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When Huang Xiaolong and Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi reached the Phoenix Clans headquarters, their Patriarch, Grand Elders, and Elders were gathered inside the main hall for a discussion.

“Father, it has been four years, that human brat is surely already long dead.

Still, we cannot let that group of demonic beasts roam so close to our territory.” Huang Renlong protested to Huang Hongtian.

Huang Hongtian had three sons and two daughters.

This Huang Renlong was his eldest son, and was quite talented, already a Ninth Order God Realm.

He was also an Elder of the clan.

“Exactly so, with the group of demonic beasts guarding there, our own people need to enter and leave with caution, avoiding them.” A Grand Elder fumed with anger.

This was the Phoenix Volcano!

Their Phoenix Clans territory! Yet, they were forced to act cautiously in their own territory.

So vexing! The more that Grand Elder thought about it, the more irked he was.

The other Grand Elders also spoke up, echoing the same dissatisfaction.

They were all worked up with anger.

“Father, maybe we can ask the Ancestor As long as the Ancestor is willing to come out, adding Fathers strength, that group of demonic beasts can be easily killed!” Huang Renlong persuaded.

Huang Hongtian looked at everyone present in the main hall, his voice heavy, “I shall go request the Ancestor to exit his seclusion now.”

Letting this group of demonic beasts stay indefinitely at the border of their Phoenix Clans territory was not a solution, which left Huang Hongtian no other choice but to disturb their Ancestor, who was in seclusion to break through to Second Order Highgod Realm.

Huang Hongtian stood up from his seat.

“Theres no need.” An indifferent voice rang in the main hall at the same time.

Everyone present was taken aback.

“Which scoundrel dares to trespass into our Phoenix Clans territory!” One of the Phoenix Clan Grand Elders shouted in anger: “Roll out here this instant!”

However, just as that Grand Elder finished speaking, he and the seat behind him were sent flying.

When he crashed onto the floor, blood spurted out from his mouth.

The others were stunned.

A dazzling light rippled in the main hall, revealing Huang Xiaolong and Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi when the light dispersed.

“Its you! You didnt die!” Huang Hongtian was shocked when he saw Huang Xiaolong. 

The other Phoenix Clan members were also stared at Huang Xiaolong with shocked faces.

This human was still alive!

“You, these four years you were inside the Phoenix Volcano!” Huang Hongtian stared at Huang Xiaolong with astonishment, he even suspected that Elder Huang Haiyuan erred in his report four years ago.

Perhaps this human did not enter the Phoenix Volcano at all!

Clearly, someone who spent four years inside the Phoenix Volcano couldn\'t possibly be alive!

All the Phoenix Clan Grand Elders and Elders eyes were on Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong lazily glanced in Huang Hongtians direction, saying, “Correct, these four years I was inside the Phoenix Volcano.

Moreover, I was at the deepest magma chamber and found what I was searching for.”

The Phoenix Clan members dazedly listened.

At the deepest part of Phoenix Volcanos magma chamber!


Huang Hongtian and the others couldnt stop staring at Huang Xiaolong.

Not one of them believed that Huang Xiaolong was capable of reaching the Phoenix Volcanos magma chamber.

“You first.” Huang Xiaolong said to Huang Hongtian.

Whether Huang Hongtian and the rest of the Phoenix Clan believed his words or not was of no interest to Huang Xiaolong, he had even less patience to understand where they were coming from.

His purpose in coming here was to subjugate the Phoenix Clan.

“Me first” Huang Hongtian was confused, then anger erupted in his eyes when he understood what Huang Xiaolong meant.

A mid-Tenth Order God Realm small fry first wanted to enter their Phoenix Clans land, then injured their Grand Elder, and now he dared to challenge him!

This was blatantly not putting him, not putting the whole Phoenix Clan in his eyes!

The Phoenix Clans Grand Elders and Elders were trembling with rage.

Huang Renlongs temper flared as he glared at Huang Xiaolong with murder in his eyes, “Punk, you think youre qualified to be my Fathers opponent Last time, my Father did not transform into his true phoenix form and only used one-tenth of his strength, thats why you were fortunate enough to have withstood that attack! Otherwise, youd be long dead!”

Huang Xiaolong turned slightly, looking at Huang Renlong.

His palm struck out across space.

The Ninth Order God Realm Huang Renlongs body slammed through the main halls wall, leaving a large hole in it.

No one knew where he landed.

Those on Huang Hongtian side were dumbfounded.

Staring at the gaping hole in the wall, not knowing where his son had landed and whether he was still alive or dead, Huang Hongtian let out an ear-splitting roar.

Scarlet fire surged out from his body.

“You go to hell!” Hollering with fury, his palm aimed mercilessly at Huang Xiaolong.

This human dared to injure his son in front of him! The son he placed his highest hopes on!

Phoenix flames rushed forward like they wanted to raze the earth, causing the temperature in the main hal tol rapidly rise.

Even the Phoenix Clan Grand Elders and Elders retreated in haste.

Seconds before Huang Hongtians palm strike was about to land on him, Huang Xiaolong right palm struck out in counter.


A resounding blast followed the impact, shaking the main hall as if it was going to collapse at any second.

Those Phoenix Clan Grand Elders and Elders who retreated earlier watched the exchange between Huang Xiaolong and Huang Hongtian with bewildered expressions.

‘He, h-he withstood attack!

That human once again withstood their Patriarchs attack! Yet he still stood there like an immovable mountain, not budging an inch.

In their last exchange, many among the Grand Elders thought the same as Huang Renlong, that Huang Hongtian merely used one-tenth of his strength, resulting in Huang Xiaolong getting lucky and managing to withstand their Patriarchs Nine Phoenix Sky Scorching Palm.

But this time around, what exactly happened Their Patriarch held back and again only used one-tenth of his strength That human again withstood their Patriarchs palm strike by being lucky

Huang Hongtian, who was blinded by fury moments ago, was also looking dazedly at Huang Xiaolongs right hand.

His mother, he really couldnt figure out why his sudden full force attack would fail when the other side was just a small fry.

His attack was rendered useless! Why Why!

At this point, a horrifying energy suddenly surged out from Huang Xiaolongs right palm.

Alarmed, Huang Hongtian leaped far away to the back.

“You already broke through to late-Tenth Order God Realm!” Huang Hongtian exclaimed with doubt.

Only now did he notice that Huang Xiaolong had advanced to late-Tenth Order God Realm.

At Huang Hongtians exclamation, the other Phoenix Clan members looked incredulously at Huang Xiaolong.

Four years ago when this human entered the Phoenix Volcano, he was just a mid-Tenth Order God Realm! In four short years, he was already a late-Tenth Order God Realm!

How was this possible Breaking through two small orders in four years! Those Phoenix Clan Grand Elders that took more than a thousand years to advance from mid-Tenth Order to late-Tenth Order God Realm were stupefied.

“Youre not my opponent in your human form, you\'d better revert to your true phoenix body.” Huang Xiaolong completely ignored Huang Hongtian and those Grand Elders.

Huang Xiaolongs words made Huang Hongtian turn green from extreme fury, showing signs of running amok.

He roared, “Even in my human form, killing a measly God Realm like you is no different than squashing an ant!” Huang Hongtian lunged forward, attacking Huang Xiaolong again.

“Nine Phoenix Scorching Sky Palm!”

Two huge flaming palms with shadows of nine fire phoenixes reached Huang Xiaolong in an instant.

This time, however, Huang Xiaolong did not make any movements.

As he stood there, spheres of crimson light floated out from his body.

An irresistible devouring force emerged.

Then, the flames from the Nine Phoenix Sky Scorching Palm were all lapped up by the bright crimson spheres.


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