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Afraid that Huang Xiaolongs group didn\'t understand the gravity of the situation, Jia Liang emphasized the Chief Alchemist Grandmaster Associations strength, urging anxiously, “In the past, there was a super familys Grand Elder that caused some trouble at our headquarters.

He merely injured an ordinary Alchemist, but our Chief and several Elders executed him on the spot!”

“Moreover, that Grand Elder was killed right in front of that super familys Patriarch, despite the Patriarchs request for mercy!” Jia Liang added at the end.

Detecting Jia Liangs worried expression, Huang Xiaolong couldn\'t resist smiling, “Dont worry, nothing will happen.

Who knows, maybe when your Chief arrives, he wont make things difficult for us after seeing how handsome my Master is.”

Shi Xiaofei couldnt help laughing hearing this, her face bloomed like a flower.

The Ascending Moon Old Man gave Huang Xiaolong a stern look, saying, “You little brat can stop the flattery, this old man already knows hes born good-looking, do I need you to advertise this”

Shi Xiaofeis lovely sound laughter sounded again.

Jia Liang was dumbfounded watching the exchange between Huang Xiaolong and the Ascending Moon Old Man, feeling an impulse to vomit blood.

Where exactly did this pair of master-disciple jump out from In this situation, they were still in the mood to joke around!

The surrounding disciples also felt their face muscles twitch watching the two of them. 

At this time, inside a mansion not far away from the Alchemist Grandmaster Association, Lin Pinghai was guiding two disciples in their alchemy practice.

Lin Pinghais hands danced in the air like butterflies as a long line of elixirs flew up from the table, falling into the large black furnace placed at the center of the yard.

This was a high grade refining technique named Fluttering Butterfly Hands.

Lin Pinghai said to his two disciples, “Watch carefully, try to comprehend the crucial points of this Fluttering Butterfly Hand, gentle and ever changing!”

As his hands continued to move, the airflow in their surroundings became noticeably slower and gentle.

Following Lin Pinghais hand movements, the elixirs in the air swirled in an unpredictable rhythm, up and down, forward and backward.

When all the elixirs were inside the furnace, Lin Pinghai suddenly made a big motion of stretching his arms out as if his hands were two giant wings, like he was about to take off.

Powerful spheres of fire flew out from Lin Pinghais body.

“This is the Great Roc Rising Waves!” Lin Pinghai added, “It is a good pairing for the Fluttering Butterfly Hand, one soft, one hard.

The Fluttering Butterfly Hands essence is soft and ever-changing, while this Great Roc Rising Wave focuses on strength and speed!”

At this point, Lin Pinghais hands movement gradually became faster, leaving a film of afterimages.

From afar, he resembled a great roc flapping its great wings again and again.

Waves of fire rushed forward, faster and faster, into the furnace.

As an Elder of the Alchemist Grandmaster Association, one had to admit that Lin Pinghai indeed possessed high-level alchemy refining skills.

Whether it was his control of fire or his comprehension of refining techniques.

A short while later, Lin Pinghai stopped.

The furnace cover spun to the air as a resplendent light burst out from the furnace, while round medicinal pellets floated up.

“I say, Masters alchemy refining skills are much higher than our Chief.” One of the disciples stepped forward, respectfully flattering Lin Pinghai.

“I agree, if Master says hes second, no one would dare to claim they are number one.” The other disciple quickly caught up in a few steps, flattering with a charming smile on his face.

Lin Pinghai waved his hand saying, “Senior brother Association Chiefs level is still a little bit higher than mine.” Despite the humble words, the prideful expression on Lin Pinghais face showed that he too inwardly thought that his alchemy refining skills had surpassed the Chief, the number one person in the association.

Just as Lin Pinghai was still feeling complacent, a guard ran in with a flustered face, “Elder, Young Master was hit at the Alchemist Grandmaster Association headquarters!”

“What did you say Hit at the Alchemist Grandmaster Association headquarters!” Lin Pinghai wondered if he had heard correctly: “Are you certain”

“Certain! Elder, this small one had just received the message, it really happened at the Alchemist Grandmaster Association headquarters!” The guard answered.

One of the disciples beside Lin Pinghai coldly snorted, “Actually dared to cause a ruckus at the Alchemist Grandmaster Association headquarters! They even dared to injure Junior brother Lin Yanhan! These people are really tired of living!”

“Master, I will lead a group of experts over to capture them!” The other disciple was quick to volunteer.

Lin Pinghais coldly stated, “No need, I shall go over myself.

Id like to see what blind fool dare to injure my son in at the headquarters!” He strode out in large strides, commanding: “All of you come with me!”

“Yes, Master!”

Lin Pinghai stormed out of his mansion together with his two disciples, heading to the Alchemist Grandmaster Association headquarters.

When Lin Pinghai received the message, as one of the associations Elders, Chen Ye also got the news almost at the same time.

Similar to Lin Pinghai, Chen Ye was also angered by the incident.

Lin Yanhan could be considered his martial-nephew.

The other party dared to hit Lin Yanhan at their headquarters, wasnt that the same as slapping his face in the public eye

Clouded by anger, Chen Ye gave an order; all Alchemist Grandmaster Associations Elders were to assemble at the headquarters.

While all these took place, Lin Pinghai was the first to arrive at the Alchemist Grandmaster Association.

At the headquarters entrance, a violent killing intent burst out from Lin Pinghais body when he saw his son, Lin Yanhan, buried under a pile of rubble on the opposite side of the street.

He rushed inside the headquarters building, roaring, “Who! Who was it that dared to injure my son Roll out here to die!” His voice echoed in the hall, the entire building quivered.

Fear took over Jia Liangs face when he saw Lin Pinghai furiously rushing in.

To a low-level Alchemist like Jia Liang, association Elders like Lin Pinghai were akin to a great mountain.

Those disciples that stayed behind, waiting to watch a good show, all turned pale from Lin Pinghais momentum.

Apart from being an Alchemist Grandmaster Association Elder, Lin Pinghais cultivation was at the perfect stage of peak late-Tenth Order God Realm! 

An invincible existence below Highgod Realm!

After releasing his roar of fury, Lin Pinghais eyes swept around the hall.

His gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong, Shi Xiaofei, and the Ascending Moon Old Man.

Standing at the center of the hall, the three of them were the most conspicuous.

But when Lin Pinghai saw the Ascending Moon Old Mans back, he blanked for a moment. ‘This figure, could he be… Thinking of the possibility, he quivered from head to toe as if he was trying to shake off a thick layer of dust.

Jia Liang and everyone that was pale from fear became dumbstruck noticing the ecstatic expression on Lin Pinghais face, their gazes turned to where Lin Pinghai was looking at—the old man.

At this time, the Ascending Moon Old Man turned around to face Lin Pinghai, a cold gaze in his eyes.

A cold shiver ran down Lin Pinghais body from that gaze, but he hastily approached the Ascending Moon Old Man, misty-eyed.

Before the shocked faces of Jia Liang and the others, Lin Pinghai suddenly knelt down before the Ascending Moon Old Man, kowtowing respectfully: “Master!”


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