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Chapter 73: The Academy Competition Comes to An End


Lu Kai was frightened looking at the two groups of the Tempest of Hell’s cyclones enveloping over him.

The crying sound emitted from them made his heart shiver!

Fearful, Lu Kai forced himself to move the four wings at his back, open and close.

In an instant, his body spun around into an azure tornado, dodging away speedily.

Still, it was a step too late. 

The two cyclones covered Lu Kai, clashing violently against the azure tornado.

“Boom!” a loud blast resounded.

The azure tornado dimmed and its speed slowed, revealing Lu Kai’s body and his frightened eyes.

In the end, the azure tornado shattered away as the Tempest of Hell continued onwards; Lu Kai stumbled back again and again until he reached the edge of the battle stage.

Tempest of Hell came right before him and dissipated. 

Seeing the two cyclones finally dissipated just inches in front of him, it was as if his pores relaxed and cold sweat soaked back his back, dampening his robe.

Just now, he felt death’s breath.

Death actually came so close to him!

Lu Kai panted heavily; looking at his right hand, he saw that the right half of his robe sleeve was shredded into pieces by Huang Xiaolong’s attack.

Cuts on his flesh had blood flowing out and fortunately, this was considered a superficial injury, not as traumatic as it could have been.

When his fright had passed, his complex gaze focused towards Huang Xiaolong.

He knew that if it wasn’t for Huang Xiaolong’s mercy, most likely his right hand would be crippled by now!

“I lost!” Lu Kai breathed out and said to Huang Xiaolong.

When the words came out, Lu Kai nearly stumbled down from the stage, looking like all of his energy was exhausted and overdrawn.

A commotion swept through the crowd in all directions of the stage.

Prince Lu Kai took the initiative to admit defeat! Voluntarily surrendering!

Someone who had broken through the Seventh Order, possessing a variation Sky Peng martial spirit, who in the end, lost to a peak mid-Sixth Order Huang Xiaolong!

In the Martial Spirit World, the myth a Sixth Order could never win over a Seventh Order was broken by Huang Xiaolong!

Everyone was caught in unbelievable and inconceivable shock.

Whereas up on the honored guest's main platform, each was immersed in their own thoughts.

King Lu Zhe sighed, “I did not expect even Kai’er is not Huang Xiaolong’s opponent.” Then, he turned to look at Marshal Haotian with a gratified expression, laughed, and said “Even more surprising is this Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit-- it’s actually a Primordial Divine Dragon, the Black Dragon.

I look forward to his achievement after winning the Academy’s First Year competition and his journey to the Duanren Empire for the Imperial City Battle ah!”

What Lu Zhe said was heartfelt words; he was indeed looking forward to Huang Xiaolong’s performance in the Imperial City Battle in the Duanren Empire.

If he could get into the top ten places, not only is it the Academy’s glory, it would also be the Luo Tong Kingdom’s glory!

Marshal Haotian also laughed agreeably and said: “This one’s wish is the same.” Marshal Haotian held the same anticipation because he knew it wouldn’t be just the Cosmic Star Academy and the Luo Tong Kingdom’s glory, but it would also be the Asura’s Gate honor and glory!

And with Huang Xiaolong participating in the Duanren Empire’s Imperial City Battle, it would be the starting point of rebuilding the Asura’s Gate glory once more.

After that, there was the battle between empires!


A long time later, Sun Zhang finally managed to calm down and he stood up.

However, excitement and complicated feelings were still obvious on his face as he looked at Huang Xiaolong on the stage, saying “This battle, Huang Xiaolong wins! The First Year champion is Huang Xiaolong!”

The First Year champion, Huang Xiaolong!

When the crowd heard Sun Zhang announced the result, the Holy Hall broke out in a frenzy.

Li Lu laughed, Fei Hou laughed, and Marshal Haotian also laughed, not excluding the guards from the Marshal Mansion!

The atmosphere in the huge hall boiled up; Zhong Yuan, who was standing amongst the crowd, turned pale white and his eyes were filled with hate and fear as he stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong on the stage.

Huang Xiaolong won! He got the first place in the First Year competition, then his bet with Huang Xiaolong…

Zhong Yuan felt only bleak darkness before him.

Hearing Sun Zhang announced the result, Huang Xiaolong secretly breathed out in relief.

After a series of ‘difficult’ battles, he finally achieved his aim, to become the First Year champion!

Soon after that, the Second Year and Third Year classes also announced their winners, and the overall winner was somebody called Chen Cheng, from the inner court of Cosmic Star Academy; his strength had reached peak late-Tenth Order.

Two months later, he would be heading to the Duanren Empire as Cosmic Star Academy’s representative for this round of the Imperial City Battle.

The inner court of Cosmic Star Academy consisted of talented students selected from the Third Years and every year, the number of students there was capped at ten people.

After the total results were collected, it was time for King Lu Zhe and Sun Zhang to give out the rewards to Huang Xiaolong and the three other winners.

While giving out the rewards to Huang Xiaolong, it was inevitable that King Lu Zhe and Sun Zhang would speak words of encouragement.

Looking at the rewards in his hands, Huang Xiaolong’s heart bounced a little with excitement.

One million gold coins!

One low-grade Earth rank cultivation technique and battle skill!

Most importantly, the high Grade Four Spirit Dan, Xingyao Dan!

With this Xingyao Dan, coupled with the cycad fruits he found in the Silvermoon Forest, his father, Huang Peng, can advance another order! Of course, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t swallow this Xingyao Dan himself; he had intended to give it to his Huang Peng all along.

With the end of the competition, after some days, he could return to the Huang Clan Manor.

After the rewards were given out, the crowd dispersed and walked away.

But, after most of the people had dispersed, Lu Kai came up to Huang Xiaolong and said, “I hope that next year we would have a chance to battle again!”

Next year Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Next year, both of them would enter the Second Year class.

When the Holy Hall emptied out, Huang Xiaolong brought Fei Hou and the four Marshal Mansion guards and Li Lu out from the Academy back to Tianxuan Mansion.

Once back to Tianxuan Mansion, Li Lu chattered happily while hanging onto Huang Xiaolong’s arm about how cool he looked when he defeated Lu Kai, Chen Qiang, and the rest on the battle stage.

Looking at Li Lu chattering happily, he could only go with the flow and let Li Lu tweet away for more than an hour before she was satisfied.

More than an hour later, Li Lu finally left Tianxuan Mansion.


After Li Lu had left, Huang Xiaolong called for Fei Hou and he took out the reward of one million gold coins and tasked Fei Hou with buying the neighboring courtyards around Tianxuan Mansion.

The number of slaves had increased, making Tianxuan Mansion feel slightly crowded.

“Buy up the neighboring  courtyards” Looking at the pile of one million gold coins in front of him, he nodded his head, saying “Yes, rest assured Sovereign, this subordinate will go and handle this matter right away!”

As long as there were enough gold coins, he believed the owners would sell their places.

Also, Fei Hou heard some of the courtyards close to Tianxuan Mansion belonged to the Generals under Senior Brother Haotian; it shouldn’t be too difficult to convince them to sell.

When Fei Hou left, Huang Xiaolong returned to his room and started practicing the Asura Tactics.


According to previous years’ rule, the next day after the competition, the winners of each class and year competition were to gather at the Academy square and they would be guided by Principal Sun Zhang and Vice-Principal Xiong Chu to the treasure land, Dragon Flame Valley to cultivate.

When Huang Xiaolong remembered Marshal Haotian’s explanation that Dragon Flame Valley could refine the physique and improve the quality of battle qi, he couldn’t help but look forward to it.

Since he cultivated the Asura Tactics, his referred to his battle qi that was laced with the netherworld spiritual aura as ‘netherworld battle qi’.

The quality of the netherworld battle qi can be considered as high amongst others; if he could further enhance it, one doesn’t know what extent it can reach


The darkness of the night gradually dispersed as sunlight streamed out in the morning sky.

Huang Xiaolong withdrew from his practice and came out from his room, feeling good.

The tiredness from yesterday’s battles vanished completely.

“Sovereign, there’s good news!” Just when Huang Xiaolong walked into the main hall, Fei Hou ran in excitedly and spurted out, “Senior Brother got in touch with Master, and he reported about Sovereign to Master.

Master is very happy and is rushing over to the Luo Tong Kingdom as fast as he can!”



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