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When the black-haired old man arrived, the first thing he saw was He Zhis headless corpse and his expression darkened in an instant.

His piercing cold gaze was directed at Huang Xiaolong, “Rotten punk, you dared to kill this Tao Gus disciple, I dont care who you are, you must die today!”

Clearly, he had mistakenly assumed that He Zhi was killed by Huang Xiaolong…

Chen Ruiguang seized the moment, struggling strenuously to shout out, “Master, we had just picked a Black Lotus above two million years old, then this brat came out of nowhere and ambushed us, killing Junior Brother He.

He even took the Black Lotus away!”

A Black Lotus above two million years old!

After a momentary daze, ecstasy rose inside Tao Gus heart as he hurried to look at Huang Xiaolong with feverish eyes, “Rotten punk, hand over that Black Lotus and Ill spare you and your woman, Ill let both of you leave!”

Huang Xiaolong had already put the Black Lotus away earlier before the old man noticed.

Chen Ruiguang sneered at Huang Xiaolong, “You heard that, punk! Obediently take out that Black Lotus and release me, my Master can spare your lives!”

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong was calm and indifferent.

His fingers around Chen Ruiguangs throat tightened, crushing his neck and burning his soul away with the true immortal essence fire.

Chen Ruiguangs body fell limply to the ground when Huang Xiaolong relaxed his fingers.

Chen Ruiguangs eyes were wide with disbelief that Huang Xiaolong actually dared to kill him in front of a Highgod Realm master.

Did this punk not know that his Master is a Highgod Realm cultivator

Even Tao Gu did not expect that rotten punk to dare to kill his disciple right in front of him. 

Murderous aura exploded from Tao Gus eyes. 

Those below Highgod Realm masters were nothing but measly ants.

A mere ant dared to kill his disciple right in front his face!

“Insolent!” Tai Gu roared in fury, attacking in a split second.

A giant hand imprint was about to slam down on Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei, enveloping them.

Initially, Tao Gu was worried that Huang Xiaolong would destroy the Black Lotus in desperation, but now, risking the Black Lotus being destroyed, Tao Gu was adamant in taking Huang Xiaolongs life.

On top of that, Tao Gu believed that his sudden attack would catch Huang Xiaolong off-guard and render him unable to react.

As the overwhelming palm imprint was about to strike Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei, a cold harrumph sounded in everyones ears.

The space in front of Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei rippled as a brilliant shining full moon appeared, blocking in front of them.

A resounding collision shook the air.

Tao Gus giant palm imprint shattered and he grunted in pain.

His body wobbled, lost his balance, and retreated one step back.

A figure appeared in front in of Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei.

Tao Gu was shocked and furious; who actually hindered him!

“Its you, Crazy Lady!” Tai Gus face didn\'t look very good when he saw who it was.

Shi Xiaofei was overjoyed when she saw who it was, she walked up and greeted: “Master!”

That person was none other than Crazy Lady Yang Yi who had been missing for a long time.

Huang Xiaolong hurried forward and greetedSenior.

One of the reasons why Huang Xiaolong did not hesitate to kill Chen Ruiguang was that the Ascending Moon Old Man actually responded to his message moments earlier, and the old man was nearby.

It was only that Huang Xiaolong did not expect the first one to arrive would be Yang Yi.

Yang Yi nodded at Shi Xiaofei and Huang Xiaolong with a smile on her face.

She could tell Shi Xiaofeis strength with a simple glance.

She was pleased, yet she sighed in her heart.

The pair of master-disciple hadnt seen each other for many years, they surely had many things to talk about, but there was no hurry in celebrating their reunion.

“Black Ghost Tao, isnt it shameless for a Highgod Realm master like you to bully a couple of juniors” Yang Yi turned around once more, facing Tai Gu with a cold expression yet the mockery in her tone was unmistakable., “If words spread, even I would feel ashamed for you!”

Tao Gus already black face looked even darker.

“Crazy Lady, others might fear you, but I dont!” Tao Gus eyes shone with malice, “That female disciple of yours, you can take her and leave, but that rotten punk killed two of my disciples, he must die today!” He spewed, pointing a finger at Huang Xiaolong.

Demanding Huang Xiaolong was more than avenging his two disciples death.

At the others insistence to kill him, Huang Xiaolong merely sneered but did not explain, it was unnecessary.

Yang Yi raised the blackwood staff in her hand, looking at Tao Gu with a derisive and cold hint of a smile, “What a joke, do I need you to tell me who I want to take away Your two disciples being dead makes the world a better place, leaving them alive only made you lose face, right”

Tao Gu felt his chest on the verge of imploding, laughing in anger, “According to what youve said, I should be thanking that rotten punk for killing my two disciples”

Yang Yi replied, “If you want to think that, it\'s fine too.”

Tao Gus roar reverberated, “Yang Yi, this place is the Heavenly Mountain, the White Tiger Galaxy, my Knife Creeds territory! This is no place for you to be acting lofty.

Bring your female disciple and scram this instant, or else…!”

Yang Yi mocked: “Or else what”

The sound of rushing wind interrupted the confrontation.

This group of people also belonged to Knife Creed.

There was a total of six people, most of them were Tenth Order God Realm and above, and one of them was also a Highgod Realm master!

When Tao Gu saw these people, he laughed out loud, carrying a hint of madness, “Crazy bitch, you could have escaped if you took your female disciple and left, but now, you cant go even if you want to!”

Yet Yang Yi remained unperturbed.

The Knife Creed was one of White Tiger Galaxys super forces, with two Highgod Realm masters as its pillar.

One of them was the Creed Chief Tao Gu and the other was the previous Chief, Zhuang Yongfeng, Tao Gus Master.

Yang Yi didnt expect this Zhuang Yongfeng to be in the vicinity.

Yang Yi had full confidence against Tao Gu, but against Zhuang Yongfeng, however, she admitted that she wasnt his opponent.

If this was any other time, she would have turned around and left as quick as lightning taking Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei.

But Yang Yi was calm and aloof.

Tao Gu stepped forward, explaining to Zhuang Yongfeng, Master, Chen Ruiguang found a two-million-years-old Black Lotus, but he and He Zhi were ambushed by that rotten punk.

He Zhi and Chen Ruiguang are dead, and he snatched our Black Lotus.

Disciple wanted to kill that rotten punk, but was hindered by Yang Yi.”

A two-million-years-old Black Lotus! 

Zhuang Yongfeng and the five Knife Creed Grand Elders behind him were all shocked, then their eyes became feverish with greed.

Yang Yi was inwardly shocked that the cause of the conflict was a two-million-years-old Black Lotus, furthermore, that Black Lotus was already Huang Xiaolongs possession!

Zhuang Yongfeng took one step forward, “Yang Yi, you have three breaths time to leave, I can let what happened earlier slide, otherwise youre deliberately going against my whole Knife Creed.

Youre aware of the consequences!”

Yang Yi leaving would be the best scenario.

If they fought, the energy fluctuations from two Highgod Realm masters battling would attract others, and there wasnt a single force or family who wouldn\'t want a two-million-years-old Black Lotus.

Yang Yi retorted without emotion, “Ill also give you three breaths time, leave and I can pretend that nothing happened.”

Both Zhuang Yongfeng and Tao Gu were stunned, so vexed that they were laughing.

This Yang Yi couldn\'t tell the situation she was in Or was she a genuine crazy lady What Give them three breaths time to leave

“If its like that, then you might as well stay!” A cruel light flickered in Zhuang Yongfengs eyes.


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