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Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei looked over their shoulders and were shocked.

That enormous beast head was merely halfway out from the earth, yet it was already greater than ten li in length.

While the two of them were still shocked, the beast beneath finally poked its whole head out from the earth.

The valley was completely destroyed, rocks and dust flying everywhere.

Following its head, the enormous beast finally freed itself from the ground.

The enormous black beast looked like a hybrid between a black dragon and a black bear.

Its eyes were scarlet red, and a mouth large enough to swallow an entire big hill in one go could be seen breathing out black fumes.

Its talons looked more lethal than the sharpest blades.

“This is a Black Dungeon Tarragon!” A name flashed in Huang Xiaolongs mind, exclaiming in surprise.

The Black Dungeon Tarragon was a type of dark element demonic beast.

Legends say that it was the offspring of a fierce beast from Hell called Ghost Tarrasque, formidable in both defense and attack. 

Huang Xiaolong finally understood where the death aura he sensed in the valley came from.

The death aura came from the Black Dungeon Tarragons body.

Not only did the Black Dungeon Tarragon like to eat dead things, it was fond of absorbing death aura to cultivate.

Huang Xiaolong was surprised because this Black Dungeon Tarragon was at least a Tenth Order God Realm, and it was neither early nor mid, but a late-Tenth Order God Realm.

“It\'s at the perfection stage of late-Tenth Order God Realm.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyis voice sounded grim, “Very close to breaking into the Highgod Realm.”

A Black Dungeon Tarragon that was close to entering the Highgod Realm!

Even Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi would have difficulty killing it, mainly due to the Dragon Pearls restraint, causing him to be unable to separate from Huang Xiaolong more than one thousand zhang.

Hence, Huang Xiaolongs only option was to bring Shi Xiaofei and fly at his fastest speed on the Mulberry Sword, no longer holding back.

Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei vanished in a streak of light, accelerating through the sky.

However, that Black Dungeon Tarragon was an existence almost comparable to a Highgod Realm master, wanting to outrun it was not as easy as it seems.

Chasing from behind, that Black Dungeon Dragon narrowed the distance with every breath.

The black fumes it breathed out from its mouth were barely a hundred meters from Huang Xiaolongs back.

Looking over his shoulder at the increasingly bigger Black Dungeon Tarragon, a light glimmered in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, ‘Looks like Ive no choice but to use the Black Tortoise Divine Fire. With a thought, two snowy white longswords burning with an icy blue fire appeared, attacking the black beast at the back.

The airspace in between them was frozen as the two longswords flew past, expanding to the rocks and boulders nearby.

As if it knew the deadliness of the two icy blue longswords, its enormous body swerved, shaking the surrounding space, and the Black Dungeon Tarragon actually avoided the attack.

Huang Xiaolong frowned.

Although the Black Tortoise Divine Fire was extremely powerful, it easy a little short against an existence close to the Highgod Realm.

After all, Huang Xiaolong was only a late-Eighth Order God Realm, there was a difference of two great realms between him and the Black Dungeon Tarragon.

Strictly speaking, it was more than two great realms.

Huang Xiaolong continued to fly at full speed on his sword together with Shi Xiaofei.

Following that, he no longer used the Black Tortoise Divine Fire longswords for attacking, but to deter, slowing down the Black Dungeon Tarragons speed.

No matter how it chased, it wasnt able to get Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei.

Some time later, Huang Xiaolong was dismal, this Black Dungeon Tarragon seemed to have fixed them both as targets, pursuing them relentlessly.

Perhaps due to the Black Dungeon Tarragons overwhelming pressure, the entire way, they did not meet other cultivators.

One hour passed, two hours passed…

Half a day later, that Black Dungeon Tarragon was still chasing Huang Xiaolongs tail as if a deep hatred existed between the two parties.

Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei had been trying to get in touch with the Ascending Moon Old Man and Yang Yi with jade slips to no avail.

Neither of the elders replied.

This Heavenly Mountain was extremely vast, and the jade slip could only function within a certain range.

‘Clearly, we wont be able to contact the old man or Yang Yi. Huang Xiaolong sighed a little in his heart.

At one point, Huang Xiaolong lost his patience as his anger grew.

After being chased for so long, he was about to ask Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi to come out and kill the annoying beast, but the Black Dungeon Tarragon that had been chasing them persistently for more than half a day suddenly stopped.

Merely letting out furious roars in Huang Xiaolongs direction as it hovered in the air, but it dared not chase after Huang Xiaolong any longer.

Still, it refused to leave.

Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded by its behavior.

Was there something up ahead that the Black Dungeon Tarragon was afraid of 

Huang Xiaolong hastened to survey the area using his divine sense, though he couldnt find anything out of the ordinary.

He asked Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, even he did not sense anything peculiar.

Huang Xiaolong looked back again, the Black Dungeon Tarragon was still hovering in the same spot.

Uncertainty flitted across his eyes, but he decided to press forward.

He asked for Shi Xiaofeis opinion, and naturally, she chose to follow his decision.

No longer hesitating, Huang Xiaolong continued on together with Shi Xiaofei, flying on the sword.

His divine sense spread out, vigilantly checking the surroundings as they flew.

Although he had no idea what the Black Dungeon Tarragon was afraid of in these parts, there must be a good reason.

In order to escape from the Black Dungeon Tarragon quicker, Huang Xiaolong had flown at his fastest speed, so he couldn\'t determine which part of the Heavenly Mountain they were in anymore.

All around was thick silence.

Apart from patches of weeds here and there, all he could see was bald trees.

These bald trees trunks and limbs twisted and curved oddly, they had not a leaf nor any fruit.

After flying for some distance, Huang Xiaolong noticed that the scenery began to change, the ground below him was littered with ebony demonic beast bones of different shapes and sizes, with no end in sight.

“These are a Seven Winged Tigers bones!”

“This one is a Phantom Wolf!”

“Purple Regal Snake!”

With Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyis knowledge and eyesight, he could tell at a glance what kind of demonic beast bones these were, moreover, from their bones condition he deduced that these demonic beasts had all been high-level God Realm!

Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei looked at the piles of bones resembling an ebony sea, great waves of shock rose in their hearts.

What was it that killed so many high-level God Realm demonic beasts 

At the same time, hesitation surfaced in Huang Xiaolongs mind, should they go further As the owner of the Black Tortoise Divine Fire, hed be safe, but what about Shi Xiaofei

Shi Xiaofei saw through Huang Xiaolongs hesitation and worry and softly comforted, “Lets go further, Im fine, Ill look after myself.”

Huang Xiaolong finally nodded, reminding Shi Xiaofei not to leave his side.

Inwardly, he asked Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi to protect Shi Xiaofei if there was any danger, as there was no need to worry about him.

In truth, Huang Xiaolong wanted to see what was up ahead.

Thus, he and Shi Xiaofei continued to fly forward.

Just in case of an unexpected incident, he maintained a height of a hundred meters from the ground.

“Although these high-level demonic beasts bones cannot compare with a complete corpse, they are more valuable than a Saint realm cultivators corpse.

They can be used for Martial Spirit Worlds blood sacrifice, to enhance its spiritual energy.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said.

Huang Xiaolong was stunned at first, but his actions were quick.

As he flew forward, these ebony demonic beast bones flew into his Asura Ring.

As they continued forward for an hour, he collected bones for just as long, when suddenly, from the direction in front, nine colored fog rolled in the air, emitting a death aura.

“This is Nine Color Corpse Poison! Its extremely toxic, be careful!” Noticing the nine colored fog, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi shouted a warning.

In fact, even before he said anything, Huang Xiaolong had summoned the Black Tortoise Divine Fire, manipulating two icy snow longswords to continuously fly around them.

 That Nine Color Corpse Poison couldnt get near to Huang Xiaolong at all.

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