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Chapter 751: Entering the Phoenix Volcano


The instant Huang Hongtian’s voice fell, colorful flames erupted from his body, rising into the sky.

Bright golden lights glimmered from the colorful flames, with the ethereal shadow of a phoenix emerging behind Huang Hongtian.

The whelming pressure of his Highgod Realm cultivation surged out, alarming the other beings in all directions.

From afar, Huang Hongtian was the embodiment of an ancient phoenix in rebirth.

Affected by the pressure from Huang Hongtian’s body, the Phoenix Clan Grand Elders swiftly retreated two hundred li away.

The demonic beasts behind Huang Xiaolong were quivering.

This was a Highgod Realm master’s divine pressure!

An average Ninth Order, even early Tenth Order God Realm cultivator with a weaker soul would have their souls instantly shatter under a Highgod Realm master’s divine pressure.

The Highgod Realm master wouldn't even need to move a finger.

Even though the group of demonic beasts was quivering, without Huang Xiaolong’s order they dared not budge an inch.

“All of you go down.” Huang Xiaolong spoke.

“Yes, Master!” The demonic beasts flew to safety like they had been given amnesty.

Huang Xiaolong leaped up, standing high in the air, facing Huang Hongtian at the same height.

Although Huang Hongtian’s divine pressure was powerful, Huang Xiaolong’s soul force was no weaker than a Highgod Realm master’s.

He wasn’t affected by the divine pressure coming from Huang Hongtian in the least.

Huang Hongtian was dumbfounded when he heard the group of demonic beasts refer to the human as ‘Master’.

He had initially thought that Huang Xiaolong probably reached a cooperation agreement with these demonic beasts for some benefits, yet those demonic beasts actually called him Master!

What shocked him even more was that this human boy had the guts to face him alone, not the least affected by his divine pressure!

Did this mean that the black-haired young man’s soul was actually comparable to his, a Highgod Realm master!

‘How is this possible!’

Though his cultivation was only at the early First Order Highgod Realm, his true form was a Seven-Colored Phoenix.

By nature, his soul was stronger than others of similar cultivation strength, closer to a mid-First Order Highgod Realm master.

While Huang Hongtian was caught in his shock, Huang Xiaolong calmly said, “Please make your move.”

Huang Hongtian snapped out from his thoughts.

His eyes narrowed dignifiedly watching Huang Xiaolong, but he did not immediately strike.

At this moment, he realized that he had underestimated this mid-Tenth Order God Realm human far too much!

At first, Huang Hongtian planned to use one-tenth of his strength, but now he changed his mind.

The pressure from his body escalated.

Phoenix flames soared to the sky, piercing through the layers of clouds as they formed a colorful sea of flames behind Huang Hongtian.

Perceiving the change in Huang Hongtian, Huang Xiaolong’s expression turned slightly serious.

Even though he had the Black Tortoise Divine Fire protecting him, his opponent was a Highgod Realm master.

Huang Xiaolong would not make light of such an opponent, however, he decided against using his Black Tortoise Divine Fire.

He summoned his black and blue twin dragon martial spirits, soul transformed, and then further transformed into his Asura Physique, pushing the frigid Asura Qi inside his body to the limit.

Stands of chilling Asura Qi surged out from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Deep red light glowed among the black strands of energy, weaving around him, forming a Hell Asura Barrier.

To those watching Huang Xiaolong, he was like the reincarnation of an Asura King.

Huang Xiaolong’s Hell Asura Barrier and Huang Hongtian’s phoenix flames sea of fire made a vivid contrasting picture.

Half of the hemisphere was black, the other half was red.

One side darkness, one side burning fire.

The Phoenix Clan Grand Elders watched in astonishment, finding it hard to believe that Huang Hongtian’s sea of phoenix flames couldn’t devour Huang Xiaolong’s Hell Asura Barrier.

The two sides continued to take over the other, clashing and colliding.

Blasts echoed in the high air.

“This, this is impossible!” The perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm Phoenix Clan Grand Elder who wanted to attack Huang Xiaolong earlier mumbled to himself, shaking his head.

He was unable to accept what was taking place in front of him.

It took all the Grand Elders cooperating together to form a Flame Barrier that could barely go against their Patriarch’s Flame Barrier.

 But this human managed to do that all by himself! On top of that, this young man was only a mid-Tenth Order God Realm!

Right at this time, Huang Hongtian made his move.

“Nine Phoenix Sky Scorching Palm!”

Huang Hongtian’s majestic voice reverberated throughout the Phoenix Volcano as two gigantic palms shred through space.

Each gigantic palm was wrapped in phoenix flames in the shape of nine large phoenixes.

This Nine Phoenix Sky Scorching Palm was the highest battle skill comprehended by their Phoenix Clan’s ancestors while observing the manifestations in the sky.

At the highest level of the battle skill, phoenix flames wrapping around their palms would take the form of nine phoenixes.

One palm strike was equivalent to an attack from nine phoenixes.

Once, Huang Hongtian succeeded in beating a mid-First Order Highgod Realm master into retreating with this move.

Wherever the Nine Phoenix Scorching Sky Palm passed, space shattered, everything evaporated into white mist.

Even the ancient trees below, the grass, and the flowers were all incinerated into ash due to the heat.

In the blink of an eye, the Nine Phoenix Scorching Sky Palm arrived within a hundred zhang from Huang Xiaolong.

A sharp gleam erupted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

Before the Phoenix Clan Grand Elders and the group of demonic beasts’ flabbergasted faces, a thousand arms fanned out from his back.

Huang Xiaolong gave a low shout and a thousand hands behind him shook at the same time, slapping out at once.

The air howled as if space was being forcefully torn apart.

Huang Xiaolong’s attack strained the surroundings even more.

That portion of heaven and earth trembled, as if this attack could shatter the world.

In a split second, Huang Xiaolong’s palm strikes collided with Huang Hongtian’s flaming palms.

Thunderous explosions resounded from the high air.

More and more spatial cracks emerged as the seconds ticked away, several violent vortexes of colliding energies spread out. 

Flames scattered like a rain of arrows, and countless Asuras howled in anger.

Affected by the shockwave of their palms collision, the Phoenix Clan Grand Elders and the group of demonic beasts that Huang Xiaolong tamed retreated further away.

The resounding blasts and explosions continued for a long time.

Finally, the spatial cracks gradually closed, the violent shockwaves and winds died down, the phoenix flames dispersed, and the dark Asura qi scattered.

The Phoenix Clan and the group of demonic beasts quickly looked toward the battle site; both sides were still standing in high air.

However, Huang Xiaolong’s robe was gone, exposing his smooth muscular skin.

The black and blue dragon heads were like a tattoo on his back, exuding majestic dragon might.

Huang Xiaolong’s long hair fluttered in the windless air.

“He… he withstood it!” The Phoenix Clan members stared at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

A human actually withstood their Patriarch’s Nine Phoenix Scorching Sky Palm!

Huang Hongtian was slightly dazed staring at Huang Xiaolong.

A mere mid-Tenth Order God Realm human blocked his Nine Phoenix Scorching Sky Palm! In his attack just now, he even used his God’s Law comprehension.

But the other side took it!

Various expressions flickered past Huang Hongtian’s face, the entire time his gaze was fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

At last, he slowly spoke, “You may enter the Phoenix Volcano, but only you!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded and put on a new robe that he took out from the Asura Ring before instructing the Horned Fire Lion and the other demonic beasts to wait here while he entered alone.

Before Huang Hongtian and the Grand Elders’ complicated gazes, Huang Xiaolong flew toward the Phoenix Volcano.

“Patriarch, are we really letting him enter the Phoenix Volcano” One of the Grand Elders hesitated slightly before speaking up.

The Phoenix Volcano was their clan’s holy ground.

Their clan ancestors had laid down an ironclad rule that only members of the Phoenix Clan were allowed in.


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