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Although the Fourth Order God Realm guards mood soured at the command, he dared not disobey.

Roughly pushing away the woman in his embrace, the guard got to his feet and respectfully acknowledged Ying Feis command.

Reaching the main halls entrance, the guard flew into the air.

“Let\'s continue.” Ying Fei said to the remaining Ying Family masters in the hall.

Clearly, Ying Fei wasnt perturbed by the energy fluctuations coming from outside.

Even if problems arose, that Fourth Order God Realm guards strength was sufficient to handle them. 

Ying Fei raised his wine cup, signaling everyone to do the same.

Those Ying Family masters present quickly raised their wine cups, continuing their merrymaking.

Just as everyone raised their wine cups, a miserable scream rang from outside the main hall.

The Fourth Order God Realm guard that flew out moments ago was sent flying back into the main hall through the roof, crashing down at the center of the large hall.

The floor tiles cracked, spreading out thin spidery lines.

Ying Fei and the Ying Family masters reactions momentarily lagged.

Their laughter died, but the smiles were frozen on their faces.

A black-haired young man appeared in their line of sight, riding atop a white tiger as they entered the hall.

They did so in a slow and leisurely manner.

Next to the black-haired young man was a beautiful woman sitting on a white lion.

Seeing the young woman, Ying Feis eyes sparkled, lust flickered in his eyes.

He had tasted countless women and had traveled many different world surfaces, but this was the first time he came across such a beauty.

Naturally, the young man and woman were Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei.

Huang Peng, Su Yan, Huang Xiaohai, Huang Min, and the rest remained outside to deal with Ying Family guards and soldiers.

Ying Feis attention then shifted onto the two demonic beasts they were riding.

Huang Xiaolong rode on the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger, whereas Shi Xiaofei was riding on the Whitedragon Lion, also a lineage of ancient fierce beasts.

“Who might you be” Ying Fei didnt even bother to stand, pointing a finger at the Fourth Order God Realm Ying Family guard that was lying in the middle of the hall, asking pompously, “What is the meaning of this”

One could only wonder if Ying Fei had never seen a portrait of Huang Xiaolong or didn\'t even bother to remember his face

At this point, one of the Ying Family masters close to Ying Fei spoke, “Big brother, he…seems to be that Huang Xiaolong” The person who spoke was one of the four Ying Family Grand Elders guarding over the Huang Clan Manor, Ying Lu.

Among the four brothers, Ying Fei was the eldest, and Ying Lu second.

“Huang Xiaolong” Ying Fei was taken aback, as if he never expected the trespasser to be the very person their Ying Family wanted to capture.

Ying Fei looked at Huang Xiaolong once more, focusing on his features more than he did earlier.

When he determined that it was really Huang Xiaolong, he laughed happily.

“Huang Xiaolong Haha, youre Huang Xiaolong!” His eyes fell on Shi Xiaofei, “Then this little beauty must be Martial Spirit Worlds number one beauty, Shi Xiaofei, yes Gorgeous, a great beauty indeed!”

Knowing it was Huang Xiaolong, Ying Fei no longer hid his desire, his eyes blatantly roved all over Shi Xiaofeis slender figure, the lust in his eyes grew ever more presumptuous.

Similar to the previous Ying Changtian, Ying Fei didn\'t put someone who had barely cultivated for a little more than a hundred years in his eyes.

How strong could a rugrat that small be The threat was nonexistent.

Ying Lu joined his elder brother in laughter, “Big brother, this little wench is really tender, I heard she even has a unique physique.

After we suck this wenchs life essence, our cultivation can definitely advance by a lot!”

All the Ying Family Masters laughed obnoxiously.

Shi Xiaofei exuded a chilling killing intent.

Huang Xiaolong snickered, “A bunch of people who are about to die, still in the mood to laugh so happily.”

“Punk, what did you say!” Ying Feis laughter halted abruptly as killing intent surge to his eyes.

He turned toward a Sixth Order God Realm Ying Family master, who understood Ying Feis meaning.

In the blink of an eye, he flickered into a blur, swinging a powerful punch at Huang Xiaolong.

The force of his fist shattered the void, causing the airflow in the hall to swirl in a turbulent vortex.

Just as that Sixth Order God Realm masters fist arrived in front of him, Huang Xiaolong lifted his right hand, clutching over that Ying Family masters fist.

Then, with a tug, before Ying Fei and the rests shocked faces, that Sixth Order God Realm masters right hand was ripped off by Huang Xiaolong.

Following that, Huang Xiaolong landed a precise punch on that Ying Family masters Qi Sea, directly shattering it.

The force of Huang Xiaolongs punch burst out from the Ying Family masters back toward Ying Fei, who was sitting not far away.

Ying Feis relaxed expression vanished.

“Extreme Yin Blood Demons Palm!” Ying Fei roared, slamming his palm to counter Huang Xiaolongs attack.

A bloody-red palm collided with the force of Huang Xiaolongs punch.

However, the force of Huang Xiaolongs punch was overwhelming, greatly exceeding Ying Feis assumption.

His bloody-red palm imprint dispersed like fog in front of him as a powerful force knocked Ying Fei flying into the air.

The throne he was sitting on flew backwards, breaking the walls behind him.

Ying Lu and the other Ying Family masters froze in place, staring at Ying Fei with incredulity as he coughed up blood in a pile of rubble.

He was too weak too even stand up on his own.

Indifferent to these Ying Family masters shock, Huang Xiaolongs right hand formed a claw, holding the Sixth Order God Realm master that attacked him in the beginning by his head.

With a twist, just like Ying Changtian, his head was ripped off his shoulders with brute force.

His blood-curdling scream jolted Ying Lu and the others to their senses.

Their faces became ashen in dread thinking of what would happen next.

“You, who are you!” Ying Fei struggled up from the floor, his gaze fixed intensely on Huang Xiaolong, unable to hide the fear in his eyes.

Amongst the Ying Family masters present, only he truly understood the extent of Huang Xiaolongs terrifying strength.

He had experienced fighting a Ninth Order God Realm in the past, however, even an early-Ninth Order God Realm master did not possess Huang Xiaolongs terrifying force.

Coming to the same conclusion as Ying Changtian, Ying Fei refused to believe that this black-haired young man in front of him was the genuine Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong was indifferent, “After you die, Ying Changtian will tell you.”

“Ying Changtian” Ying Fei and the rest were stunned.

“I came over from Duanren Imperial City.”

From Duanren Imperial City!

Ying Fei and the rest immediately understood the meaning of Huang Xiaolongs words.

Their faces turned bloodlessly pale; if Huang Xiaolong came over from Duanren Imperial City, then, without any doubt, Ying Changtian was already…!

All of a sudden, Ying Fei hollered, his whole body burst into blood mist that shot toward the sky, wanting to flee.

His shout awakened Ying Lu and the others, all of them scattered and fled in different directions.

Even the mid-Eighth Order God Realm Ying Changtian was killed, they did not have the courage or confidence to resist.

Watching Ying Fei, Ying Lu, and these Ying Family masters fleeing for their lives, Huang Xiaolong sneered as a thousand arms emerged from his back.

Godly Xumi Art!

Huang Xiaolong did not attack Ying Feis group.

Instead, he struck a palm at the void in a certain direction, yet this single palm sent Ying Fei and the others that were fleeing in all directions tumble back into the hall from outside.

Each of them had a golden handprint on their chests, right above their Qi Sea.

That golden handprint had completely crushed their Qi Seas, meridians, as well as internal organs.

“I wont let you guys die so easily.” Huang Xiaolong looked at the terrified faces of these eight people, “What is crueler than death, more devastating than death, and more horrifying than death”

Just as Ying Fei opened his mouth to plead for mercy, Huang Xiaolongs palm struck him, shattering every bone in his body.

First, it was their Qi Seas, internal organs, and meridians that were crushed, followed by all the bones in their bodies shattering.

Even an Eighth Order God Realm master like Ying Fei screamed his voice hoarse from pain.


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