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Having snatched away the Fire Scaled Beasts cores, with the surrounding space being locked by the ancient divine artifact God Restricting Golden Silkthread Rope that cut off the underground cavern from the outside world, Huang Xiaolong wasn\'t worried that the loud commotion would alert other demonic beasts.

Hence, he beganplaying with the two Fire Scaled Beasts.

He was competing punch for punch with the two enraged Fire Scaled Beast.

Huang Xiaolong had precise control over the amount of force he used, knocking the two Fire Scaled Beast into the air or crashing into the rock walls, but not so brutal that they died on the spot.

Both Fire Scaled Beast stood up after being knocked back, then they were knocked down and stood back up again, numerous times like an endless cycle.

At the end, the two Fire Scaled Beasts started showing fear seeing Huang Xiaolong approach them, their four legs trembled as they retreated away from him, even shaking their heads.

Neither one of the Fire Scaled Beasts dared to attack Huang Xiaolong anymore.

Just as Huang Xiaolong raised both of his fists, the two Fire Scaled Beasts were down on the ground, begging Huang Xiaolong not to kill them.

Considering things over, Huang Xiaolong did not insist on killing the Fire Scaled Beasts.

From the beginning, his goal was the beast cores, whether he killed these two demonic beasts was not important.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong decided to tame the two Fire Scaled Beasts.

Although their strengths had weakened without their beast cores, just their perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm physical prowess made them stronger than any other late-Tenth Order God Realm demonic beasts.

There was some use left to them.

Moreover, after several hundred years of cultivation, these two Fire Scaled Beast could condense new beast cores.

 With Huang Xiaolongs help, there was still hope in breaking through to Highgod Realm. 

Two Fire Scaled Beasts were definitely a powerful deterrent force against the super families in all four galaxies.

Naturally, the two Fire Scaled Beasts chose to submit to Huang Xiaolong.

After branding both beasts souls with his soul mark, the three of them left the Fire Scaled Cave.

However, Huang Xiaolong had no plans to leave Firecloud Mountain just yet.

He ordered the two Fire Scaled Beasts to lead him to other demonic beats territory so that he could continue subjugating other beasts of Tenth Order God Realm and above.

The first place the Fire Scaled Beasts brought Huang Xiaolong to was the lair of a perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm Horned Fire Lion.

After some effort, the Horned Fire Lion was tamed.

The next one was a Cloud Hoof Dragonhorse.

This Cloud Hoof Dragonhorse was another demonic beast with ancient dragon bloodline, however, its dragon bloodline was considerably weak, just like the previous Iron Scales Dragon Croc.

But Cloud Hoof Dragonhorses had amazing speed, akin to lightning over the clouds.

Though it was only a late-Tenth Order God Realm, once it started running, a Cloud Hoof Dragonhorse was a little bit faster than even a perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm.

With some help from the two Fire Scaled Beasts, Huang Xiaolong tamed seven demonic beasts, four of them were late-Tenth Order God Realm, and three were perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm.

Adding the demonic beasts that he tamed earlier, including the Iron Scales Dragon Croc and Luminous Wings Flying Serpent, it totaled up to twenty-three demonic beasts.

Worried that the three Highgod Realm Flaming Golden-Claw Great Pengs might suspect something amiss with twenty-three Tenth Order God Realm and above demonic beasts following behind a human, Huang Xiaolong reluctantly left the Firecloud Mountain.

In the outer periphery of Firecloud Mountain, Wan Longs group had been waiting for Huang Xiaolong for two days.

Yet, they became increasingly anxious when there was no sign of Huang Xiaolong returning anytime soon.

“Could something have happened to Master” One of them spoke out in worry.

“There are likely to be Highgod Realm demonic beasts within the Firecloud Mountain, why hasnt Master returned What if something happened…” The other two were also worried.

Wan Long looked toward the Firecloud Mountain, a frown forming on his forehead.

Though Wan Long was aware that Huang Xiaolong was very strong, if Huang Xiaolong somehow provoked the Highgod Realm demonic beasts living on the Firecloud Mountain, he was probably trapped.

Otherwise, it wouldnt take Huang Xiaolong so long to come back…

“You guys stay here, Ill go in and have a look.” Wan Long said after a while.

Right at this moment, one of them suddenly shrieked, staring at something in front of him.

Feeling strange, Wan Long looked over, following his companions gaze.

The scene that entered Wan Longs eyes also gave him a fright.

Someone was flying down from the Firecloud Mountain towards them.

Of course, it was Huang Xiaolong, and following behind him was a group of demonic beasts!

Each demonic beast exuded a whelming pressure, and the weakest one was still an early Tenth Order God Realm!

“This, this, this, why so many Tenth Order God Realm demonic beasts! That one is a Fire Scaled Beast! No, theres two of them! And thats a Luminous Wings Flying Serpent! Heavens, thats actually a Horned Fire Lion! A perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm Horned Fire Lion!!”

“Master alerted so many demonic beasts, chasing him down the mountain!”

“So many demonic beasts, we wont even have a bone left!”

The four of them turned deathly pale watching the group of demonic beasts chasing behind Huang Xiaolong.

But very soon, Wan Long and the others noticed that something wasnt right.

First of all, Huang Xiaolongs expression was relaxed, flying at a speed that was neither fast nor slow.

It didn\'t look like he was running away.

The group of demonic beasts was following Huang Xiaolong at a leisurely speed, not only did those demonic beasts not attack him in any way, that respectful demeanor, the fear in their eyes; this group of demonic beasts was like a bunch little bros tagging behind Huang Xiaolong!

Could it be…!

Wan Long and the other three exchanged a look among themselves, filled with astonishment and excitement.

After they were convinced that group of demonic beasts behind Huang Xiaolong wasnt chasing him, all four of hurried to Huang Xiaolongs side.

In front of Huang Xiaolong, they respectfully greeted: “Master!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, then asked, “You guys thought this group of demonic beasts was chasing after me to kill me”

Wan Long and everyone else awkwardly nodded their heads, not knowing how they should answer Huang Xiaolong.

“Ive tamed this group of demonic beasts,” Huang Xiaolong went on, “Li Zhan, this Cloud Hoof Dragonhorse, Ill give it to you as your mount,” pointing at the Cloud Hoof Dragonhorse.

After a second of daze, Celestial Peace Sects Grand Elder Li Zhan quivered with excitement, stammering in disbelief, “Ma-Master, y-y-youre giving m-me that Cloud Hoof Dragonhorse as a beast mount!”

Li Zhan could hardly be blamed for his exaggerated reaction, God Realm level demonic beasts were hard to tame, even his  Celestial Peach Sect Patriarchs beast mount was only an early Tenth Order God Realm Fire Luan Bird.

Most of the other Grand Elders didn\'t have any beast mounts, and those who did have one, their beast mounts were of Eighth Order or Ninth Order God Realm strength.

Huang Xiaolong nodded matter-of-factly, just a Tenth Order God Realm Cloud Hoof Dragonhorse, it wasnt that precious in his eyes.

After he found the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire in the future and successfully integrated with it, on his way back, Huang Xiaolong decided to tame all high-level God Realm demonic beasts within this Firecloud Mountain!

Including those three Highgod Realm Flaming Golden-Claw Great Pengs.

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong gave Wan Long a late-Tenth Order God Realm beast mount, while the remaining two were given an early Tenth Order God Realm mount each.

This was considered compensation for the Fire Scaled Beasts cores.

Wan Long and the rest were so excited that they repeatedly thanked Huang Xiaolong.

“You guys can leave this Fire World first, I have something else to do.” Huang Xiaolong added as an afterthought, “Ill summon you if I have instructions.”

 It was obviously inconvenient having these four with him when searching for the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire in the Phoenix Volcano.

The four complied, saluting respectfully before leaving on the beast mounts that Huang Xiaolong gave them.


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