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Huang Xiaolong wasnt concerned whether the demonic beast clans found the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings sealed body parts before him.

Even he wouldn\'t have been able to find the gray space that sealed the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings arms without the Blood Sacrifice Law.

The demonic beast clans would be deceiving themselves if they thought they could find the sealed location in a short few years.

He finished going through the Vermilion Bird Institute librarys ten aboveground floors in six years, thus he believed he could finish the ten underground floors in the same time frame.

In a short few days, Huang Xiaolong was already back to the Vermilion Bird Institute.

Back in Vermilion Bird Institute, Huang Xiaolong pondered if he should stop by the Death Prison Peak to see Wude.

In the end, he decided to go. 

In short, he had disappeared for several years, and Wude must be given an explanation on this matter.

When Wude saw Huang Xiaolong, he was surprised and happy at the same time. 

More than six years had passed since that day Huang Xiaolong left to join the Demon Slaying Alliance for the second time in order to complete his Elder promotion task, but he had been missing since then.

Not a word or news in six years caused Wude to assume that his youngest disciple Cheng Huaian might have fallen under the demonic beast clans ambush.

Wude was genuinely dejected for a period of time.

When Wude asked Huang Xiaolong what happened to him these six years, Huang Xiaolongs explanation was thus: six years ago, just as he arrived in the Golden Mountain World, he was ambushed by a group of demonic beast clan masters.

Fleeing for his life, he ran into a valley in a nameless world surface, but who knew that hed be trapped inside the valleys formations for six years.”

“Its good that youre back.” Hearing Huang Xiaolongs explanation, his usually stern face relaxed into a smile, and did not doubt whether Huang Xiaolong was telling the truth.

One hour later, Huang Xiaolong emerged from the Death Prison Peak and headed in the direction of the Virile Fire mountain range.

The Elder promotion procedures took place here in the Virile Fires main peak, called the Effulgence Peak.

In fact, the Effulgence Peak wasnt far from Huang Xiaolongs Lightning Fire Peak.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong descended on the mountain peak.

When Huang Xiaolong stepped into the Effulgence Peaks main hall, there were groups of elite disciples handing in their completed tasks here and there.

Noticing Huang Xiaolongs presence, many of them were surprised, and quite a few gasps of surprise could be heard.

After all, one of the hottest gossips in the last few years was Cheng Huaians death.

A dead man was now standing in front of them, it was rightly so to be shocked.

“Cheng Huaian actually didnt die!”

“So what if hes still alive Liang Guang was the Piercing Sky Beast Kings son that died because of him, the demonic beast clans will definitely kill him, unless he decides not to take one step out of the Vermilion Bird Institute his whole life.

Otherwise, only death awaits him!”

Huang Xiaolongs expression remained the same despite all the deliberate crude remarks said about him.

Piercing Sky Beast King He really wasnt perturbed at all.

Based on his current strength, he need not fear most First Order Highgod Realm masters.

Even if that Piercing Sky Beast King came personally, hed have a difficult time wanting to kill Huang Xiaolong.

Then again, when he finished gathering all the information he needed to determine the Vermilion Bird Divine Fires location, the identity ofCheng Huaian would reach the end of its usefulness.

From then on, Cheng Huaian would forever disappear from this universe.

‘At that time, the Vermilion Bird Institute would conclude that Cheng Huaian was really killed by the demonic beast clans. Huang Xiaolong mused.

This conclusion was for the best.

Arriving at the Effulgence Peaks inner hall, where the Elder promotion was verified, Huang Xiaolong took out the corpses of ten Seventh Order God Realm demonic beast clan members as proof of completing the Elder promotion task.

After receiving his Elder identity token and brocade robe, he left the Effulgence Peak.

When Huang Xiaolong was killing those demonic beast clan masters, he recorded the process with an illusionary stone.

Thus that Elder overseeing the Elder promotion couldn\'t make things difficult for Huang Xiaolong.

After he finished with his Elder promotion, Huang Xiaolong returned to the Lightning Fire Peak.

Despite his six years of absence, the Lightning Fire Peak was unchanged.

Huang Xiaolong rested for the remaining of the day.

Early next morning, he put on the Elder robe and hung the Elder identity token at his waist before heading out to the Vermilion Bird Institute library.

Upon arriving at the library, he went straight to the first underground floor.

With the Elder identity token on display hanging down from his waist, Huang Xiaolong entered without any hindrance.

Just like what he did previously, Huang Xiaolong searched shelf by shelf.

However, he was now already a mid-Tenth Order God Realm.

With his soul force enhanced, it also strengthened his divine sense, the speed of his search increased significantly.

In a short five months, he was done with the first underground floor.

He then moved down to the second floor.

The third floor, fourth floor, fifth floor…

Similarly, Huang Xiaolong would return to the Lightning Fire Peak every now and then to cultivate.

His days were monotonous, but not boring. 

Huang Xiaolong spent two years to finish searching through five floors.

As days passed, he had a feeling that he was getting closer to the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire.

Organizing all the information he had gathered up until now, Huang Xiaolong had narrowed down the possibility to six world surfaces, and he was absolutely sure that the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire was on one of the six world surfaces.

In these two years, Qi Qianqian had looked for Huang Xiaolong a few times.


Like everyone else, Qi Qianqian also assumed that \'Cheng Huaian had died in the hands of the demonic beast clans, and was overjoyed when Huang Xiaolong reappeared after six years.

Her other reason was to thank Huang Xiaolong for giving her a Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellet.

However, after a few times, Qi Qianqian clearly felt Huang Xiaolongs indifference, thus she stopped looking for him.

On this night, the moon was particularly bright.

Basked under the moonlight, the Lightning Fire Peak seemed to reflect mottled silvery light.

‘In another two years time, I can probably finish reading through the remaining five underground floors. Huang Xiaolong thought to himself, standing on the highest roof of the Lightning Fire Peak, looking at the moon.

Two years later would be the time he leaves the Vermilion Bird Institute.

Darkness gradually receded as the sun rose on the eastern horizon.

However, when Huang Xiaolong was about to leave the Lightning Fire Peak to the library, Liu Yilong and several others of his followers flew toward him.

“Big bro, thank goodness youre here!” Liu Yilong was excited seeing Huang Xiaolong, blurting out without being asked, “Big news! Do you know, Grand Elder He Feifan already broke through to Highgod Realm!”

He Feifan!

Broke through to Highgod Realm!

Huang Xiaolong was taken aback.

This was indeed a big news, Huang Xiaolong didnt expect He Feifan to advance to Highgod Realm this time.

“When did this happen” Huang Xiaolong asked in shock.

Liu Yilong quickly replied, “The day before yesterday, but I think the news will spread throughout the whole Vermilion Bird Institute by the end of today, then the four galaxies!”

Every time any one of the super forces added an additional Highgod Realm master into their ranks, it would shake the four galaxies.

At the end of the day, what determined a forces strength was the number of their Highgod Realm masters.

A Highgod Realm master, even one that had just broken through, could easily annihilate a group of Tenth Order God Realm cultivators.

“And from the news I got, one month later, our Institute will hold a banquet, inviting Vermilion Bird Galaxys many masters.” Another follower enthusiastically shared, “All Vermilion Bird Institute elite disciples and above are allowed to participate!”

One must know, elite disciples like them hardly had any chances to meet the Institute Principal or the Vice Principal.

Their Institute Principal and Vice Principal would definitely show up at the banquet.

“One month later” Huang Xiaolong muttered under his breath, a light flickered in the depth of his eyes.

Since it was going to be held one month later, then he too would go have a look.

Although He Feifans breakthrough surprised Huang Xiaolong, he didnt really mind this He Feifan at all.

His strength was sufficient for him to not fear a Highgod Realm He Feifan.

After he found and integrated with the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire, killing someone like He Feifan who had just stepped into the Highgod Realm wouldnt be a difficult task.


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