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Zhao Weitong quickened his steps even more until he was standing in front of Li Zishuai in a respectful manner, with a wide flattering smile on his face, “Young Master Li.”

Li Zishuai snorted loudly, lifting his eyelids slightly as he asked, “Whats the progress of the matter I told you to check”

Zhao Weitong quickly replied, “We already found it.

The Nine Cloudy Ice Petals that Young Master Li wants are on a lone island in the Sea of Black North.

However, a thick multi-colored poison miasma shrouds the island throughout the year.

The slightest contact with the poison miasma is enough to render a Tenth Order God Realm master into a pile of pus, therefore, we should wait until the poison miasma dispersed a little before going in.”

Li Zishuais eyebrows creased into a furrow, “Multi-colored poison miasma Then how long do we have to wait This Young Master is not so idle to stay indefinitely in this Peace Emperor World.”

Zhao Weitong hastened to assure, “It wont take long, surely.

Three days! Three more days at most, and that multi-colored poison miasma will dissipate.”

Li Zishuai nodded, “If its like that, then this Young Master will stay for three more days in Peace Emperor World.”

Zhao Weitong faltered and hesitated, as if there was something he wanted to say.

“Speak, what else” Li Zishuais eyebrow rose in question.

“Its, its like this…” Zhao Weitong was extremely careful and cautious as he explained, “Strictly adhering to Young Master Lis order, weve been rushing the production of weapons and armors day and night, but a few days ago, someone stole millions of weapons and armors that weve been rushing with all-out effort.” At the end, Zhao Weitong glanced furtively at the four Li Family masters around  Li Zishuai.

Zhao Weitong knew very well that those four Li Family masters were all mid-Ninth Order God Realm.

He refused to believe that they couldnt exterminate a single Huang Xiaolong if these four people were to lend a hand to their Zhao Family!

This time, their Zhao Family lost twelve Eighth Order God Realm Grand Elders and close to a hundred God Realm disciples, itd be a lie to say that Zhao Weitong didn\'t feel pain and anger.

He wished for nothing more than to dismember Huang Xiaolong alive.

Li Zishuais eyes widened when he heard this, a piercing glint shone in his eyes, “Did you not tell them that it was our Li Family that ordered you to forge those weapons and armors!”

Zhao Weitong answered, “We did, but the other side claims that the result wouldn\'t change even if the Li Family comes.

Moreover, they clearly knew that our Zhao Family has pledged loyalty to the Li Family, but they still killed twelve of our Grand Elders.

Not only that, several Grand Elders that managed to survive and returned reported that this person said hell come to Peace Emperor World to annihilate our Zhao Family.

He will most likely arrive in the next few days!”

The piercing light in Li Zishuais face grew sharper, but a smile spread over his face, “Then this Young Master really wants to see what kind of punk is so bold, not putting our Li Family in his eyes!” As an afterthought, he asked Zhao Weitong, “How is this persons strength”

After all, Li Zishuai only brought four mid-Ninth Order God Realm guards out with him this time.

Immediately understanding Li Zishuais worry,  Zhao Weitong, grinned, “Please rest assured, Young Master Li, the other sides cultivation is definitely below Ninth Order God Realm.”

Li Zishuai became completely at ease and waved his hand without looking at Zhao Weitong, “Leave first, report to me when this person is here.”

Zhao Weitong acknowledged respectfully and withdrew from the courtyard with his Zhao Family Elder.

Half a day later, Huang Xiaolong, who was speeding past the vast space, gradually slowed down, coming upon a world surface.

Huang Xiaolong stopped, observing the Peace Emperor World surface from outer space, his gaze was far from amicable.

Since the Zhao Family dared to turn Martial Spirit World into a dead world, then he would see to it that blood would flow into a river in the Peace Emperor World!

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong penetrated the outer layer, diving into Peace Emperor World, emerging in a blue sky.

With barely a pause, Huang Xiaolong flew southward in the fastest speed.

According to Huang Xiaolongs knowledge, the Zhao Familys territory encompassed most of Peace Emperor Worlds southern lands.

In the Peace Emperor World were four major powers; one of them was the Zhao Family, while the other three were the Mo Family, the Demonic Cult, and the Nether Ice Palace.

Amongst the four major powers, the Demonic Cult was the strongest, whereas the Zhao Family, Mo Family, and the Nether Ice Palace were more or less equal.

And these three powers were on friendly terms with each other.

However, regardless of who they were, as long as they dared to hinder him from annihilating the Zhao Family, they would die together with it!!

Overwhelming killing intent surged from Huang Xiaolongs body, colder than ice.

Slightly over an hour later, above a large city on the south side of Peace Emperor World, Huang Xiaolong suddenly stopped instinctively, then he spread out his divine sense to cover the entire large city below him.

A moment later, Huang Xiaolongs figure blurred, appearing almost instantaneously inside a residence in the city.

“Who is it!” The residences patrolling guards discovered Huang Xiaolong and barked with vigilance.

Huang Xiaolong did not spare a glance at these guards, his feet moving toward the main courtyard.

Being brusquely ignored, the team of patrolling guards were greatly angered.

Each of them raised their swords and blades, sprinting toward Huang Xiaolong with ferocity, however, when they reached thirty meters from Huang Xiaolong, all the guards were knocked back by an invisible energy barrier.

When they hit the ground, those guards were no longer moving.

The commotion on this side quickly alerted the surrounding courtyards guards.

Footsteps thundered and sounds of whistling wind came from all directions, inching closer to Huang Xiaolong by the second. 

From inside the main courtyard came a middle-aged man clad in a brocade robe sewn with white gold.

With every step that middle-aged man took, a silvery white stream of energy weaved around him, this phenomenon was due to a specific cultivation technique that this man practiced.

Clearly, this middle-aged man had reached a certain stage in his cultivation technique to produce this kind of phenomenon.

This middle-aged mans gaze was piercing sharp, A quick glance around at the several patrolling guards bodies, his cold gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong, “I dont care who you are, youre absolutely dead today!”

Just as the middle-aged mans sentence ended, Huang Xiaolong raised his right hand.

An overwhelming suction force pulled the middle-aged man right into his grasp.

Clutching the middle-aged mans throat, Huang Xiaolong exerted some force, crushing his throat.

Frigid Asura qi immediately invaded the middle-aged mans body, sealing his meridians and Qi Sea.

The middle-aged man finally showed fear in his eyes: “You!”

Huang Xiaolong was too lazy to bother questioning the man, his divine sense forcefully broke into his soul sea, scouring his soul for information.

Very soon, Huang Xiaolong found the middle-aged mans identity, he was this citys Castellan, and also a Zhao Family Elder.

Even more of a coincidence was the fact that this middle-aged man was actually the uncle of the previous Sin City Castellan who died in Huang Xiaolongs hand, Zhao Yi!

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong was done with soul-scouring the middle-aged man, finding out what he wanted.

A wick of true immortal essence fire appeared on his finger, directly extinguishing the middle-aged mans soul.

Zhao Yis uncle died a baffling death by Huang Xiaolongs sudden appearance.

His body unceremoniously thrown into the Asura Ring.

By this point, the Zhao Family guards came to their senses and scattered for their lives in panic.

A faint mocking smile tugged at the corners of Huang Xiaolongs mouth watching them.

In the next second, his body spun at high speed, forming a wind cyclone that grew bigger and bigger.

In a short time, the cyclone enveloped the entire residence, sucking in all of the Zhao Family guards.

This was one of the ancient Dragon Clans techniques, named Dragon Twirling Clouds.

It was both a defensive and offensive technique.

Ten breaths later, Huang Xiaolong stopped spinning and the wind cyclone immediately vanished, leaving the corpses of several thousand Zhao Family disciples to fall from the sky above.

With a wave of his hand, Huang Xiaolong collected all Saint realm and above bodies into the Asura Ring before disappearing in a flicker from the residence, heading to the Zhao Familys headquarters.

Huang Xiaolong found out the Zhao Familys headquarters location when scouring the middle-aged mans soul. 

After all, the Zhao Family was a large clan that had been growing for more than ten thousand years.

Although it had yet to be recognized as a first rank force, it was undeniable that their forces ran deep.

Within the Zhao Familys territory, there were thousands of cities, Huang Xiaolong naturally couldn\'t be stopping by every single one.

Hence, his main purpose was to raze the Zhao Family headquarters to the ground!

When the Zhao Familys Patriarch, Ancestor, Grand Elders, and Elders were all dead, then it was only a matter of time for the remaining Zhao Family forces to be swallowed up by the Mo Family, Demonic Cult, and Nether Ice Palace.

At that time, annihilation was near.


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