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Everything happened too fast, no one below expected Huang Xiaolong who had been on the defense all this time to suddenly attack, turning the lofty Lu Cong into a flat meat patty!

Looking at the stage floor-kissing Lu Cong, many masters below felt their mouths twitch.

The Jiang Familys Jiang Hanzhi felt his limbs grow cold, nearly pissing himself when a horrifying thought crossed his mind.

Earlier, Lu Cong boasted that even He Feifan, who had broken through to Highgod Realm, couldnt kill him.

But, just now, Huang Xiaolong flattened Lu Cong with a single palm slap…!

Did this mean that Huang Xiaolong was stronger than He Feifan Stronger than the Highgod Realm He Feifan! 

If Jiang Hanzhi thought of this, so did the present Ancestors and Patriarchs, their expressions grim.

A terrifying killing intent exploded from the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi, looking at the deader than dead Lu Cong whose corpse lay flattened on the stage.

Lu Cong was one of the top talents of the Azure Dragon Institute in recent years.

In fact, Lu Congs talent was no worse than his personal disciple, Xiang Mingzhis.

Lu Cong was also one of the disciples that the guardian elder looked favorably upon.

He was one of the most promising disciples to break through to Highgod Realm!

He would have been an addition to their Azure Dragon institutes Highgod Realm masters!

But, Huang Xiaolong killed Lu Cong!

Qin Yis eyes turned bloodshot, roaring: “Huang Xiaolong, go die!” Qin Yis right palm by enlarged several times, becoming covered by a layer of azure dragon scales, slamming down on Huang Xiaolong.

Azure Dragon qi rushed out from Qin Yis right palm, transforming into a huge azure dragon.

Its roar shook the heavens.

The guests below snapped out from their shock.

Astonished by the strength shown by his own disciple, the Black Warrior Institute Principal Feng Yang didnt expect the Azure Dragon Institute Principal to suddenly attack Huang Xiaolong.

When he did notice, he bellowed: “Qin Yi, you old dog, you dare!!” His palm struck at Qin Yi, but he had still reacted a step too late.

Qin Yis attack continued to slam down.

Just as Qin Yis attack was about to hit Huang Xiaolong, a giant lotus bloomed on the stage, emitting a faint pink mist as it spun, blocking the huge azure dragon.

The huge azure dragon crashed straight into the enormous lotus flower.

The pink lotus grew increasingly bright and the azure dragon roared.

Azure light soared skyward, but no matter what, it couldnt break past the enormous lotus pink-colored barrier.

The surrounding guests saw Qin Yi slam down his palm in rage, forming a powerful azure dragon that could destroy heaven and earth, yet it was actually unable to break past that seemingly fragile lotus barrier that could barely withstand one attack. 

All eyes turned toward Saint Mother Yao Chi.

Clearly, this enormous lotus was formed by Saint Mother Yao Chis lotus godforce.

By this point, the Black Warrior Institute Principal Feng Yangs palm force arrived, dispersing the huge azure dragon.

Subsequently, the lotus flower gradually disappeared.

“Institute Principal Qin, death and injuries are unavoidable in stage battles.” Saint Mother Yao Chis tepid tone sounded, “Its only a competition between juniors, Im surprised that Institute Principal Qin would act.”

Although Saint Mother Yao Chis were said in a roundabout manner, everyone present knew that she was chiding Qin Yi.

A Highgod Realm master, disregarding their identity and occasion, tried to kill Huang Xiaolong.

They were at the Yaochi Mountain, and right now was Saint Mother Yao Chis birthday banquet.

Qin Yi attacked disregarding this matter, this was simply akin to not putting Saint Mother Yao Chi in his eyes.

Saint Mother Yao Chis pressure quietly spread, covering the entire Yaochi Mountain peak, but most of it was focused on Qin Yi.

Qin Yis expression turned ugly.

After hesitating for a while, he forcefully squeezed out a smile, “Hehe, Saint Mother Yao Chi is right, death and injuries are unavoidable.

Actually, the action just now had no other meaning than wanting to test Huang Xiaolongs strength, maybe advise him a little.

I didnt know it would cause Saint Mother Yao Chi and Institute Principal Feng Yang to misunderstand.”

All the guests were stumped, no one imagined that Qin Yi was actually so shameless.

It was obvious to everyone that he wanted to kill Huang Xiaolong in one move, but now, he actually said that he only wanted to assess Huang Xiaolongs strength and advise him!

“Is that so” Saint Mother Yao Chi responded noncommittally, her serene face gave nothing away.

Feng Yang snorted with disdain, his chilling gaze fixed on Qin Yi.

If they werent at Saint Mother Yao Chis birthday celebration banquet, he would run up and fight Qin Yi.

Of course, the most important thing was that Huang Xiaolong wasnt hurt.

Feng Yang was grateful for Saint Mother Yao Chis help, saving Huang Xiaolong.

Feng Yang returned to his seat, staring fixedly at the Azure Dragon Institute Principal with a somber face, when he suddenly laughed out loud, “Speaking of the bet, I really need to thank Institute Principal Qin for sending five hundred billion Qinglong coins to us ah.

Hehe, is Institute Principal interested in making another bet” Feng Yang deliberately raised his voice sayingfive hundred billion.

Qin Yis mouth twitched and his hands clenched into fists, but he did not say a word.

All around were guests shaking their heads in suppressed snickers hearing Feng Yangs words, the Azure Dragon Institute Principals heart was probably bleeding right now.

Not only had he lost a talented disciple that could have broken through to the Highgod Realm, he also lost five hundred billion as well!

Five hundred billion!

Not fifty billion!

Only a fool would believe that his heart wasnt bleeding, wasn\'t in pain.

If Qin Yi agreed to another bet, he and the rest of the Azure Dragon Institute people would lose even their pants.

Seeing Qin Yi remain silent, Feng Yang snickered, “If Institute Principal Qin Yi cant take out five hundred billion, lets bet two hundred billion.

Dont tell me you dont even have two hundred billion”

Qin Yis face became green, then red.

He was enduring the anger but also frightening the other guests.

Several Ancestors and Patriarchs seated behind Qin Yi could feel the chilling killing intent surging around him.

Feng Yang lost interest when he failed to rile up Qin Yi, thus giving up.

After all, this was Saint Mother Yao Chis birthday banquet, the stage battle needed to continue.

He looked up toward the stage at Huang Xiaolong, feeling extremely comforted.

This brat really gave him a big surprise this time.

At the same time, Feng Yang smiled wryly in his heart, he still underestimated this disciple of his earlier.

Even so, his face bloomed with a wide smile.

Up on the stage, Huang Xiaolong had the same indifferent expression the entire time.

His gaze swept over the surly looking Institute Principal Qin Yi, sneering inwardly. ‘Wait until the Highgod Advancement Tournament, where I\'ll take care of Xiang Mingzhi as well.

At that time, Qin Yi will probably go crazy.

Two of the Azure Dragon Institutes Grand Elders flew up to the stage to collect Lu Congs body, however, his body was stuck to the stage floor, causing the two Grand Elders to exert quite an effort to separate it from the stage.

After the two Azure Dragon Grand Elders removed Lu Congs body from the stage, no other disciples dared to enter the stage to challenge Huang Xiaolong.

Dont joke, even Lu Cong was slapped to death by Huang Xiaolong in just one move.

If they went up, that was just like saying they had lived long enough.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong won the first place.

Saint Mother Yao Chis beautiful eyes sparkled watching Huang Xiaolong, there was an undetectable gentleness in them.

Whether it was Huang Xiaolongs strength or talent, both fulfilled her ideal criteria for the legacy inheritor.

With that, the stage battle came to an end, but the banquet continued.

The various Ancestors and Patriarchs enthusiastically raised their wine cups, congratulating Feng Yang.

Some of them that came from the Azure Dragon Galaxy went over to flatter him.

Of course, many congratulated Saint Mother Yao Chi repeatedly for finding a legacy inheritor.

Lively laughter warmed the atmosphere, the only ones not in the mood to laugh were those from the Azure Dragon Institute.


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