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Li Zishuais fierce slap rendered Zhao Weitong speechless, the other Zhao Family Grand Elders were flabbergasted!

If your Zhao Family wants to die, dont drag me in!

Zhao Weitong was at a loss looking at Li Zishuai, not understanding the meaning of his words…

But, Li Zishuai was roaring again, “Your mother, dont you know that hes the Black Warrior Institute Principals personal disciple! Dont know hes also the Ascending Moon Old Mans personal disciple!! Damn you idiots, hes also an Elder of the Alchemist Grandmaster Association! Dont you know that hes this terms Alchemist Grandmaster Competitions Pill King!”

Zhao Weitong and all the Zhao Family Grand Elders felt as if lightning struck repeatedly inside their mind until everything turned blank…

Black Warrior Institute Principals personal disciple!

The Ascending Moon Old Mans personal disciple!

Alchemist Grandmaster Association Elder!

This terms Alchemist Grandmaster Competitions Pill King!

The Zhao Family felt like their hearts were shredded into pieces while they were still beating.

Although they have no idea who the Ascending Moon Old Man was, or more accurately, they had never heard of him, they did know of the Black Warrior Institute Principal.

Any big family worth their salt understood what the Black Warrior Institute Principal meant and represented.

This Huang Xiaolong was actually the Black Warrior Institute Principals personal disciple!

When Zhao Weitongs gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong again, his knees were knocking against each other, a musty smell wafted in the air from where he stood.

After Li Zishuai was done roaring at the Zhao Family Patriarch, he turned around to the four Li Family Elders behind him: “We\'re leaving!” Since the other side was Huang Xiaolong, Li Zishuai already knew it was impossible to retrieve the millions of forged weapons and armors.

Their Li Family could only swallow this foul taste in their mouth.

“Not so fast.” Just as Li Zishuai and the four Li Family Elders turned to leave, Huang Xiaolongs cold voice stopped them, “You can leave if you want, but before that, destroy your own meridians and break both arms!”

Although it was the Zhao and Ying Families that massacred countless of Martial Spirit Worlds innocent lives, without the Li Familys order to forge those weapons and armors, Martial Spirit World wouldnt be harmed to such an extent.

Li Zishuais footsteps stopped, spinning around in anger.

His gaze was fierce as a finger raised and pointed at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, dont go too far! You robbed a million of our Li Familys weapons and armors without reason! I was willing to let this matter slide, yet you want a yard after getting an inch! You want to break my arms and destroy my meridians, do you think our Li Family is really afraid of you!”

By the end of his tirade, Li Zishuais eyes were scarlet, all the animosity and hatred toward Huang Xiaolong he had been suppressing for so many years exploded.

His heart was filled with overwhelming killing intent.

In Li Zishuais eyes, Huang Xiaolong was basically making trouble for no reason, deliberately using his identity to bully their Li Family! 

Of course, Li Zishuai had no knowledge of what happened in Martial Spirit World, even more ignorant of what both the Zhao and Ying Families did in Martial Spirit World to complete the task of forging weapons and armors for the Li Family, from extreme exploitation to indiscreet massacres of towns and villages.

Most of all, Li Zishuai had no idea that Huang Xiaolong was from Martial Spirit World.

Watching the scarlet-eyed Li Zishuai, Huang Xiaolongs aura turned even colder, “I changed my mind.

Now, not only do I want you to break your own arms and meridians, the same goes for your legs and Qi Sea!”

“Young Master, this Huang Xiaolongs action is intolerable!” One of the Li Family masters behind Li Zishuai could no longer restrain himself, speaking out in anger, “Let me teach him a lesson and cripple his arms, legs, meridians, and Qi Sea!”

Li Zishuai stared at Huang Xiaolong with a murderous aura, ruthless as he spoke, “Huang Xiaolong, you asked for this so dont blame me!” He then nodded at the Li Family guard.

To Li Zishuai, even if Huang Xiaolong was crippled here, the Black Warrior Institute Principal would not be able to seek any justice, for he brought this upon himself, abusing his identity and provoking their Li Family!

Huang Xiaolong only had himself to blame!

After receiving Li Zishuais order, that Li Family guard approached Huang Xiaolong in an arrogant manner, cruelty shining in his eyes as he attacked Huang Xiaolong with both fists.

Accompanying the guards fists were the sounds of scorching lightning and howling wind.

This was the Li Familys Frenzied Lightning Heart-Shattering Fist!

Zhao Weitong and the rest of the Zhao Family Grand Elders hastily retreated in fear.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze was chilling cold as that Li Family guards Frenzied Lightning Heart-Shattering Fist grew closer and closer, landing on his body.

At the same time, a thousand arms bloomed out from Huang Xiaolongs back, slamming down at the guard.

The Fifteenth Move of the Dragon God: Unrivaled Myriad Dragons!

 True dragon qi transformed into countless divine dragons.

At a glance, more than ten thousand divine dragons flew forward, shattering the Li Family guards Frenzied Lightning Heart-Shattering Fist, slamming into the guards body.

Akin to a rotten leaf swept away by the wind, that Li Family guard was sent flying out from the great hall.

But this wasnt the end of it; the three other Li Family guards behind Li Zishuai were also knocked back by Huang Xiaolongs myriad of divine dragons.

Zhao Weitong and the Grand Elders were stunned agape watching the four Li Family guards being sent flying out.

Li Zishuais reason returned at the same time as his fear, shaking his head vehemently, “Impossible, impossible, impossible!!” The last time he collided with him, Huang Xiaolong wasnt even a Seventh Order God Realm.

It wasnt that long ago, how could Huang Xiaolong defeat a mid-Ninth Order God Realm master!

Huang Xiaolong was as indifferent as ever, he didnt even spare a glance at Li Zishuai, who was shaking his head in denial while muttering incoherently, as his fist landed directly on Li Zishuais Qi Sea.

Then, another punch shattered all the bones in his arms, legs, as well as his meridians.

Li Zishuais limp body was knocked into the air, falling to the floor like a dead dog, twitching and jerking.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently turned around, his cold gaze fixed on Zhao Weitong and the other Grand Elders.

Zhao Weitongs legs buckled, kneeling before Huang Xiaolong.

He didn\'t what to say, as if his tongue went numb.

“Huang, Huang…” For the first time, he doesnt know how to call Huang Xiaolong.

A sharp metal glint flashed in Huang Xiaolongs hand.

In the next moment, Zhao Weitongs head rolled down from his shoulders with his eyes wide.

Zhao Kai and the Grand Elders finally reacted, fleeing in all directions.

Huang Xiaolong sneered watching this, the Mulberry Sword in his hand rising into the air.

For the briefest second, multiple sword lights flashed, and with each flash of sword light came a splatter of blood as a Zhao Family Grand Elder dropped to the floor.

In the blink of an eye, the Zhao Family Patriarch and all Grand Elders were on the floor, including Zhao Weitong and Zhao Kai, a total of forty-six people.

Ignoring the pleas from these people, Huang Xiaolong summoned his true immortal essence fire, slowly extinguishing their souls one by one before throwing their corpses into the Asura Ring.

When Huang Xiaolong walked out from the great hall, the Zhao Family disciples arrived in droves like the rising tide, wave after wave of people. 

Facing these Zhao Family disciples, Huang Xiaolong once again executed the Dragon Twirling Clouds, forming a giant wind cyclone, continuously expanding it with the Zhao Familys main courtyard as the center.

All the Zhao Family disciples in its path were pulled into the turbulent cyclone.

The Zhao Family disciples that were rushing toward the mansion from afar began to run away in fear, however, they were still sucked into the cyclone shortly after.

In the end, stretching out ten thousand li radius with the Zhao Family Mansion main courtyard as the center, all Zhao Family disciples were swallowed by the wind cyclone, not one managed to escape.

A short while later, the giant wind cyclone dissipated.


Corpses of those Saint realm and above were collected and thrown into his Asura Ring.


“With the matter with the Zhao Family settled, its time to go looking for the Black Tortoise Divine Fire.” Huang Xiaolong spoke to himself, disappearing from the space above the Zhao Family mansion.

Two hours later, Huang Xiaolong reached a spot in the north side of Peace Emperor World, standing above a sea of ice.


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