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Pressed for time, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei did not waste time with the foothills cities, heading straight into Heavenly Mountain.

Although there were innumerable cultivators from the four galaxies rushing in at the same time, the Heavenly Mountain was truly too big, making all those cultivators look like raindrops falling into the ocean, vanishing from Huang Xiaolongs sight.

Half a day later, the two of them stopped in the air above a valley.

“This Heavenly Mountain is too big, its easier said than done to find the Heavenly Gods blood pool.” said Shi Xiaofei.

Huang Xiaolong nodded in agreement.

No wonder only six people were able to find the Heavenly Gods blood pool in millions of years.

Looking for a blood pool in this overwhelmingly large area was a million times harder than looking for a pebble in the sea.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong understood why Chen Ye wasnt tempted in the slightest when talking about the Heavenly Gods blood pool.

It was because Chen Ye believed that it was impossible to find it, and therefore, there was no need to waste the time and effort.

Furthermore, various forces masters were rushing over, a small disagreement may quickly erupt into a fight where killing was unavoidable.

In short, at this time, the Heavenly Mountain was not a safe place.

According to Chen Ye, the last time the Heavenly Gods blood pool appeared, more than a hundred thousand God Realm cultivators from the four galaxies had entered the Heavenly Mountain!

But, in a short month, nearly all of the hundred thousand God Realm cultivators had fallen.

This was an appalling figure.

“Lets find a place to rest for a while.” Huang Xiaolong said to Shi Xiaofei.

The wind brought a faint scent of blood.

It seems like quite a number of people died somewhere close to where they were, otherwise, the blood scent would have dispersed.

Shi Xiaofei obediently nodded.

Huang Xiaolong surveyed the valley below them and both of them descended, landing beside a small lake.

As a precaution, Huang Xiaolong had Shi Xiaofei wear the Xuanji Armor.

This Xuanji Armor had the strongest defense ability among all the armors in the Xuanji Treasure, any average Seventh Order and Eighth Order God Realm wouldnt be able to harm Shi Xiaofei.

Observing the small lakes surroundings, Huang Xiaolongs eyebrow rose.

Despite the tranquil atmosphere, Huang Xiaolongs instinct warned him that there was something not right with this valley.

It was too quiet!

Frighteningly quiet! 

Moreover, there was a hidden death aura around.

Death aura!

A sharp light flickered in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

“Xiaolong, lets go to another place.” Shi Xiaofei said.

Even Shi Xiaofei could tell the valleys abnormal atmosphere.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

But, just as both of them were about to leave the valley, several rushing winds sounded above the valley.

“Theres a valley below, lets rest there for a while, then continue on.”

“His mother! We just found two Seven Winged Tiger eggs, but those White Tiger Institute bastards actually robbed us!”

Several figures flew down to the valley.

From the look of things, these people were some prominent families disciples targeting the Heavenly Gods blood pool, stopping to rest in the valley as they were passing by.

However, due to the difficulty in finding the blood pool, most of these families disciples would focus on searching for other treasures instead of the blood pool.

At normal times, the Heavenly Mountain was protected by layers of restrictions.

The higher one goes, the more powerful these restrictions were.

Only when the Heavenly Gods blood pool appeared, with the sanguine mist shrouding the whole Heavenly Mountain, were these restrictions greatly weakened, suppressed by the sanguine mist.

These powerful families masters would seize this rare opportunity to enter the Heavenly Mountain.

After they descended, the several people reflected surprise on their faces seeing Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei in the valley.

“Hey, I didnt expect there would be a pair of little lovebirds getting intimate here.” One of them, a square-faced middle-aged man chuckled deviously, his eyes shining the moment he spotted Shi Xiaofei.

There had yet to be anyone that could ignore Shi Xiaofeis beauty.

“Im still fuming with anger after those bastards White Tiger Institute Grand Elders robbed those two Seven Winged Tiger eggs from us, hehe, looks like I can vent my anger a little in a while.” Another one from the group spoke, his eyes were fixed on Shi Xiaofei the entire time.

Seven Winged Tiger was a kind of ancient fierce beast, thus its eggs were valuable treasures.

If it was nurtured to adulthood, a Seven Winged Tigers strength could reach high-level God Realm.

Whoever had their Seven Wings Tiger eggs robbed would be boiling with anger.

A sharp light gleamed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, sneering inwardly.

These people were vexed by the White Tiger Institute Grand Elders, but wanted to vent their anger on him instead.

Huang Xiaolongs divine sense swept over the other party; two mid-Ninth Order God Realms, one peak mid-Ninth Order God Realm, and one early Ninth Order God Realm.

“Senior Brother Cheng, forget it, the less trouble the better.” At this point, the early Ninth Order God Realm cultivators hesitated.

Hearing this, the peak mid-Ninth Order God Realm middle-aged man that spoke first pulled his face in dissatisfaction, “Junior Brother Chen, dont tell me youre afraid of a mere late-Eighth Order God Realm kid! In White Tiger Galaxy, does our Broken Sword Sect need to behave according to other peoples wishes”

“Thats right, if it werent because Senior Brother Lin isn\'t here today, we would have dealt with those bastards from the White Tiger Institute as well!” Another one spoke with condescending arrogance.

‘So, these people are from the Broken Sword Sect. Huang Xiaolong sneered. 

Before coming here, Huang Xiaolong had learned about the White Tiger Galaxys super forces.

This Broken Sword Sect was one of the super forces of the White Tiger Galaxy, ranking right below the White Tiger Institute.

Thus, it was no wonder they spoke with such arrogance, even wanting totake care of the White Tiger Institute Grand Elders.

“But, since Junior Brother Chen said so, kid, we can let you live as long as you obediently stand to the side.

Well leave after were satisfied and pleasured.” The square-faced middle-aged man suddenly said to Huang Xiaolong.

Shi Xiaofeis delicate face was filled with anger and killing intent.

“No need,” Huang Xiaolong replied while looking directly at the middle-aged man.

Before he could say another word, Huang Xiaolong moved, appearing right in front of the middle-aged man in an instant.

His fingers bent into a claw that crushed the middle-aged mans head into pieces.

Then, his true immortal essence fire erupted.

The other three people from the Broken Sword Sect were stupefied when the situation took an abrupt turn, rendering the three of them unable to react.

Amongst the four, the strongest one was Senior Brother Cheng, yet he was destroyed by a late-Eighth Order God Realm kid!

Huang Xiaolong didnt bother to look at the remains of a dead person, he turned around, looking at the remaining three with an icy expression, “Who you want to deal with is none of my business, but you shouldnt have disturbed me, Huang Xiaolong.”

“What Youre Huang Xiaolong!” All three peoples expressions tightened.

Huang Xiaolong taking the Pill King title in the Grandmaster Alchemist Competition was already common knowledge in the four galaxies.

As the Broken Sword Sects Elders, they naturally knew about this.

But what made them apprehensive wasnt that Huang Xiaolong was this terms Pill King, but the fact that Huang Xiaolong was the Ascending Moon Old Mans personal disciple.

All three of them were aware that their Broken Sword Sects previous Patriarch died under the Ascending Moon Old Mans hand.

As their faces turned paler, Huang Xiaolongs silhouette flashed in a blur between them.

Every shift raised a splatter of blood into the air.

A few breaths later, there were three more corpses in the valley.

All of a sudden, the entire valley quaked violently, as if a matchless fierce beast was about to be born.

Huang Xiaolongs face tightened as he hastened back to Shi Xiaofeis side.

Pulling her hand, his anxious voice sounded: “Quickly leave!”

The Mulberry Sword was already vibrating in the air, speeding away from the from valley the moment Huang Xiaolongs foot touched it.

Barely a breath after Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei escaped the valley, the valley floor exploded as the enormous black head of a beast broke out from the earth.


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