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Once he entered the Fire World, Huang Xiaolong looked around, determined his direction, and flew toward the center region.

Due to the many array formation remnants in the Fire World, Huang Xiaolong dared not fly too fast, placing safety above speed.

At the speed he was flying at, Huang Xiaolong estimated it would take him around twenty days to reach the deep central region.

On the way, he spotted quite a few Vermilion Bird Galaxy families disciples.

Although the Fire World was a dangerous place, it was also a place of many treasures, and these family disciples were there fortreasure hunting.

Those several fire fruit trees planted on the Lightning Fire Peak were Cheng Huaians harvest after he came here in the past.

Occasionally, Huang Xiaolong would run into these family disciples battling and killing each other for a treasure.

Naturally, he wasnt so idle to interfere with these peoples troubles.

Who could say for sure who was right and who was wrong

Nevertheless, the most important thing to him right now was finding the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire.

Huang Xiaolong progressed smoothly into the center region.

Ten days passed.

From the outer region, Huang Xiaolong entered the middle region of the Fire World.

As he grew closer to the central region, the remnants of ancient array formations in the surroundings also increased in power, and so did the flow of fire in the air.

Huang Xiaolong had no choice but to slow his speed and be ever more careful.

He noticed a strange phenomenon in these ten days.

It seemed to him that the fire element demonic beasts in the Fire World werent restricted by these ancient formations.

They were moving freely around as they liked and the formations didn\'t react to them in any way.

Curious, Huang Xiaolong captured a few fire element demonic beasts and studied them for an entire day to no avail.

The number of cultivators hunting for treasures in the middle region had considerably lessened.

Those who dared to venture into the middle region were at least high-level God Realm cultivators.

Another four days passed.

When Huang Xiaolong was flying over a forest, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi spoke, “Little Huang brat, a little further is Fire Worlds God Burial River, which is one of the most dangerous places in this Fire World.

The sky is getting dark now, its better to find a place to rest for the night and continue tomorrow.”

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi had also been to the Fire World during his lifetime, thus he was familiar with some of the terrains.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “Might as well.”

It was said that long ago in the ancient times, a Fire God died in this God Burial River.

The fire poison from that Fire Gods blood reached its peak at night, any ordinary Highgod Realm master would be writhing in pain if poisoned.

On top of that, inside the God Burial River was a kind of fire maggot that was most active at night.

It attached itself to peoples bodies without anyone noticing and entered their bloodstream, absorbing their blood essence, marrow, and even ones soul!

There was a time when a few perfection stage Highgod Realm masters, confident in their strength, flew across the God Burial River at night.

However, halfway over, they had all turned into dried corpses.

Their miserable deaths were due to their blood essence, marrow and soul being sucked dry by these fire maggots!

Huang Xiaolong descended on an open spot in the forest.

He didnt light any fire, he merely sat down and took out a jug of Heavenly Pill Wine, slugging a big gulp down.

Moments later, he exhaled deeply, wiping his mouth with the corner of his sleeve.

This Heavenly Pill Wine was the wine that Huang Xiaolong created himself imitating the Royal Pill Wine, using one thousand kinds of saint grade spirit pellets and above.

Other than, Huang Xiaolong added ten kinds of sacred grade divine pellets into it.

Compared to the Royal Pill Wine, his Heavenly Pill Wine was way superior in both taste and benefits.

Because most of his time was used to cultivate and search for information about the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire, he didnt have much spare time to brew more of this Heavenly Pill Wine.

These years, he only managed to produce ten jugs.

Huang Xiaolong was savoring his wine when several sounds of whistling wind sounded from the distance.

A group of people was flying in his direction.

Huang Xiaolongs ears moved slightly; there were five in a group, quite a strong group too.

The person with the lowest strength was still an early Ninth Order God Realm.

And the strongest in the group was a perfection stage Tenth Order God Realm! Moreover, this person was slightly stronger than that Black Dungeon Tarragon he ran into on the Heavenly Mountain! Someone that could breakthrough to Highgod Realm at any time!

Huang Xiaolong was just a little surprised.

He didnt expect to run into this level of person here.

“This time, with Senior Brother Wans help, that Fire Scaled Beast wont be able to escape!” 

“Thats absolutely right, that Fire Scaled Beasts core is a treasure ah! Consuming it not only strengthens ones physique, it can even increase the souls clarity.

With that Fire Scaled Beasts core, Senior Brother Wan can definitely condense a godhead above the early-ranks!”

“Of course, our Senior Brother Wan holds the first place on the Highgod Advancement List.

However, who knew that number three He Feifan would break through to the Highgod Realm out of the blue.

I wonder what rank the godhead he condensed is.”

“Our Senior Brother Wan isnt in a hurry to breakthrough and has been accumulating his strenght, so that he could condense a rank seven godhead or above.

If Senior Brother Wan wanted to advance, it wouldn\'t be that He Feifans turn to hog the limelight in a hundred years like hes doing now.

In my opinion.

That He Feifans godhead is probably a rank six, a mid-rank six godhead at most.”

“When our Senior Brother Wan breaks through to Highgod Realm, condensing a rank seven godhead, the news will shock all four galaxies!”

Listening to these peoples discussion, Huang Xiaolongs interest was piqued.

The four galaxies shared the same God Ranking List.

Individuals eligible to have their name on the God Ranking List were the strongest amongst Highgod Realm cultivators.

Below the God Ranking List was another list, the Highgod Advancement List!

Every person on the Highgod Advancement List was generally a talented genius of Tenth Order God Realm and above, acknowledged by the four galaxies as having the highest possibility of advancing to the Highgod Realm.

For example; He Feifan, who was placed at the third spot. 

Whereas on the top of the list was a person named Wan Long.

This Wan Long came from one of the Vermilion Bird Galaxys super forces, the Wan Family, and was said to be the most talented genius disciple in Wang Familys history.

Similar to Huang Xiaolong in the Black Tortoise Galaxy, this Wan Long was a famed monstrous genius.

Some even said that this Wan Long was a reincarnation of a powerful God from the Divine World.

‘Looks like this Senior Brother Wan is Wan Long. Huang Xiaolong inwardly thought.

At this time, Wan Longs group of five descended at the edge of the same forest as Huang Xiaolong.

“Up ahead is the God Burial River, well rest here tonight and continue tomorrow.” A deep calm voice sounded.

“Yes, Senior Brother Wan!”

The group entered the forest.

“Who!” Just as they stepped into the forest, Wan Long suddenly barked, his sharp eyes glared in Huang Xiaolongs direction.

The other four were stunned, only then did they notice Huang Xiaolong.

“Punk, youve got quite big dog-guts to eavesdrop on our conversation!” One of the four men shouted in anger, his fingers bent into claws, striking down on Huang Xiaolong from above.

The Fire Scaled Beast was a descendant of the divine Fire Qilin, almost priceless.

It was obvious that this black-haired young man heard their earlier conversation.

Word about the Fire Scaled Beast must not be leaked, and thus, this person did not hold back in this attack, wanting to smite Huang Xiaolong dead in one blow.

Despite the incoming claw attack, Huang Xiaolong looked unperturbed.

He remained sitting, holding his wine cup.

Only when the attack arrived in front of him did he lightly wave his hand.

The force from the claw dissipated in an instant and the attacker wobbled uncontrollably backwards until his back hit against a tree trunk.

“Ei!” Wan Long and the other three were surprised.


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