now, the way he looked at Huang Xiaolong had totally changed.

Coming to a stand in front of Huang Xiaolong in a few quick steps, he became humble and respectful, “Senior has passed the assessment, I will give Senior the Alchemist token and robe!”

In Jia Liangs opinion, Huang Xiaolongs skills were comparable to the Elders in their association, hence, his salutation to Huang Xiaolong also consciously changed.

Although Jia Liang didn\'t know why with Huang Xiaolongs high-level Alchemist Grandmaster skills only appear for the Alchemist assessment now, it was not his place to ask.

Hearing Jia Liang calling himSenior, Huang Xiaolong was dazed for a second.

However, he quickly accepted this salutation matter-of-factly.

As the Ascending Moon Old Mans personal disciple, Huang Xiaolong and the Alchemist Grandmaster Association Chief were of the same status, therefore it was rightly so being calledSenior by an Alchemist.

Very soon, Jia Liang brought out Huang Xiaolongs Alchemist identity token and robe, respectfully presenting the items to him.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to take them, a sonorous shout came from the halls entrance: “Wait!”

The shout was too sudden, instantly drawing everyones attention.

The speaker was none other than Lin Yanhan who rushed over with his subordinates.

Seeing that he made it in time, Lin Yanhan secretly breathed in relief as he strode into the hall with a cold sneer on his face, his subordinates following behind him.

When Jia Liang saw that it was Lin Yanhan, a slight frown appeared on his forehead, but he still stepped forward in greeting: “Hall Deacon Lin.”

Lin Yanhao tilted his head up and puffed out his chest as he nodded toward Jia Liang.

Then, he pointed at Huang Xiaolong, “Did this punk take the Alchemist assessment just now”

Hearing Lin Yanhan calling Huang Xiaolong punk, the disrespect made Jia Liangs brows immediately scrunched up with dissatisfaction, “Yes, moreover, this Senior has passed the assessment.”

Lin Yanhao snorted coldly, “Passed the assessment Who said so I say he didn\'t!”

The hall immediately fell into an awkward silence, Lin Yanhans words rang clearly in their ears.

The surrounding disciples expressions gradually became provoking and filled with schadenfreude looking at Huang Xiaolong.

All of them were aware of Lin Yanhans identity.

They hadn\'t expected that Huang Xiaolong had offended Lin Yanhan.

At Lin Yanhans overbearing words, Jia Liang blanked for a second before rebuking angrily, “Lin Yanhan, what is the meaning of this You dare to interfere with the Alchemist assessment!”


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